Span 30m Polygonal Tent Used For Outdoor Forum Venue

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Span 30m Polygonal (Multi-arched) Tent with Transparent PVC Cover

Tent Type: PT Series – Polygonal Series
Application: Outdoor Conference & Forum
Size: 30 x 70m (100 x 230ft)
Cover Membrane: 950g/sqm Transparent PVC Fabric
Seat Arrangement: Church Seating & Speech Stage

The football field in the sports complex is a good option for outdoor event including catering, summer camp, exhibition, and forum like this time. At the same time, you may need to considerate about the weather condition. Excreted tent structures will meet you need of rain, snow and sun resistance. Shelter polygonal tent can create a comfortable indoor venue both summer and winter by air conditioner.

In addition, the options of the covered PVC membrane will provide different performance in heat resistance and sunlight blocking. This time, our client selected the transparent PVC covered for this forum in Fall. Compare with block-out white PVC fabric, the transparent roof will be the better option in Fall and Winter – the season without strong sunlight. In the evening, the whole tent will bright like a crystal by the lighting system.

With the clear span tent which, our client arrange more than 1000+ church seating and speech stage inside the tent flexibly. At the same time, the speech can be shown to the guests without any interior obstruction.

How to Fix Polygonal Tent on Grassland

Normally, there are two fixation options on grassland. One is using steel anchor and another method is setting weight basket on the base plate. Like the picture showing on the left, we fixed this temporary conference hall by 200kg weight on each plate. Such kind of fixation method can protect the ground from being destroyed. And also used for other ground condition like sandland, ceramic tile, marble and other ground you want to protect.

Polygonal Tent Structure – Strong, Stable, and Easy to Transported

Different from other tent structure, the rooftop of the polygonal tent is divided into some sheet. So the whole structure provides extra height compare with other clear span structures. Also, the transportation will be more convenient by its small components. All the main profiles of a polygonal tent are made of hard-pressed aluminum alloy which creates strong hardness and wind resistance function.
At the same time, polygonal tent is used as sports facilities like tennis court, horse dressage field, badminton court, and others.

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