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Home -- Blogs -- Pros and Cons of Pool Screen Enclosures

Pros and Cons of Pool Screen Enclosures


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Updated: May 8, 2024
Published: April 22, 2024

Exploring the Benefits and Drawbacks of Pool Screen Enclosures

Installing a screen enclosure around your swimming pool can provide many benefits but also has some drawbacks to consider. This article will examine the key pros and cons of pool screen enclosures to help you determine if adding one is right for your backyard.

Pool screen enclosures 1

Pros of Pool Screen Enclosures

1. Extends Swimming Season

A pool enclosure allows you to comfortably swim for 2-3 months past summer by keeping the pool area warmer. For example, in regions with mild winters, you may be able to swim through October or November since the screens trap heat. The enclosure acts as a greenhouse, raising temperatures 5-10°F inside. This transforms a cold 55°F fall day into a pleasant 65°F day for swimming. The physical barrier also blocks chilling winds and light rains that would usually end the season early. With the enclosure, you can take a refreshing dip year-round.

2. Prevents Debris from Entering

Leaves from surrounding trees are a common headache for pool owners, but a screened enclosure keeps nearly all of them out. The fine mesh stops leaves and twigs before they can sink and rot in the pool. Likewise, clouds of cottonwood fluff, flower petals, and airborne seeds are unable to float inside. Not only are they unsightly, but decaying organic matter skews chemical levels. The enclosure also prevents blown dust and dirt from muddying your clean pool. You'll spend less time fishing out debris with a skimmer. And since the water stays visibly clearer, you may even be able to reduce your chlorine usage.

3. Provides Privacy

The semi-transparent screens blur the view of neighbors, so they can't peer directly into your pool area. While not completely opaque, the enclosure provides a sense of seclusion and privacy within your own backyard. You no longer have to worry about adjacent houses or yards overlooking your pool activities. The screens create a discreet barrier on all sides. For homeowners with close neighbors, this concealment can make a big difference in comfort and freedom, especially when swimming and sunbathing.

4. Allows Better Climate Control

The enclosed environment lets you take charge of conditions like temperature and humidity for ideal swimming . Large mounted ceiling fans circulate air and keep things cooler on scorching days when an open pool might be uncomfortably warm. For a refreshing blast, point misters at the pool. During chillier weather, efficient space heaters warm the interior so you can comfortably use the pool year-round. The air also holds in moisture, so you won't get dehydrated as quickly as swimming in dry outdoor air.

Pool screen enclosures 2

5. Protects from UV Rays

The tightly woven screen material blocks over 90% of harmful UVB rays, unlike being exposed while swimming uncovered. By limiting ultraviolet exposure, the enclosure prevents sunburns and skin damage while enjoying the pool. Those susceptible to burns appreciate the UV protection. For children and seniors or anyone with sensitive skin, the screens create a sun-safe zone that lets them swim carefree without slathering on as much sunscreen. The screens are rated UPF 50+, meaning they allow less than 2% of UV radiation through.

6. Saves on Chemical Costs

An enclosed pool requires far less chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals compared to an open pool. Chlorine dissipates rapidly when exposed to sun and air. However, an enclosure's regulated environment slows chlorine loss to evaporation. Lower levels of windblown contaminants also keep the water cleaner. Leaf tannins and dirt that force more chlorine use are blocked. Tests show 30-50% less chlorine is needed, saving on this significant cost. Less algaecide is also needed without sun fueling growth. And since less water evaporates, you'll add less frequently, reducing water bills.

7. Allows Pest Control

Mosquitos and other flying insects cannot penetrate the protective screening. This creates a pest-free zone, allowing you to lounge or swim without being bitten or bothered by bugs. For pools near wooded areas, this can make a big difference in comfort. Pollen and tiny gnats are also filtered out, providing welcome relief for allergy sufferers. Enjoy the experience of being outdoors minus the hassle of swatting and spraying. Some screens are even fine enough to keep fire ants and other tiny pests out.

8. Adds Value to Your Home

Installing a pool enclosure boosts the value of your home. It transforms the pool into a 3-season amenity buyers covet rather than just a summer luxury. It shows you've invested to make the most of your backyard. The weather protection demonstrates your careful upkeep and pride of ownership, too. For home shoppers, fewer leaves and pests are a major perk. In warmer regions especially, an enclosed pool can vastly expand the usable time and appeal of the property. This desirability translates into added resale value.

Glass Pool Enclosures

Cons of Pool Screen Enclosures

1. High Upfront Cost

Installing a full pool enclosure often costs between $15,000-$30,000 depending on size. Larger custom designs can approach $60,000. While they add value, that's a hefty upfront investment that gives some buyers pause. The high initial cost makes an enclosure upgrade prohibitive for some families' budgets. Partial enclosures are cheaper but still run several thousand for materials, permits, and pro installation. Compare multiple bids to find the best value if proceeding.

2. Can Feel Confined

The screens surround the pool area on all sides, which can sometimes feel restrictive or enclosed. Those used to wide-open vistas may feel boxed in. Visually, the semi-transparent screens limit the view. And while bugs stay out, the airflow is also restricted. The enclosure seals the pool off from refreshing breezes. For homeowners who value open space and unrestrained environments, an enclosure could seem claustrophobic at times.

3. Ongoing Maintenance Required

Though enclosures are durable, the screens eventually need replacing every 5-10 years from wear and tear. Storms may occasionally damage screens, too. Expect to occasionally reseal around posts and repair tears to maintain integrity. Also, nearby trees will shed leaves and seeds into the enclosure, requiring frequent sweeps. And screens need occasional pressure washing to look clean, adding to regular maintenance.

4. May Need Reinforcement

Enclosures are designed to withstand normal winds. However, in regions with tropical storms or heavy snow loads, additional bracing may be advisable. Sturdier support beams, closer post spacing, and robust anchoring help ensure the structure stays intact in extreme weather. Otherwise, flying debris or high winds could shred the screens or damage the frame. Consider added reinforcement in storm-prone areas.

5. Can Attract Insects/Condensation

Small insects like midges and fungus gnats can slip through standard screens. And spiders take up residence, spinning webs inside. Without light breezes, moisture also accumulates on the interior of the screens, especially in cooler weather. This condensation can encourage mold growth on surfaces. Ensure proper ventilation and airflow to minimize insects and humidity levels within the enclosure.

Flat Pool Enclosure

The Bottom Line

Pool enclosures can certainly enhance your swimming experience and make your backyard more usable. However, they require a substantial investment and change the open feel of your property. Consider both the pros and cons carefully before deciding if a pool enclosure is right for your needs and budget . Get multiple bids and research materials to find the best option. With careful planning, a pool enclosure can be a worthwhile addition to your home.

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