7 Reasons Why Modular Structures Are Vital For Your Business

Modular structures play an important role for many businesses, especially in industrial field, include but not limit to construction operations, mining & refinery onsite operations and storage, all kinds of industrial manufacturing and more. Compared to traditional mortar and brick buildings or facilities, modular structures more likely to serve as temporary/ semi-permanent space for these industrial operations, sometimes serving as the permanent facilities. From the aspect of building itself, modular structures have many advantages under above mentioned scenarios (temporary/ semi-permanent occasions), cost effectiveness and rapid deployment count for the best.

On the other hand, according to a recent Emerson study, unplanned downtime costs led to significant loss for industrial manufacturers, estimated as $50 billion annually. An investigation was held for the pulp and paper industry in their study, 20 to 30 percent efficiency was increased thanks to preventive maintenance. Among the reasons of losses, equipment failure counted for 42 percent of this unplanned downtime.

When facing equipment failure, unexpected outages or any production capacity limitation, modular structures are definitely helpful to minimize the downtime and safeguard businesses with less industrial risks.

For modular structures using in temporary field, rapid installation and flexible for scaling become one of the most preventive solutions for industrial operations. Imagine once these modular structures are onsite ready to serve, companies can effortlessly adjust their sizes for the changing needs in a short time, depending on the scale, several days to 1-2 weeks can be finalized. Without spending more weeks or months, modular structures largely reduce downtime.

Besides the above benefits, what else advanced reasons do businesses opt for modular structures, let’s have a deep look at how modular structures can gain success for your business.

Modular Structures Flexible In Expansion

modular structures

When modular structures serving as temporary or semi-permanent buildings, they offer the flexibility to adapt to evolving changes, like the unforeseen expansion. Due to the features of prefabricated modular, columns are installed with each other by components like bolts, screws, plates and conjunction parts; the other amenities are similar like that. The advanced architecture allows for effortless modification of the structures, facilitating seamless expansion. For special cases, integration with existing buildings is possible, further possibility of downsizing to free up space, and complete decommissioning when no longer necessary. Shelter Structures modular structures are constructed in increments of five meters, allowing businesses to scale their operations up to 60 meters width and unlimited length in any desired location.

Longer Lifespan

Modular buildings have the ability to adapt alongside your business. Besides relocating or renovating in terms of fluctuating spatial needs, these adaptable solutions enable you to adjust their dimensions as required. Moreover, due to the material and our professional solutions, Shelter Structures’ modular structures are engineered for durability, as well as extending lifespans surpassing industry standards, enduring harsh weather conditions, ensuring years of continual use. With warranty of 10 years of the frame, in any semi-permanent situations, we get you covered.

Modular Structures Cost Effective

Compared to fixed structures, whether from labor cost, erection cost, material cost, maintenance cost, machinery cost, modular structures have definite advantages.

Labor cost can be reduced at the max level for Shelter Structures’ modular structures. For example, normally 5 people can erect a 30-meter structure (with forklift and other necessary machine) within one week.

Further for maintenance cost, of which the work on a building demands costly machinery and renovation teams, ultimately impacting your financial margins. With our modular structures, the frame needs little maintenance, while maintenance work lies in the fabric, in the same time, our 3-year warranty can help you the most on this matter.

Furthermore, you can outfit your solution with a wide range of conveniences, providing all the modern building comforts without the additional overhead expenses. As the result, cost saving in all the necessary aspects finally leads to better return on investment, making it the most ideal cost saving solutions.

Easy For Relocation

Businesses often encounter frequent changes of onsite locations, for example, mining from one mineral extraction site to another. Once the situation happens, those concrete fixed structures and/ or partial steel structures will need plenty time and cost on onsite erection, like welding beams to the frame etc. With modular structures, it is a perfect solution for relocation, which make relocation and re-installation much more easy to achieve your specific needs.  

modular structures

Lower Risk And Commitment

Leasing structures has become the popular solution nowadays. Especially with leasing modular structures, it involves minimal long-term financial obligations. It greatly reduces the cost, time, and risks for onsite manufacturing, operations and storage. These modular structures serve as the temporary space, which have max adaptability for you to test various configurations and sizes on your premises until you discover the ideal match.

Time Saving

modular structures

One of the most concern factors on industrial projects is the time, especially the erection time. These structures offer the space for industrial operations, without effective time for installation, projects are very likely to encounter severe downtime. Another scenario, which is when urgent needs for shelters, may happen during industrial storage and operations. Under this circumstances, you will find the most suitable solution is to apply for modular structures, in terms of cost and time. Briefly speaking, modular structures require less installation time than steel/ concrete buildings.

For your better understanding, one of our previous project took place in the mining site in Chile in 2020, we provided the client with the 30x100x6m operation space structures for semi-permanent use. It took one week for installation of this huge structure, with fabric roofing and full enclosed ABS side walls.


Modular structures can be used in various industries, like oil & gas, mining, industrial storage and operations etc. This indicates that modular structures provide versatility at the max level. From the space, clearspan structures are most utilized, the structure of no internal obstructed columns ensures the max use of space. From the supporting facilities and amenities, versatile doors, ventilation systems, wall packages and even flooring packages, can make modular structures fit for more industrial occasions. For another point of view, for a simple example, a storage warehouse with modular structure can be re-used as operation facility in another day.

Since 2003, Shelter Structures has delivered smooth and adaptable industrial solutions globally. With our modular structures, we are your best helper for your downtime, ensuring your industrial operational efficiency.  

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