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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Tent for Event?


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Updated: April 2, 2024
Published: April 1, 2024


When planning any outside event, the climate is a constant unknown. The weather might cause problems for your event, perhaps it's an intense summer day or an unexpected spring downpour. At this point, renting a tent for event seems like the best option. Rent a tent for event additionally offer the essential protection to guarantee a successful event in all weather, but they also give it a special character. With the aim of assisting you in selecting the ideal tent for your upcoming event, this book will explore the many benefits of rent a tent for event, the many kinds of awnings and the situations in which they work best.

Tent Rental Costs Based On Size and Style

For a range of occasions outdoors, renting tarps are a well-liked temporary structure alternative that provide adaptable and useful venue options. A tent offers a cozy place that can accommodate various types of weather, making it ideal for any kind of event, be it a big community acquiring, company meeting, marriage ceremony, or a reunion among relatives. Nevertheless, the price of rent  a tent for event will differ depending on several criteria, such as the kind of tent, size, duration of lease, and need for other amenities.
Tent scale
Rental cost
Small tent
shade and rain protection
easy set up and take down
10~30 people
range from $100 to $300
Small gathering
Family celebration
Medium tent
offer more space and height to accommodate tables and chairs, a small stage or dining area
require professional installation to ensure structural stability
30~100 people
range between $400 and $1,000
Commercial events
Music festival
Large tent
have more complex structures
provide enough space for a large stage, sound equipment, and lots of seating.
require smooth ground and a professional installation team
More than 100 people
start at $1,500
Outdoor wedding
Theme party
Tent size is not the only factor that affects rental pricing; tent type, location, assembly challenges, and extra services all have an impact. For instance, because of their rarity and beauty, specialist tents like peak or transparent tents would usually cost extra. Further logistics and setup expenses could be needed if the celebration's venue is hard to get to or needs particular ground preparation. The total cost may also rise with the addition of extra services like carpeting, heaters, illumination and design for the interior.
rent a tent for event

Why do you choose to rent a tent for event?

Flexibility and versatility

A tent's flexibility to adapt to any situation is one of its many wonderful features. Canvas can be quickly set up to create an area that simultaneously feels private yet open, irrespective of whether it be on the rooftop in a city, a meadow in the country, or the edge of fields and woodlands. Because of the venue's versatility, organizers can choose the ideal spot for the event depending on the theme as well as the tastes of the attendees, creating an unforgettable moment.
There is no limit to how creative you can go because of the canopy's interior's adaptability. The inside design of the tent can be customized in addition to its size being altered to fit the dimensions of the occasion. One way to create a central focal point would be to set up a center stage around by sections for catering and positioning, or you could arrange exposition and welcoming rooms as desired. This layout's flexibility guarantees that any type of event may be accommodated, be it an anniversary, an organizational meeting, or a casual get-together.

Economic benefits

When hosting a huge event that needs a lot of room, renting a tent is frequently more affordable than renting a standard inside venue. Due to variable venue choosing, this value for money can be seen not only in rental fees however in discounts on outfitting and decorating. Additionally, using tents can save money by avoiding the need to modify already-existing structures.
The management of budgets is made more visible and manageable when all expenses, including basic rent, decorating, lighting, and other extra services, have been anticipated and arranged ahead of time in hiring a camping unit. For organizers of events, this is a big benefit because it lowers the possibility of unanticipated expenditures and guarantees that the whole thing stays under budget.

Cope with weather changes

A crucial layer of shelter from shifting environment is offered by tents. It guarantees that events may go on as planned throughout the year by offering a cool spot to get away from the scorching summer temperatures and the ability to stay warm during the winter with heating fixtures.
The versatility of the tent allows for a greater range of adventures outdoors. Indoor comfort may be sustained in both extremes of temperatures with the right air conditioning and heating technology, making things that were previously limited to specific periods accessible all year round.

Add charm to your event

The marquee structure has the potential to act as the focal point of the occasion with thoughtfully planned inside and outdoor design. Tents may give a celebration a distinctive visual impact, regardless of the theme—from an exotic setting to a clean, contemporary aesthetic.To suit the mood requirements for various happenings, the electrical wiring as well as arrangement of the tent can generate a variety of atmospheric conditions, from welcoming and beautiful to somewhat businesslike or cheerful and exuberant.

Security and stability

Expert tents rental firms make absolutely certain that their installations adhere to all safety regulations in addition to offering top-notch tents. Strong building techniques and extra support during severe conditions are part of this.In order to guarantee player safety in all situations, the camping facility design incorporates evacuation features including firefighting equipment, well marked evacuation paths, and other safety amenities.

Quick setup and disassembly

Time might be saved because the tent is easy to go up and take down, freeing up time for organizing and carrying out the event. As a result, event coordinators will have a greater amount of time and money to focus on fine-tuning other specifics.
When an interim setting is needed for a short-term function, tents are the perfect answer. It makes it possible to swiftly set up gathering places for a range of events, such as neighborhood parties, last-minute business meetings, and disaster relief facilities.
Cost of Hosting a Backyard Wedding What to Expect

You Should Consider Below Before you Rent A Tent for Event

How many people are you expecting?

You might wish to look into rent a tent for event about $250 to $500 if you anticipate anywhere from thirty to fifty people attending your event. These tents are the right size to guarantee that everyone attending is able to relish the event with comfortably and without incurring extra costs. However, leasing an extra-large tent—which can run you upwards of $1,500—might be something you want to think about if you plan on having up to 150 guests. This size wedding tent not only accommodates a larger number of guests, but it also provides ample room for custom event setups, including stages and places to sit.

What are you using the tent for?

The dimension and kind of tent you choose will also depend on the type of event you are hosting and how you want to utilize it. Your tent needs to be larger if you are organizing an event with seating sections, food, dancing areas, a DJ, and a bar. In addition to having enough room for a variety of infrastructure, this kind design tent also needs to take employee movement into account. On the other hand, you could only require a smaller, simpler tent if the main function of the tent is to offer shade as well as shelter from the weather.

Is the tent going on grass or asphalt?

The kind of shelter you rent a tent for event will also depend on whether or not it is concrete or grass. Pole tents need to be anchored using stakes put into the earth and ropes, therefore they are often appropriate for setup on grassy locations. However, because of their self-sustaining design, frame-type awnings work better on hard surfaces like pavement or pavement; therefore, while selecting a tent, it's important to take the deployment site's characteristics into account.

When is your date of event?

The cost of rent a tent for event may also vary depending on the time and location of your event. If you hold your event outside of the typical "off-season" times, you might be able to negotiate a better price. In order to increase business, a lot of tent leasing businesses provide reductions during times of weak demand. Thus, if the dates of the occasion are adaptable, leasing a tent in the winter months can be a wise financial move.

What is your budget?

Correctly estimating the total expenditure is essential to the success of any event preparation. This covers not just the evident upfront expenses, such as the marquee hire itself, but also potential hidden indirect expenditures. You should carefully list the subsequent elements in order to thoroughly prepare your budget:
Tent hire cost: The category, dimensions, and period of the necessary tent hire all factor into the basic charge. The price will be directly impacted by the demand for various tent varieties (the norm, maximum, structure, etc.) and the facilities that are able to accommodate them.
Accentuation: Depending on the stylistic specifications and topic of the celebration, decorating prices can vary significantly. Interior design, floral arrangements, illumination and other details must all be factored into account in the budget.
Extra services: Frequent additional costs items include lighting, audiovisual equipment, heating, and air conditioning systems, among other services that vary depending on the requirements of the event. High-end lighting and audio equipment could be required, particularly for big or unusual events.
Costs associated with construction and getting around: Dependent on the tent's placement and size, these expenses can differ significantly. Moreover, sites with uneven terrain, areas that are difficult to access, or those requiring specialized installation expertise may incur extra expenses.
Think about including a "contingencies" budgetary item in your plans to cover unanticipated expenses. Typically, it is advised that this portion of the financial plan account for 10%–15% of the whole amount.

Learn about licensing and regulations

Adhering attentively to local rules and regulations is especially important when renting a tent for an event. This entails not just getting the required permissions in the right time frame but also making sure that all tents are set up and operated in a way that complies with all safety rules, including evacuations for emergencies and fire safety, as well as the regions around them.
The environment 's impact, especially the management of illumination and sound pollution throughout the evening events, and adherence to sustainability safeguarding protocols at event locations, like waste reuse and disposal laws, are crucial considerations that, if overlooked, could lead to more than just but also the postponement of the event but also penalties. Risks, including the potential for further fines for breaking rules, put the celebration's overall achievement in jeopardy.
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In Conclusion

In this guide, we've explored a range of benefits that come with renting a tent for an event, which together make for strong reasons to choose a tent hire service, whether you're planning a small family gathering or a large one. For public events of any size, tents can provide a practical and attractive solution.
Take action based on your understanding of the event's needs and the information provided in this guide. When you start planning your next outdoor event, consider rent a tent for event as one of your options. As a professional tent company, Shelter Structures has a history of more than 20 years. We are very professional and excellent in both the production and rent a tent for event. You can contact us to discuss your specific needs,and learn more about products including tent type, size, layout needs and any additional services. Make sure your supplier can provide high-quality services and meet your safety and aesthetic requirements.
Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the great outdoors, rent a tent for event is a practical and fun option. Act now to start planning your next unforgettable event!
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