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Home -- Blogs -- What Is the Cost of Pool Enclosure Screen Repair?

What Is the Cost of Pool Enclosure Screen Repair?


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Updated: May 24, 2024
Published: April 20, 2024
Here's a quick summary of typical costs:
  • Patching small holes and tears: $50 to $150.
  • Replacing one damaged screen panel: $200 to $300 per panel.
  • Installing a new screen door: $350 to $700.
  • Full pool enclosure screen replacement: $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the size and complexity of the enclosure.
These prices may vary based on the specific conditions of your pool enclosure and local pricing.
Pool enclosure screen 1


Having a pool in your backyard can be a wonderful amenity that provides hours of enjoyment. However, keeping your pool properly maintained is essential for safety, aesthetics, and functionality. One important aspect of pool maintenance is repairing or replacing damaged pool enclosure screens. If you notice rips, tears, or holes in your screen, prompt repairs are needed. But what factors affect the cost of pool screen repair ? How much will you pay for common enclosure screen repairs? This article will explore the typical costs of fixing pool screens and signs that repair is needed.

Factors that Affect the Pool Enclosure Screen Cost

Several key factors impact the overall price you'll pay for pool enclosure screen repairs:

  • Type of repair needed - The extent of the damage and required repairs greatly impacts the overall cost. Small holes or tears under 2 inches can often be patched affordably, with DIY patch kits starting at around $50. However, larger holes exceeding a few inches usually need a full replacement screen panel, which typically costs $150 to $300 per affected panel. For extreme damage or complete failure of the enclosure screen, a full replacement of the entire screen will be necessary, ranging from $1,500 for a small pool up to $4,000 or more for a large custom-screened enclosure.
  • Screen material - Pool enclosures are made using vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum screening material. Fiberglass screens offer the most durability but are also the most expensive option. Vinyl is cheaper and easier to work with but is less durable in the long term. Aluminum screens represent a middle ground, with good strength and rip resistance at a moderate cost. The type of screening material used on your pool enclosure will impact replacement costs.
  • Professional vs DIY repair - Hiring a qualified professional to handle the pool screen repairs typically costs between $200 to $500, depending on the specific repair scope. Do-it-yourself repairs generally cost much less for materials when you have the skills, tools, and time to do the work yourself, but results often vary in quality. Consider your own abilities before deciding between DIY or professional repair.
  • Accessibility - The location and height of the damaged screen area also affects repair difficulty and cost. Easily accessed tears and holes low down near the pool deck can be fixed simply and cheaply. However, high areas that require tall ladders or rental equipment to safely reach will make repairs much more challenging and therefore, more expensive. Second story pool enclosures also cost considerably more to repair than single level screens.
  • Pool enclosure size - In general, repair costs scale up the larger the overall pool screen surface area is. Small pool enclosures under 500 square feet only require minimal material and time for repairs. However, large screen surfaces over 1,000 square feet will be far more extensive and costly to patch or replace. Unusual custom shapes and designs also boost the price due to added fabrication work and materials.
Pool enclosure screen 2

How Much Does It Cost to Repair the Pool Enclosure Screen?

Here are typical price ranges for common pool screen repairs:

Patching small holes and tears - $50 to $150

For minor screen holes or tears under 2 inches, DIY patching kits available at hardware stores start at around $50. The kits include vinyl screen mesh and adhesive for an easy patch. Professional patching of small tears generally costs around $150.

Replacing one damaged screen panel - $200 to $300

Enclosure screens are installed in panels, usually in sizes of 2 feet x 5 feet or 2 feet x 6 feet. When the holes and damage are beyond patching, a single panel section will need to be replaced. Professional installation of one new screen panel averages $200 per panel. DIY screen panel replacement costs $100 to $150 for the materials if you have the skills to do the work.

Installing a new screen door - $350 to $700

Over time, pool screen doors can become damaged and need replacement. Installation of a new door with frame by a pro averages $350 for a basic door up to $700 for a premium thick aluminum door. This includes the door, frame, attachment hardware, and labor.

Full pool enclosure screen replacement - $1,500 to $4,000

For extensive damage, significant deterioration, or when most panels are compromised, replacing the entire pool screen is best. Professional full-screen replacement averages $25 to $35 per square foot of enclosure, including materials and professional installation labor. DIY enclosure screen replacement costs $15 to $25 per square foot just for the screen material.

The specific repair cost for your pool screen will depend on the size of the enclosure, screen material used, accessibility, and if using a pro or DIY. But these price ranges give a general idea of typical costs for common repairs.

Pool enclosure screen 3

Signs You Need Pool Enclosure Screen Repair

It's important to periodically inspect your pool enclosure screens for any signs of damage or deterioration. Don't ignore ripped or damaged screens, as the problems will worsen over time if left unaddressed. Watch for these common indicators that repair is needed:

  • Visible holes or tears - Holes of any size that puncture the screen mesh require repair. Even tiny holes tend to expand over time under constant tension. Any openings allow unwanted debris, leaves, pests, bugs, and animals to enter the enclosure space. Patch them promptly before they worsen.
  • Failed sealant or loose attachments - Check the sealant around the entire perimeter of the enclosure, looking for areas where it has cracked, dried out and failed. Any gaps or openings here allow outside air and water intrusion into the pool area. Also look for places the screen mesh has come loose or unattached from the frame. Resealing and resecuring connections is needed.
  • Sagging screen panels - Pool screens are installed tightly stretched across the frame. Over years of tension and sun exposure, the mesh can begin to sag in areas. This allows the screen to flap around and can lead to further damage. Have a professional re-tighten or re-secure any sagging sections or panels.
  • Reduced privacy and shading - Screens are designed to provide privacy and shading. However, over time, the vinyl or mesh material can fade and become more transparent. If your pool enclosure fails to block visibility or sun like it used to, the screen opacity has reduced. Replacement is likely needed to restore full privacy and shade.
  • Rusting support frame - The metal frames supporting the screens are vulnerable to rust, especially in coastal areas with saltwater exposure. Rusting frame sections put more stress on the screen attachment points, leading to accelerated wear and tearing. Address any rust issues immediately before further screen damage occurs.
  • Hard to operate doors - Sliding screen doors that catch, stick or are difficult to open and close often indicate an underlying screen problem. Inspect the screen areas around the doors and repair any tears or detachments that are causing the door operation problems. Catching issues early prevents further damage.

Regularly checking for any of these signs allows you to quickly fix minor screen issues before they evolve into major repairs or full-screen replacements.

Pool enclosure screen 4

Final Words

Well-maintained pool enclosure screens let you enjoy your pool safely and comfortably. Addressing screen damage as soon as possible prevents worsening holes, tears, and detachments. While DIY repairs are cheaper, professional installation ensures quality results. For extensive damage, a completely new screen installation is likely the best option over continual repairs. With regular inspections and timely fixes, your pool enclosure screen will provide security, privacy, and beauty for years to come.

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