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Home -- Blogs -- Costs of Sports Domes: An Investment Guide

Costs of Sports Domes: An Investment Guide


Aaron's expertise in emergency response and safety protocols for large tent events makes him a go-to consultant for risk management strategies.

Published: May 15, 2024


Discover the strategic benefits and economic rationale behind choosing sports domes for athletic activities. These air structures not only shield events from weather disruptions but also promise enhanced safety for athletes and spectators, ensuring continuous revenue generation. You can learn sports dome cost for any sports facility manager from this article.

Sports Dome Being Installed

The Rising Popularity of Sports Domes

Sports domes, often referred to sports bubble domes, enable various athletic activities like soccer, tennis, and track and field. These structures allow athletes to play in any weather, extending sports seasons and protecting everyone from weather extremes. This adds comfort and safety for athletes and spectators alike. Facility managers and sports organizations around the global value sports domes for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. These domes excel in areas with challenging weather conditions, making them essential for continuous sports activities throughout the year.

Cost of Sports Dome

Constructing a sports dome includes several cost parts that jointly determine the investment required. This section supplies a detailed breakdown of the typical expenditures for building a sports dome, ensuring prospective investors and facility supervisors can prepare accurately.

Components of Sports Dome Costs

  • Dome Package:Sports domes include a fabric membrane, air blowers, and essential accessories. The cost typically ranges from $25 to $50 per square foot, depending on dome size and specifications.
  • Site Preparation:This step involves clearing, leveling, and preparing the land for construction. Costs start at around $10 per square foot, varying with the site’s condition and location.
  • Sports Flooring/Surface:The internal playing surface varies in cost, depending on the material chosen and the area it covers. This expense is additional and not included in the dome package.
  • Lighting System:Lighting is essential for indoor sports, especially for events in the evening or at night. The installation cost is separate from the dome package and depends on the type and extent of lighting needed.
  • Climate Control:Heating and cooling systems are vital for maintaining ideal conditions inside the dome, especially in areas with extreme weather. These systems involve significant operational costs.
  • Foundation Design:The foundation must be customized based on soil analysis and structural requirements. Costs can increase if ground conditions require specialized foundation systems.
  • Contingency Budget:A contingency budget covers unforeseen costs during construction. It is typically about 10% of the total estimated costs.
  • Additional Costs:Licenses and insurance are necessary before construction begins. Maintenance involves ongoing costs for upkeep, repairs, and possible upgrades.

This comprehensive cost breakdown helps stakeholders comprehend the financial commitment required to construct a sports dome and plan appropriately for efficient and effective project execution.

Air Dome Application

How to Reduce Additional Maintenance Costs of Sport Dome

  • Regular Inspections Ensure Integrity:Maintenance teams routinely inspect sport domes to identify and repair any damage such as tears or leaks. These regular checks help prevent minor issues from escalating into serious problems.
  • Effective Cleaning Extends Lifespan:Teams also focus on cleaning the dome's surface to remove dirt, debris, and mildew. This maintenance task not only extends the lifespan of the dome but also enhances its appearance.
  • Air System Management Maintains Structure:The inflation system of a sports dome requires continuous monitoring and servicing. Proper management of this system ensures that the dome retains its structural integrity and remains comfortable for users.
  • Climate Control Systems Require Regular Upkeep:Heating and cooling systems within the dome need regular maintenance to function efficiently. This consistent care provides a stable environment for athletes and spectators, regardless of external weather conditions.

Lifespan Value of Sports Domes

Sports domes, constructed with advanced materials, offer impressive durability. Producers ensure that sports domes endure the aspects, incorporating UV protection and resistance to use and tear. This robust construction allows sports domes to last longer than many traditional structures.

Regarding lifespan, sports domes can last for many years with proper maintenance. The membrane material, typically made of PVC or TPU, can last for 15-20 years with regular inspections and repairs. The blowers, which provide the necessary air pressure to maintain the dome's structure, typically last 5-10 years with regular maintenance 4.

Financial Considerations of Sports Domes

Sports domes represent a significant investment initially, but they often lead to savings over time. The initial setup cost for a sports dome can seem high, yet the long-term maintenance generally costs less compared to traditional structures. Here are two key reasons why sports domes can be more economical:

  • Material Efficiency:Sports domes use durable materials that last longer and need less frequent replacement. This durability translates into fewer costs over the lifespan of the dome.
  • Energy Savings:The designs of sports domes include well-insulated features. These features significantly reduce the costs for heating and cooling the structure.
  • Cost Analysis:To help facility managers understand the financial benefits, here is a breakdown of typical maintenance costs for sports domes. This cost analysis provides a clear perspective on the monetary benefits and allows for better budget planning:

These insights into the financial considerations associated with sports domes demonstrate their value as a long-term investment. Facility managers considering sports domes should weigh these financial benefits alongside other factors like versatility and weather resistance. This comprehensive approach ensures that the investment in a sports dome aligns with strategic financial planning and operational needs.

Comparing Costs: Air Domes vs. Traditional Structures

When evaluating sports facilities, sports domes offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional structures, providing significant financial benefits.

Initial Construction and Installation Costs:

  • Sports Domes:Costs typically range from $25 to $50 per square foot. This pricing includes the dome membrane, blowers, and essential hardware. Additional costs, such as site preparation, sports flooring, and lighting systems, are extra but still competitive.
  • Traditional Structures:These facilities generally involve higher expenses, with costs often exceeding several million dollars, depending on the project's size and complexity.

Operational and Maintenance Costs:

  • Sports Domes:Sports domes effectively maintain interior temperatures, which significantly reduces heating and cooling expenses. Their energy-efficient design makes them more economical than traditional structures.
  • Traditional Facilities:These typically incur higher energy and maintenance costs. Such expenses increase the total cost of ownership, contrasting with sports domes, which emerge as a more economical option over time.


Investing in sports domes offers more than just weather protection; it ensures continuous sports activities and spectator comfort, which are critical for steady revenue streams. With their modular design and cost-efficiency, sports domes stand out as a financially wise choice in today's sports facility market.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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