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Home -- Blogs -- The Pros and Cons of Pool Enclosures in Florida

The Pros and Cons of Pool Enclosures in Florida


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Updated: May 20, 2024
Published: May 18, 2024


With plenty of sunshine and warm weather year-round, swimming pools are a popular addition to residential properties. Screened pools in Florida are popular because of their excellent protection and ability to block mosquitoes and strong sunlight.

When planning a backyard pool, installing a pool enclosure becomes a question worth pondering. This article aims to provide a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of pool enclosures to help you make an easy decision.

Pool enclosure 1

Pros of Screened Pools Enclosures in Florida

Next, we will analyze the pros of screen pool enclosures from the 7 aspects. Let you deeply understand the various pros of screen pool enclosures.

UR Ray Reduction

These screen pool enclosures have been thoughtfully added double UV-resistant material. It features resistance to up to 80% UV. This innovative feature aims to reduce exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, ensuring that swimmers can enjoy their time in the pool without worrying about the damaging effects of solar radiation.

By blocking out these harmful rays, the screen pool enclosures not only provide a comfortable swimming environment but also promote a healthy lifestyle.

Protective Barrier

These screen pool enclosures can keep out unwanted animals that may carry disease or disturb swimmers, such as insects, birds, alligators, and snakes. They also can prevent debris from entering the pool, such as fallen leaves, branches, dust, and various garbage. Most importantly, they can reduce the risk of children and pets accidentally falling into the water and the risk of strangers entering and potentially posing a threat.

Withstanding Strong Winds

Screen pool enclosures can routinely withstand strong winds of 10 to 12. In meteorology, wind force levels are usually divided into 0 to 12 levels. Wind force levels of 10 to 12 represent storm, violent storm, and hurricane, respectively.

Most screen enclosures are made from high-strength and durable materials. These materials are specially treated to provide excellent stretch and tear resistance. As a result, screen pool enclosures are able to maintain structural integrity during high wind conditions.

Enhanced Serenity and Noise Reduction

Screen pool enclosures act as sound screens. This function is specifically designed to block or reduce sound waves, minimizing the impact of outside noise such as traffic, construction, or even nearby conversations. This creates a more serene environment for swimmers, so they can enjoy their time in the pool without being distracted by unwanted sounds.

Moreover, screen pool enclosures also reduce the noise generated within the pool area itself. Whether it's the sound of splashing water or loud voices, the sound barriers help contain these noises.

Pool enclosure 4

Extending Swimming Time

With the addition of screen pool enclosures, swimmers can enjoy swimming for a longer duration, regardless of the weather conditions. For example, during the hot summer months in Florida, the sun can be intense, and the heat can be unbearable. Despite that screen pool enclosures can help swimmers escape the harsh rays and enjoy a refreshing dip without being exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition, screened pools offer protection from unpredictable weather changes. Sudden rain showers or brief thunderstorms are common in Florida. With screen pool enclosures, swimmers can remain in the water undisturbed.

Customizable Designs

Customizable designs offer you a chance to create the perfect screened pool that suits your lifestyle and property. It starts with the choice of screen pool enclosure material. Depending on the desired visibility, performance requirements, and aesthetic appeal, you can select the material that best suits your needs. Furthermore, the screened enclosure can be customized in terms of size, shape, and layout.

Screen Pool Enclosures 4

Cons of Screened Pools Enclosures in Florida

Although Florida swimming pool cages bring security to the family and increase the beauty of the swimming pool, they also have some cons that cannot be ignored.

Interior Temperature Drop

In the summer, sunlight is the main natural factor that heats the pool water. However, due to the screened pool enclosures, the sunlight cannot fully reach the pool water surface, causing the water temperature to rise more slowly. It may a con for those who don’t like lower water temperatures. Similarly, in the winter, the sunlight cannot effectively penetrate the screened pool to heat the pool water.

Imperfect After-Sales Guarantee

If after-sales protection is not perfect, using screened pool enclosures may face many challenges, such as difficulties in later repairs. This risk is even higher when randomly selecting a product on the website.

Besides, if after-sales support is not in place, accessories may become incompatible when you need to replace or upgrade them. Not only does this affect the overall performance of your pool, it can also create a safety hazard.

Difficult Maintenance

Although screened pool enclosures can effectively prevent animals from entering the pool, they also make it easy for dust and leaves to accumulate on their surfaces. This requires pool owners to clean it regularly to ensure the cleanliness and transparency of the enclosure.

Moreover, because they are exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time and are affected by natural factors such as rain and wind, accessories are prone to aging and even damage.

Build a poolscreen enclosure 3

How to Solve the Problems of Screen Pool Enclosures?

We’ve explored some of the cons associated with screened pools in Florida. Next, we’ll discuss some ways to overcome these issues.

Interior Temperature Drop Solution

You can install solar collectors above your pool, which convert sunlight into heat to heat your pool water. This method is not only environmentally friendly, but also has low costs in the long run.

Or you could directly install a pool heater near the pool and heat the water temperature through electricity or gas. This method heats the water quickly, but you need to pay attention to energy consumption and safety issues.

Imperfect After-Sales Guarantee Solution

If you don't choose a seller who has perfect after-sale guarantee service, it may not only affect your experience but may also cause additional economic losses.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose products from big brands like Shelter. We are a large company with over 20 years of experience in outdoor space solutions. Our company is always committed to providing perfect after-sales service. If any accessories are damaged due to long-term use, it can be easily resolved.

Difficult Maintenance Solution

The service life of screen pool enclosures is generally 10-15 years. In the later use process, there will be some maintenance costs, such as cleaning costs, regular inspection costs, and the cost of updating accessories.

If you are looking for a short-term-use and low-maintenance-cost product, we remmend infltable pool enclosure. This pool enclosure can effectively reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance costs.


Screened pools in Florida offer many pros, including overall protection and comfort. However, they also come with potential cons such as interior temperature drop, imperfect after-sales guarantee, and difficult maintenance.

When you want to buy a screened pool enclosure, you may need to carefully weigh these pros and cons. If you have any questions when making the decision, please contact us.

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