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Home -- Blogs -- 8 Pool Shade Ideas for Your Home Swimming Pool

8 Pool Shade Ideas for Your Home Swimming Pool


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Updated: April 29, 2024
Published: April 4, 2024

Stylish Pool Shade Ideas by Shelter Structures

Today, we will provide you with 10 pool shade ideas, ensuring you find the perfect balance between protection and style for your home swimming pool. From traditional pergolas to innovative floating structures, understand the significance of each option and learn how to choose the right size and type to suit your family's needs and enhance your outdoor sanctuary.

Stylish pool shade ideas

1. Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas comprise popular shading structure choices, which are either freestanding when well-anchored or elegantly affixed to home exterior walls. Gracefully slender open-air wood, aluminum, or vinyl slatted rafters overhead allow wonderfully dappled daylight to filter downwards while still permitting open views skyward through the delicate overhead framing. These handsome architectural accents bring natural definition, leading guests outdoors when thoughtfully complementing overall residence exterior styling cues and finishes found elsewhere in homes.

Comparatively, similarly sized gazebos placed nearby infill-protected footprints with solid unified ornamental roofs fully shielding interiors from direct sunlight that more enclosed pergolas still allow permeating when intended. Yet gazebos also obstruct desirable overhead visibility and ventilation opportunities far more noticeably. When selecting, balance style preferences permitting some desired ambient lighting indoors. Both pergolas and gazebos structurally remain permanently fixed location shade investments calling for properly integrated footing installations.

2. Pop-up Tents

When shaded zones only require periodic repositioning to account for visiting guests gathered differently day-to-day, portable pop-up canopy tents prove the solution. Well-built, durable rip-stop polyester fabric covers boast ultraviolet-resistant coatings guarding colors against fading. These get secured on rust-resistant lightweight anodized aluminum frames using shock-absorbing corner junctions, allowing effortless intermittent setups and takedowns by individuals without risks of fatigue breaks over years of use.

Canopies measuring 10 x 10 feet square provide ample 64 square feet seating room or play areas when pulled poolside. Taller peak heights topping 9 feet accommodate average height adults moving within the shelter. Larger 15 x 15 versions conveniently cover entire four piece patio dining sets guarding meals enjoyed consistently shaded. Consider creative durable flooring underneath like outdoor carpet keeping comfortable.

3. Shade Sails

Shade sail installations comprise uniquely artistic overhead structure solutions that catch the eyes far differently than typical rectilinear-covered buildings or cabanas. Specialty fabricators carefully cut gracefully swooping scalene triangular shade forms onsite or off from uniformly knitted high-density polyethylene sail fabrics next stretched taut overhead between three or more mounting points. Their gently formed sloping shapes prove versatile, extending outward and providing cooling relief from harsh late-day western sunlight along homes or alternately span open zones detached using standalone sleek steel supports surrounding pools, establishing defined use areas in aesthetically delightful manners swimming venues especially require.

4. Pool Umbrellas

The classic cantilevered offset and central post umbrella designs most recognized from upscale hotel poolsides and patio cafes inject a similar laidback personality around residential swim spaces when thoughtfully incorporated. Available in an array of durable UV and water-resistant “performance fabrics” from brand-name mills like Sunbrella and Outdura, sturdy internal aluminum ribs reinforced with fiberglass support large 8 to 10-foot wide coverings without rusting after years of intense sunlight and periodic wind flap exposure.

Umbrella bases prove essential securing against toppling over, with popular options like portable rolling cast iron stands weighing 250+ pounds centrally or permanent in-deck sleeves allowing pole insertion, keeping everything neatly flush with surrounding surfaces when not in use. Manual tilting cantilever arms allow regulated sunlight control rotating east-west exposures while entire 360-degree rotating bases provide effortless shade adjustments in any cardinal direction. For notoriously challenging areas to cover consistently between buildings or where codes prohibit installing permanent structures, freestanding offset umbrellas offer flexible and effective shade solutions.

5. Retractable Awnings

If concerns exist regarding adequate umbrella wind tolerances or strength limits keeping cover fabrics safely extended during storms, sleek lateral arm retractable rectangular awnings prove the premium solution of choice for enduring decades of rain and sunlight exposure while spanning larger backyard pool and dedicated lounge areas requiring expansive overhead coverage. Sizeable motorized articulating units collapse vertically into casing hoods when fully retracted to protect material or alternatively dynamically extend outward over 20 feet at the touch of a wireless remote or app button, activating interior geared torsion assemblies. This ensures smoothly adjustable shade protection times daily, shadowing the majority of water surface areas successfully. Additional integrated sun and motion sensors with automated functionality available from some brands ensure awnings dynamically track sunlight intensities and ambient heat levels, keeping spaces cooler automatically at the most refreshing calibrated balance points through the seasons, tempering harmful UV exposure, and making open-air living continuously enjoyable. Manual user override operation modes also accept tailoring shade lengths or angles as needed.

6. Natural Tree Shade

While nothing announces the arrival of a lush backyard pool oasis quite like strategically planted trees and tall bordering ornamental shrubs lending serene natural aesthetic impressions, certain practical considerations apply regarding species selections. Those offering gently arching umbrella canopies without dense deciduous shedding of leaves, berries, or pine needles, minimizing recurrent cleaning burdens upon filtration systems, include California Pepper trees, mature Italian Stone Pines, or Texas Red Oak types. Ensure planting locations avoid invasive spreading root structures threatening concrete copings, underground plumbing, or buried pool shell structures long term, which require expensive removals and replacements later fundamentally altering enjoyed environments. If adding substantial natural vegetation, intently leave select strategic southern-facing water exposures intentionally least shaded, allowing lower winter sunlight penetration angles while still naturally heating pooled water. Consult accredited landscape architects early in the design process, ensuring that trees and plants are appropriately enhanced rather than quickly conflicting with the aesthetics dreamed of for outdoor retreats.

7. Pool Enclosures

Top-tier ultimate protection against UV, rain, and falling debris, plus extending swim seasons, comes with pool enclosures. Vertical rectangular structures completely seal the surroundings. Durable translucent multi-wall polycarbonate sheets admit ample ambient light, avoiding gloomy interiors. Operable windows and screens manage ventilation, regulate interior temperatures and humidity, and avoid condensation-related damage. Various framed shade solutions are ongoing. Expect premium upfront capital costs rewarding lasting service.

8. Floating In-Pool Shades

For shielding freeform curved pools inexpensively, creative owners try circular floating shade devices. Canopy style tops with tapered edges harbor families underneath while translucent mesh drop down privacy curtains. Dual chamber pontoons keep upright. Anchor kits prevent drifting or let the shade remain dynamic blown gently around by breezes always correctly positioned!

Floating in Pool shades  

How to Choose the Right Size of Pool Shades for Your Family Pool

Shade Structure Ideal Usage Size Recommendations Coverage and Placement
Pergolas and Gazebos Covering large, stationary areas Typically 20 feet x 20 feet, depending on pool size Should span at least half the pool's length Provide space for lounge chairs and tables Placement depends on the pool layout and sun direction
Pop-up Tents Small, casual gatherings 10 feet x 10 feet (100 square feet) Suitable for 2-4 people Portable and easy to reposition Ideal for temporary or occasional shade
Shade Sails Customizable, modern shade options Commonly 12 feet x 12 feet each Can be installed at different angles Ensure each sail extends over the pool edge by at least 3 feet Multiple sails may be used to cover larger areas
Umbrellas Flexible and movable shade Ranges from 9 to 11 feet in diameter Provides shade for small groups Can be moved to adjust to the sun's position Multiple umbrellas may be required for larger pool areas
Retractable Awnings Adjustable pool area coverage Up to 20 feet wide with a 10 feet projection Suitable for side or adjacent pool coverage Retractable for sun when desired Width and projection vary based on specific needs and space
Natural Shade (Trees, Shrubs) Organic, serene shading Mature tree shadows can span from 20 to 40 feet Consider the mature size of trees and shrub Placement is crucial to avoid excessive shading and pool debris Ideal for adding privacy and greenery
Pool Enclosures and Floating Structures Permanent or movable in-pool shade Tailored to the pool's dimensions Enclosures: Leave a margin around the pool for activities Floating Structures: Size varies, should not hinder swimming or safety Consider the pool's size and shape for fitting enclosures; floating structures should be easy to move or anchor

Remember, the right shade not only extends the time spent enjoying your pool but also contributes to the safety and beauty of your outdoor environment. Transform your pool area into a comfortable, inviting retreat where you and your family can relax and entertain in style and comfort.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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