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An Innovative Move In Outdoor Party Tent Solutions

outdoor party tents
Updated: February 21, 2024
Published: January 25, 2024

Outdoor Party Tents: Eco-Friendly, Flexible Solutions | Shelter Structures


When it comes to the house, from the ancient stone, to the wooden structure, and then to the current reinforced concrete, the house gives people the feeling is heavy, immovable, not only the building of the house is laborious, is the demolition of the house that is also time-consuming and laborious big project. 

Especially the modern high-rise, dozens of layers, dozens of residential buildings to establish is a long-term project, Hundreds of workers need to work day and night for months or even years, they have to eat and live on the site, at the end of the construction period, the house they live in must be demolished as soon as possible, there is a great need for a house that is easy to disassemble and assemble for them to use, so the prefabricated building is born.

In addition to construction sites, prefabricated buildings are also recognized and loved in many places.

Design philosophy of Outdoor party tents:

1/ Technology and Innovation

Outdoor party tents, as a new generation of mobile environmental protection buildings, can quickly meet the demand for outdoor events at the same time, its environmental protection is also very significant. Its environmental protection is mainly reflected in its own material properties and the impact on the environment. 

First of all, the outdoor party tents used are environmentally friendly materials, which naturally need not be said much; Secondly, outdoor party tents will not produce construction waste and harmful substances in the construction process, and have no impact on the environment; Finally, even if the outdoor party tents end of service life, can not continue to use, its overall steel components are basically recyclable, will not have any pollution to the environment. Such environmental protection is incomparable to traditional houses.

With the increasing number of temporary outdoor events, the demand for temporary housing is also increasing year by year. The extensive use of Outdoor party tents is not only to meet people’s temporary needs, but more importantly to show a new environmental protection building model, which is also the only way for the future development of the construction industry in today’s society of vigorously promoting low-carbon environmental protection.

2/ Flexible and light

Compared with ordinary buildings, Outdoor party tents has the characteristics of convenient construction, mobility and high flexibility. A crane can easily change their position, and party tents can be assembled flexibly, according to the needs of the assembly of two rooms, one living room or three rooms, one living room.

In addition, container houses are also used for field operations, such as: field exploration and construction mobile offices, temporary dormitories for scientific researchers, etc. Emergency room: such as military mobile command center, rescue mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center and so on.

outdoor party tents

Multifunctional outdoor party tents

  • Modular bsystem

Outdoor party tents, the dwelling place of outdoor events, is also a dream-making space. Style inspiration, one thing and one thing need to play imagination, fine selection in order to meet the concept and meet expectations. As the most important place for physical and mental rest, how can the outdoor events space make the space style more personalized while meeting the functional requirements? Layout planning more reasonable? More Organized storage?

Shelter’s multi-functional modular tent system comes in a variety of versions, with sizes and materials that can be customized. Provide a wide variety of personalized combination and matching schemes to meet different space and style needs, and DIY customers’ exclusive outdoor event spaces with 1+N modular customization. Functionalism as the orientation, to provide suitable for different scenarios of temporary storage structure solutions, can be used according to the needs of any collocation. Set a variety of functions in one system, can be assured to choose, can greatly improve the practicality.

Outdoor party tents a variety of environments and occasions that can be adapted to. The modular approach offers unlimited potential, making it easier than ever to create ideal layouts for a variety of purposes, whether for events, living Spaces or commercial events.

  • Intelligent electrical appliances

Shelter provides a detailed electricity supply plan. We use wireless self-generation to solve all weak electricity, avoiding wiring. All other lines and pipelines are pre-set for quick installation.

All the electricity and water facilities within outdoor party tents, Shelter conform to European and American standards and have obtained EU certification. Numerous downstream suppliers and strong supply chain guarantee the standardization and compliance of our services.

outdoor party tents


Outdoor party tents not only reflect the aesthetic style of interior decoration design, but also landscape design skills. canopy tents’ different shapes, colors, functions and details all reflect the manufacturer’s understanding of beauty. It is also personal customization under the trend of style design.

As far as the exhibition in the first half of 2023 is concerned, Shelter is using intelligent, modular and customized superimposed skill tree, which can only break the space limit in the past, but now integrates the outdoor hidden luxury style color, and the blueprint of comprehensive intelligent assistance in the future is slowly unfolding.

Outdoor party tents FAQ

Q: I bought outdoor party tents online. How can I install them back?

A: Customers need to contact local professionals to be responsible for the installation of electricity and water. Of course, Shelter will provide one-to-one after-sales service to help customers install the canopy tent smoothly through detailed installation instructions.


Q: Do you sell accessories for outdoor party tents?

A: Yes, we offer a range of additional outdoor party tents solutions and accessories. Please contact us for more details.

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