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Savior of the Earth! Create a sustainable living earth dome home and make a stunning debut!

geodesic dome home
Updated: February 29, 2024
Published: February 2, 2024

Geodesic Dome Home: Future of Eco-Friendly Living | Shelter Structures

Design shaping the future of living – Geodesic Dome Home

The outdoors has become a new travel destination, offering an environmental experience that is completely different from the city, and Geodesic Dome Home amplifies this fantasy through architectural space, which in turn translates into a vivid sensory perception and physical experience.

The modern geodesic dome house becomes a unique and charming family home that is both connected to the outside world and a comfortable “cocoon”, creating a peaceful and livable living space for its occupants. Here, social life and personal privacy intersect while maintaining the integrity of both.

event dome tent
geodesic dome home

The design philosophy of Geodesic Dome Home

1/ Enhanced Resilience: Geodesic Dome Home is a new choice for shelter in extreme climates

At the same time, the development and implementation of sustainable building strategies is an indispensable cornerstone for building resilience to natural disasters. In the field of construction, improving the toughness of building structures is one of the solutions. Especially in the context of frequent extreme weather caused by global warming, a more safe, healthy and stable shelter is needed.

For the so-called “resilient building”, SHELTER has a more detailed and precise interpretation and positioning.

The design of the geodesic dome home stems from a deep understanding of nature and science. The core of these structures lies in their geometry, and their spherical structures composed of triangles are not only beautiful, but also extremely stable. The triangular design disperses external forces throughout the structure, increasing its stability and durability, making the geodesic dome home an extremely safe living option.

Resilience planning can help a building or space prepare well in advance for such events and recover quickly after a disaster. A resilient geodesic dome home must be able to withstand predictable natural disasters and climate impacts, including extreme winds, extreme heat and winter storms.

Dealing with extreme winds

Around the world, especially in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, the first risk is extreme winds – so the geodesic dome home’s preparedness in such weather needs to be a top priority. Considering that strong winds are coming, there are a number of strategies that can be used to deal with them at the mitigation level.

Strong hurricane winds can easily lift segmented roofing materials and produce wind-borne debris, which can cause secondary and more severe damage to the affected building and surrounding buildings. Whether it is the new dome home or the existing dome home, the roof can be reinforced and thickened to prevent the roof from blowing over.

Coping with extreme heat

Climate change will continue to cause extreme heat and further seriously affect people’s health and well-being. The Geodesic dome home should have been responsible for protecting its users, but the extreme heat further added to the building’s cooling burden.

But we can do something about it. The use of highly reflective materials can effectively reduce the heat absorption of dome buildings, which is also in line with the strategy of reducing heat island effect points.

In addition, roof or wall planting is also a cooling solution; As far as the walls are concerned, the use of glass with a low absorption coefficient of solar heat, especially on the east and west sides of the exterior walls, is also another way to reduce the heat absorption of the building;

2/ Energy Saving and Harmony: Natural light utilization and energy efficient design in the Geodesic Dome Home

In terms of energy efficiency, the Geodesic Dome Home’s unique dome shape reduces resistance to air flow, which reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling. In addition, the design allows for maximum natural light to enter the interior, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting while providing a living experience that is one with nature. Transparent walls enhance the declarative and site experience, and integrate landscape, architecture and interior integration.

geodesic dome home
geodesic dome home


The SHELTER team identified these climate risks and dome home’s potential vulnerabilities, and also designed the building to be more energy efficient, adaptable, and resilient to the impacts of natural disasters caused by climate change. As a dome home builder, SHELTER makes long-lasting, “out of the box” geodesic Dome homes. Our company designed the Geodesic Dome Home with a special focus on combining aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. Ecological residential design is our strength, and our design team is committed to creating living Spaces that meet the individual needs of our clients and coexist in harmony with the natural environment.

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