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Home -- Blogs -- How to host a small backyard wedding with a tent

How to host a small backyard wedding with a tent


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Updated: April 28, 2024
Published: April 17, 2024

In recent years, as the style of wedding celebrations has expanded, many couples have started to prefer small backyard wedding ceremonies. Instead of having to follow place plans and constraints, weddings can be planned on their very own terms and potentially conserve a great deal of money in this intimate setting. But why is it that establishing outdoor tents in such a compact space can develop countless romances and memories? In this article, I will discuss how to plan a small backyard tent wedding in 2024!

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Advantages of Small Backyard Weddings with A Tent

The advantages of small backyard weddings with a tent as a progressively preferred type of wedding celebration are noticeable and can be expanded upon in detail in the following areas:


A small backyard wedding with a tent substantially decreases the cost of location service and decor compared to a conventional large wedding celebration. Couples do not need to pay expensive hotel or wedding venue costs. At the same time, due to the small scale, decoration and layout needs are relatively simple, and can effectively control the budget.

Intimacy and Privacy

For wedding events held in their yard, couples can welcome just close friends and family, making it less complicated to produce a warm and relaxing environment for such tiny events, enabling each guest to really feel unique care and a precious psychological link.

Strong Sense of Participation

Couples that organize small backyard wedding events can commonly be extra associated with the preparations for their wedding event. From choosing the design and dimension of the outdoor tents to picking table setups and floral designs, couples can design every detail to their liking and design. This DIY procedure not only includes a tailored aspect of the wedding celebration but also provides the couple with an exceptional sense of achievement and enjoyment in the preparation procedure.

In this way, small backyard tent weddings not only conserve money but additionally provide a much more tailored and unforgettable way to celebrate. This wedding celebration style is a fun and purposeful choice for the typical wedding.

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Steps to Planning A Small Backyard Tent Wedding

Planning a simple backyard tent wedding requires cautious setups, here are some essential actions and operations:

  • Choose a Suitable Tent:

  • Think about the size of the wedding event and the size of the place and pick the best kind of tent, such as a conventional teepee or a modern pop-up tent.

    Make certain of the quality and solidity of the tent for weddings to handle feasible climate adjustments, such as wind and rain.

  • Set up the Venue:

  • Use lighting to produce an enchanting environment. You can make use of cozy neon lights, string lights or candle lights.

    Prepare garlands and other decor inside and outside the wedding tent to add a joyful environment.

    Set up an outside leisure area around the place, providing comfy seats and sofas to make sure that guests can kick back at their own pace.

  • Arrange Seating:

  • For about 50-person backyard weddings, you can select a round table or lengthy table seating arrangement, and determine one of the most suitable designs according to the size and shape of the venue.

    Embrace practical seat arrangement to ensure that every guest can sit pleasantly, and leave adequate room for aisles to assist in the flow of guests and the work of stewards.

  • Food and Drink:

  • Thinking about the location is restricted, select splendid cuisine suitable for tiny weddings, which can be a well-prepared buffet or delicate treats.

    If you want specialized beverages as opposed to just buffet beer/wine, it might be a great concept to employ a specialist bartender or solution to handle your alcoholic beverages.

  • Entertainment Program:

  • This connects to the sound limitations that might exist in your backyard. Schedule some easy but fun home entertainment such as musical efficiencies, video game sessions, or picture interactions to include in the fun ambiance of your wedding. It's enjoyable to have your guests included and ask them to add their preferred songs to the playlist.

    Taking the location restraints into consideration to choose entertainment that is appropriate for an exterior setting to make sure that all visitors can get involved.

  • Clean up After the Bash

  • The last thing to take into consideration when organizing a backyard wedding is the cleaning of the place! Because most wedding event places have teams to host events. Holding your very own wedding celebration means handing over personnel to stay and do the cleanup. Make sure you plan so you don't get stuck at the end of the ceremony!

    With these simple backyard wedding ideas, couples can very carefully intend and efficiently host a memorable little backyard tent wedding so that everyone can share this unique moment in a cozy and romantic ambiance.

30x30 pole tent

Cost-Saving Strategies for Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Small backyard weddings are a comfy and intimate alternative, and when it involves cost savings, the following strategies can help you develop great wedding celebration memories:

Make Use of Natural Decorations:

Utilize the all-natural appeal of your backyard as decorations, such as trees, flowers and bushes.
Hang simple strings of tinted paper or neon lights from trees to add a touch of fairy air.

Used Items to Utilize:

Browse through second-hand stores or online markets to locate affordable attractive items for weddings such as bottles, flower holders, or candle holders.
Try re-selling these products after the wedding to recoup a little of the cash spent.

DIY Wedding Decorations:

Make simple handmade decors such as paper flowers, garlands made of confetti, or a wedding event signing table, which are not only inexpensive but additionally loaded with personality and warmth.

Include a special touch to your wedding by making table linens, chair covers, and flatware bags from materials you have at home, such as old textiles, ribbons, and thread nets.

Home Cooking:

Inviting friends and family to join the food preparation by each bringing a dish or snack not only lightens your tons but also adds a sense of intimacy and participation.

Consider simple buffet-style menus such as sandwiches, salads, and fruit plates, which are not only delicious but also very easy to prepare and provide.

Rent Equipment:

Think about renting tables, chairs, tents, and sound equipment as opposed to acquiring them, which can considerably reduce expenses and prevent succeeding storage space issues.

Incorporate this with home design and use simple tablecloths and decorations to produce a comfy area to eat.

Digital Invitations:

Send out wedding celebration invites utilizing e-mail or social media instead of printed paper invites, which not only reduces printing and mailing costs but is additionally a lot more environmentally friendly.

Buying Strategy:

Write down every little thing you may require and begin bookmarking items to purchase for Black Friday! If you do not want to rent out, this is a fantastic means to conserve money.

For your small backyard wedding, these methods will help keep costs down while developing a cozy and romantic atmosphere for you and your enjoyed ones, as well as family and friends, to have a remarkable time together.

What Is A Frame Tent

Should You Rent a Wedding Tent or Buy One Instead?

Now that you understand all the advantages of using a tent for weddings, you'll have to decide whether to rent or acquire one. Here is a succinct table summarizing the benefits and drawbacks of renting versus acquiring a tent for a wedding:

AspectRenting ProsRenting ConsBuying ProsBuying Cons
CostLess expensive for single-useHigher cumulative cost if rented multiple timesLong-term savings; potential rental incomeHigher upfront costs
ConvenienceNo setup or takedown required; renting services includedLimited availability, especially during busy seasonsComplete control over usage timesRequires self-setup or hiring help
FlexibilityNo need for storage or maintenanceLimited selection; may not meet specific preferencesWide range of choices; no restrictions on decorationRequires storage and maintenance
QualityStandard quality managed by the rental companyFrequently used tents may have diminished qualityGuaranteed new conditionInitial quality depends on the purchase
ValueDiscounts on associated rental itemsOnly useful for one event per rentalReusable for numerous eventsDepreciates with use; potential repair costs

Final Word

There are numerous advantages to having a wedding in a quaint backyard. Initially, the intimate setup allows you to invest vital moments with close family and friends away from the hustle and bustle. Second, expense savings permit you to use your money for more significant things, such as your honeymoon or future life together. Most notably, the opportunity for customization allows you to craft your ideal wedding precisely to your liking.

If you aspire to create an enchanting and distinctive wedding event, please contact us. We will provide you with all the information regarding cheap backyard wedding ideas to make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

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