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Large Storage Tent: Expanding into a New Realm of Commercial Warehousing

warehouse tent
Updated: February 27, 2024
Published: August 14, 2023


In today’s competitive business world, efficient and reliable warehouse management is an important factor for business success. As market demand continues to rise, large storage tents as an innovative warehousing solution have gradually attracted everyone’s attention. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the diverse applications of large storage tents in the field of warehousing, why you should choose it as your warehousing solution, and its obvious advantages over traditional warehousing structures. Let’s explore this innovative warehousing solution together!

warehouse tent for medical supplies storage - emergency shelter for covid-19

Versatility of Large Tents In Warehousing

Flexibility and Versatility

Large storage tents offer excellent flexibility in warehousing with their unique design and material construction. Unlike traditional concrete or brick structures, the large tent is constructed of removable materials, allowing it to be quickly adapted to different storage needs. This versatility makes it ideal for storing a variety of goods. Seasonal goods have different storage needs in different seasons, and large tents can be adjusted according to seasonal changes.

Applicable To Different Products and Needs

The versatility of a large storage tent is reflected in its ability to store various types of merchandise. Whether it is large and heavy goods, small and light goods, or even perishable goods that require good ventilation, large tents can provide a suitable storage environment. Its open structure provides merchants with greater flexibility and can accommodate a variety of sizes and types of merchandise to meet diverse warehousing needs.

Reasons for Choosing Large Tents


Large storage tents excel in cost-effectiveness. Compared with traditional fixed structures, large tents do not need to use expensive building materials, such as concrete, steel, etc., nor do they need to carry out complex building design and construction, which greatly reduces the construction cost of storage facilities. At the same time, the production and installation process of large storage tents is relatively simple, which can save a lot of time and labor costs. Therefore, large storage tents can provide large-scale warehousing solutions in a more economical way.

Rapid Deployment and Adaptability

Large storage tents can be assembled much faster than traditional construction. The rapid deployment and adaptability of large tents are also important reasons for their popularity. Due to its modular design, large tents can be assembled much faster than traditional buildings. Merchants only need to spend less time to have available warehousing space, which is very important for merchants who need to respond quickly to market changes.

Case Study on the Advantages of Large Storage Tents in Warehousing

Improve Warehousing Efficiency

In actual cases, large storage tents have played a significant role in improving warehousing efficiency. You can choose an open design, making it easier to access goods, greatly reducing handling and storage time, and improving overall operational efficiency. The advantage of this design is that it provides greater convenience when goods are put in or out of the warehouse. for example, large trucks can drive directly into the tent for loading and unloading operations, eliminating the need for intermediate transfer links, thus saving a lot of time.

Durable Service Life

The service life of large storage tents is also quite long. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and professional solutions, the durability of large tents far exceeds industry standards. Its excellent weather resistance and adaptability to harsh weather conditions enable it to remain in good condition in various environments. In particular, Shelter Structures’ large-scale storage tents provide all-round protection in a semi-permanent storage environment.

Span 30m Polygonal (Multi-arched) Tent with Transparent PVC Cover

Tent Type: PT Series – Polygonal Series
Application: Outdoor Conference & Forum
Size: 30 x 70m (100 x 230ft)
Cover Membrane: 950g/sqm Transparent PVC Fabric
Seat Arrangement: Church Seating & Speech Stage

The football field in the sports complex is a good option for outdoor event including catering, summer camp, exhibition, and forum like this time. At the same time, you may need to considerate about the weather condition. Excreted tent structures will meet you need of rain, snow and sun resistance. Shelter polygonal tent can create a comfortable indoor venue both summer and winter by air conditioner.    

In addition, the options of the covered PVC membrane will provide different performance in heat resistance and sunlight blocking. This time, our client selected the transparent PVC covered for this forum in Fall. Compare with block-out white PVC fabric, the transparent roof will be the better option in Fall and Winter – the season without strong sunlight. In the evening, the whole tent will bright like a crystal by the lighting system.

With the clear span tent which, our client arrange more than 1000+ church seating and speech stage inside the storage tent flexibly. At the same time, the speech can be shown to the guests without any interior obstruction.

How to Fix Polygonal Tent on Grassland

Normally, there are two fixation options on grassland. One is using steel anchor and another method is setting weight basket on the base plate. Like the picture showing on the left, we fixed this temporary conference hall by 200kg weight on each plate. Such kind of fixation method can protect the ground from being destroyed. And also used for other ground condition like sandland, ceramic tile, marble and other ground you want to protect.

Large Storage Tent

Polygonal Tent Structure – Strong, Stable, and Easy to Transported

Different from other tent structure, the rooftop of the polygonal tent is divided into some sheet. So the whole structure provides extra height compare with other clear span structures. Also, the transportation will be more convenient by its small components. All the main profiles of a polygonal tent are made of hard-pressed aluminum alloy which creates strong hardness and wind resistance function.
At the same time, polygonal tent is used as sports facilities like tennis court, horse dressage field, badminton court, and others. Click on the link to see the information.


Comparison of Large Storage Tents and Traditional Storage Structures

Cost Contrast

In regards to labor expense, building and construction cost, product expense, maintenance cost and equipment cost, large storage tents have noticeable benefits. Especially in terms of labor costs, the erection process of large storage tents is fairly straightforward, calling for less specialists and average workers, so labor prices are reduced.

On the other hand, the building process of traditional warehousing frameworks is complex, requires much more technological personnel and regular workers, and has higher labor prices. Taking into consideration the building and construction price, storage tents can be constructed swiftly and call for reasonably few products, so the building expense is relatively reduced. However, the building procedure of typical warehouse frameworks is difficult, requires a great deal of products, and has high building and construction prices.

Time Efficiency

This is because storage tents make use of upraised components that are currently produced in the manufacturing facility and just require to be merely put together on site. On the other hand, strengthened concrete buildings call for a collection of complicated processes such as pouring and upkeep, which take a very long time. In commercial tasks, the element of time is regularly regarded as of utmost importance.

The development and performance of the endeavor are typically carefully connected to the economic benefits of the organization. If the period of construction extends exceedingly, it can lead to delays in the job, which will certainly affect both the general schedule and expenses. The rapid setup ability of sizable tents can swiftly supply obtainable storage space, thus reducing the possibility for project delays because of long term building and construction periods.

Final Thought

In recap, large storage tents are a best alternative for commercial storage due to their convenience, cost, fast setup, and capacity to broaden. These tents have changed right into a significant property for boosting performance and advertising sustainability in industrial storage space via continuous improvement and customization. Selecting a Shelter big storage tents is not just a wise way to use space, but likewise a critical choice to guarantee business accomplishment.

Shelter structures

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