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Home -- Blogs -- How do you make a wedding tent elegant?

How do you make a wedding tent elegant?


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Updated: April 29, 2024
Published: April 24, 2024


When we talk about creating an elegant tent wedding, we are building a dream space full of romance, warmth and personalization. This space will witness the two newlyweds entering the palace of marriage, and will become a place to celebrate their relatives. Here are some tips and considerations on how to create an elegant tent wedding.

What is a wedding tent?

A wedding tent is a temporary building structure. Its basic construction includes several elements such as frame structure, membrane covering, foundation fixation method, and additional facilities. Common wedding tent types include Frame Tents, High Peak Tents, Clear Span Tents and Double Decker Tents, etc. Each type has its unique style and functionality, which can be decorated and arranged according to the couple's preferences and wedding theme to create a unique atmosphere.

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How do you make a wedding tent elegant?

Decorate elegant tents for weddings according to the wedding theme. A well-designed wedding tent not only showcases the personality of the couple, but also creates an unforgettable wedding experience for guests. Shelter helps you create a unique elegant tent wedding down to the smallest detail.

Wedding tents' internal layout and design

  • Seating arrangements and aisle planning

    U-shaped or T-shaped layouts are more suitable for small wedding tents, while long strip or round table layouts are more suitable for large wedding tents. The width of the aisle should also be moderate, not only to facilitate the walking of guests, but also to ensure the beauty of the overall layout.

  • Stage and DJ booth setup

    The stage is a place for newcomers to show themselves, so its location and height must be moderate. The height of the stage should be between 30-50 centimeters, which can highlight the status of the couple without making the guests feel depressed. The DJ booth should be located on one side or behind the stage to facilitate music playback and control of the atmosphere.

  • Sound system layout

    The sound system should be evenly distributed to ensure clear music can be heard in every corner.

Use of decorative elements

  • Selection and matching of curtains and hangings

    Choose lightweight, flowy fabrics like gauze or tulle for a dreamy effect. Use pearls, crystals, or metallic hanging ornaments to add a sense of depth and sophistication. It can be hung from the top of the wedding tent or used as an entrance decoration.

  • Clever use of floral decorations

    Place flowers at the entrance, on both sides of the aisle, and on the stage backdrop to direct guests' attention. Choose the design of the bouquet and basket according to the style of the wedding. You can choose roses, lilies or sunflowers.

  • The importance of lighting design

    Use warm tones of lighting, such as yellow or orange, to create a cozy atmosphere inside the wedding tent. Avoid using white light that is too cold. Install lamps in all corners of the wedding tent to ensure even light distribution and avoid dark corners. You can use star lights, LED light strips, etc. to create a romantic starry sky effect.

Multi-Arch Waterproof tent

Personalization and detail processing

  • Customize the tent according to the couple's preferences

    Learn about the newlyweds' preferences, stories, and visions. Incorporate these elements into your wedding tent design to make the wedding tent elegant. Whether it's a simple modern, vintage style or dreamy fairy tale, every detail should reflect the couple's personality and love story.

  • Exquisite treatment of detailed decoration

    Choose high-quality tablecloths and chair covers whose texture and pattern should match the overall style. You can use lace or beads to add sophistication to the details.

  • Incorporation of creative elements

    Customized art installations, handmade lanterns or light art add a unique atmosphere to your wedding tent. These decorations can be works completed by the couple or items with special meaning. Set up some interactive elements such as a signature wall, photo corner or game area to keep guests engaged.

Environment creation and atmosphere creation

  • Temperature and humidity control

    According to weather conditions, set the temperature of the air-conditioning equipment reasonably to ensure a comfortable temperature in the tent. Maintain appropriate humidity levels and avoid being too dry or wet.

  • Ventilation management

    Make sure there is good ventilation in the wedding tent. You can use an exhaust fan or vents to promote air circulation.

  • Background music selection and playback

    Choose a music style that matches the wedding theme and the couple's tastes. It can be romantic classical music, light pop music, or ethnic music with cultural characteristics. Make sure the music creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Equipped with practical facilities

  • Dining area setting

    Choose the appropriate number of tables and chairs based on the size and style of your wedding. Provide enough cutlery and napkins, including cutlery, spoons, plates and cups. The tableware should be clean and tidy. You can use disposable tableware or choose reusable tableware.

  • Arrangement of the rest area

    The seating area should provide comfortable chairs and coffee tables for guests to rest and relax. You can place some upholstered sofas or rocking chairs, as well as a small round table for friends and family to chat and relax.

Atrium Clear Span Tents

What aspects should be considered for an elegant tent wedding reception?

Budget and Cost Control

Allocate your budget to different spending items based on the size, style and priorities of your wedding. Generally speaking, catering, venue rental, decoration photography, and videography are the main parts of wedding expenses. Using a wedding tent can save a lot of money on your venue budget.

Venue selection and layout

Conduct on-site inspections of multiple tent venues, and evaluate their location, environmental conditions, capacity, and supporting facilities. Choose the venue that is most suitable for your wedding.

Catering arrangements

Ensure food quality according to guest tastes and wedding theme. Select drinks suitable for the wedding atmosphere, including champagne, wine, soft drinks, etc., providing guests with a variety of choices. Arranging a professional catering team can ensure efficient and orderly catering services.

Emergency plan preparation

Consider the bad weather your backyard tent wedding may face and develop strategies accordingly.

Logistics support

Provide clear traffic directions to ensure guests can reach the wedding venue smoothly, and consider providing parking spaces. For guests coming from afar, book a nearby hotel or B&B in advance to provide convenient accommodation services.

Environmental awareness

Choose recyclable or biodegradable decorative materials to reduce the use of single-use items.

Professional teamwork

Hire a professional wedding planner or coordinator to be responsible for the overall coordination and problem-solving on-site.

Guest experience optimization

Arrange for a warm greeter to greet guests at the entrance of the wedding tent and provide necessary assistance and information.

Recommended a wedding tent

The Atrium Clear Span Wedding Tent, one of the "clear top tents," is an elegant and versatile structure. Its grand scale and sophisticated design make it ideal for opulent weddings.

What Are Outdoor Event Venues
ModelAtrium Clear Span Tents
CoverPVC Coated Polyester Fabric
Density850g/Sqm Doubled Coated Blockout White PVC ,650g/Sqm Translucent White PVC
FeaturesWaterproof | Snowproof | UV Resistant | Fire Retardant
ColorCustomizable Colors


Creating an elegant wedding tent is the key to realizing outdoor elegant tent weddings. The first is to develop a detailed budget plan. Secondly, maintain close communication with suppliers to ensure that all services and equipment are available on time. In addition, develop emergency plans to deal with possible emergencies. It is not only a simple ceremony, but also a testimony and blessing of love between couples. If you need free advice, talk to Shelter Structures!

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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