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Home -- Blogs -- Liri Structure Warehouse Tent Review: Pros, Cons and Functionality

Liri Structure Warehouse Tent Review: Pros, Cons and Functionality


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Updated: May 18, 2024
Published: April 8, 2024


Warehouse tents provide a way to quickly deploy and move flexibly to adapt to changing needs. Among many brands, Liri Structure and Shelter Structures stand out for their superior quality and wide range of applications. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the tent products of these two brands to help readers understand their respective advantages and disadvantages. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis from multiple dimensions such as structural design, material quality, functionality, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness to find the most suitable tent solution for consumers' specific needs.

Liri Structure R

Functionality of Liri Structure Warehouse Tent

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Liri Structure Warehouse tents are a preferred alternative to traditional steel structures due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This tent eliminates the need for costly rentals of production space. The Warehouse process does not rely on a permanent foundation and can be quickly set up on a variety of ground types, including asphalt, concrete, and even grass. This convenience means users can avoid the cumbersome land use permit process, saving time and resources.

Affordable choice

Liri Structure focuses on cost control. Compared with American tent, Liri Structure's Warehouse tent is more affordable. By optimizing the production process, unnecessary expenses are reduced, prices are controlled within a reasonable range, and better cost-effectiveness is achieved. Its professional team will customize it one-on-one for you based on actual needs. It can choose accessories and basic functional facilities, and is fully functional.

Adapt to various surfaces

Liri Structure Warehouse tents can be quickly set up on a variety of ground types, including asphalt, concrete, and even grass. Storage tents can use anchoring systems or adjustable support structures to ensure the stability and safety of the tent.

No land permit required

Traditional buildings need to go through a cumbersome approval process, and obtain a land permit before construction can begin. This is not only time-consuming and involves significant investment, but also increases project uncertainty. Liri Structure Warehouse tents are not only flexible to install and move, they are also far more economical than traditional buildings, and there are no hassles of required land permits.

Pros of Liri Structure Warehouse Tent

Customize your Warehouse tent

The dimensions of Liri Structure's tents can be customized, whether in height, width or length. If large equipment needs to enter or exit the tent, the door size can be specially customized. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be printed with your company's brand name and logo. Tents with lighting and ventilation systems are also available. If your project takes a long time, Liri Structure can also customize semi-permanent or permanent tents to ensure the smooth completion of the project.

Easy maintenance

Use a soft brush and a mild detergent to regularly remove dust, stains and debris from the surface of the tent. Keep the tent clean to avoid material aging caused by long-term accumulation. Avoid using acid and alkali cleaners to corrode the surface of the tent. When the storage tent is not in use, it should be folded properly and stored in a dry and ventilated place, off the ground. Maintenance costs are low. If the tarpaulin cracks, you only need to replace the tarpaulin, and there is no need to purchase a new frame for adaptation.

Low cost

  • Lightweight materials:Storage tents use lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloy frames and durable (PVC) plastic sheets. The cost of these materials is relatively low compared with traditional construction.
  • Transportation and installation:The Warehouse Tent is easy to disassemble and transport. It saves transportation costs, and the installation process is simple, without the need for professionals, reducing labor costs.
  • Maintenance costs:Storage tents do not require frequent professional maintenance, reducing long-term operating costs.

Modular design

The Warehouse Tent can be quickly assembled and disassembled according to actual needs. Users can flexibly add or delete modules according to the required space size to achieve customized space layout. Modular components can be reused, making maintenance and replacement of parts simple. Modular components facilitate packaging, transportation and storage, saving logistics costs and making it easier to redeploy the tent.

Cons of Liri Structure Warehouse Tent

Sandwich wall

Liri Structure uses Sandwich walls, most of which use rock wool sandwich panels. Because the material of rock wool sandwich panels is relatively loose and difficult to bond, problems such as cracking may easily occur if Warehouse techniques are not paid attention to. Rock wool sandwich panels easily absorb water, and if they are left in a humid environment for a long time, their thermal insulation performance will be affected. Compared with polyurethane sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels have a higher thermal conductivity and a relatively poor thermal insulation effect.

Sound insulation performance

The walls of a Warehouse Tent are usually made of lightweight materials such as PVC coated cloth. The density of the material is much lower than that of masonry, concrete and other materials used in traditional construction, which means that sound waves can more easily penetrate the tent wall. Limited ability to block sound transmission. Noise levels in your tent may increase significantly if you are near a highway, factory or busy urban area.

Thermal insulation properties

In the hot summer, the temperature inside the tent rises rapidly under direct sunlight, while in the cold winter, the heat in the Warehouse Tent is easily lost, resulting in large indoor temperature fluctuations. This temperature change not only affects the comfort of the working environment, but may also cause damage to sensitive items stored in the tent, such as electronic equipment, food or medicine.

Internal facility restrictions

The walls and roof of Warehouse Tent are usually made of lightweight fabric materials. These materials do not have the ability to bear heavy loads, so pipes and wires cannot be embedded in the walls like traditional buildings. Limits its application in certain high-demand environments. Pipeline maintenance and repair are also relatively difficult. Once leakage or blockage occurs, the difficulty and cost of solving the problem will increase significantly. In terms of electrical system installation, the power supply inside the Warehouse Tent usually relies on an external power supply or generator, while internal wiring requires special attention to safety.

large warehouse structures

Shelter Warehouse Tent - Best Alternative to Liri Structure Warehouse Tent

How does Shelter solve the above problems?

  • Improve thermal insulation performance

    In case of short-term exposure, a layer of waterproof coating or waterproof membrane can be applied to the surface of the sandwich panel, which can effectively prevent moisture penetration and thus maintain its thermal insulation performance. Use sealant on joints to ensure there are no gaps between boards to prevent moisture intrusion. Add a ventilation system to maintain ventilation in the environment where the rock wool sandwich panels are located, accelerate water evaporation through air circulation, and reduce the water absorption of the panels.

  • Improve sound and thermal insulation performance

    Add soundproofing cotton or thermal insulation film to the inside of the tent, or plant vegetation around the tent to absorb sound waves and provide a natural insulation barrier. These measures may increase the overall cost of the storage tent and may affect its portability and rapid deployment advantages.

  • For the laying of internal accessories

    Special modifications and reinforcements are required. For pipes that need to be laid with a certain weight, the wall structure can be strengthened. Shelter has extensive experience in making double-layer tents and is an expert in this area. If wiring is required, insulation can be added. These retrofit measures often increase costs.

Liri Structure Warehouse Tent VS Shelter Structures Warehouse Tent

 ShelterLiri Structure
Span Width30m (Customizable)30m (Customizable)
Main Profiles120*300*5mm (4 channel)120*350*5mm(4-channel)
Framework MaterialHard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminum 6061/T6Hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6
Ground RequirementsCan be installed on almost any surfaceCan be installed on almost any surface
Cover MaterialPVC Coated Polyester Fabric
Features: 650 or 850 g/sqm, Premium Grade,
High Gloss White or Translucent.
Waterproof, UV Resistant
PVC-coated polyester textile
Flame RetardantDIN 4102 B1.M2:USA NFPA701DIN 4102 B1,M2,CFM. 2 750-900g/m
Eave ConnectionHot Dipped, Structural Grade Corrosive Resistant Galvanized SteelHot-dip Galvanized twin steel plate

There is a significant difference in the choice of frame materials between Liri Structure's Warehouse Tent and Shelter's tent. Compared with Liri Stucture's Warehouse tent, the frame material used in Shelter's tent is lighter, making transportation and movement easier. At the same time, Shelter focuses on optimizing the performance of the structure tent itself. When facing strong winds, Shelter's tent can better maintain stability and reduce the risk of damage caused by wind. For those who need to move frequently or use it in windy areas, Shelter's tent is undoubtedly a more attractive choice. If you need to know more about the differences, you can contact Shelter’s professional team to analyze it for you and find the tent that best meets your needs!

Shelter Warehouse tent: right-hand man

Cost-effective Warehouse site solutions have become key for businesses to improve operational efficiency. The warehouse tent is an industrial-grade modular tent specially launched by Shelter. It can effectively reduce the cost of business operations, improve the efficiency and safety of Warehouse site operations, quickly adapt to the Warehouse site, and provide a stable working environment.

Tent product details map

Fast shipments

When you urgently need a high-quality Warehouse tent to cope with sudden project needs, we understand your sense of urgency for time. We ensure that your order can be dispatched as quickly as possible to help your project proceed smoothly. In order to meet your special needs, we also provide air freight services to ensure that your Warehouse tent can be delivered to its destination in the shortest possible time.

Brand reputation

Since its establishment in 2003, Shelter-Structures has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance Warehouse tent products. When you choose the Shelter brand Warehouse tent, you are not just buying a tent, you are also choosing peace of mind and security. We always adhere to the customer-centered service concept and provide customers with all-round and thoughtful services. Whether it is pre-sales consultation, in-sales tracking or after-sales service, we will wholeheartedly help you solve problems and ensure your highest satisfaction.


Liri Structure Warehouse Tent has high flexibility and strong adaptability, and its modular design gives it an advantage in terms of cost. But it is slightly lacking in some details. If you don’t care about the above shortcomings and just need a practical storage tent, then Liri Structure Warehouse Tent is also a good choice.

Shelter focuses on product quality and durability, design and functionality, price and cost performance, as well as brand reputation and service. It is lightweight and easy to transport, and has excellent windproof performance, providing users with a more convenient and safer use experience. At the same time, it aims to provide consumers with comprehensive information and professional advice about Warehouse tents.
We hope that through in-depth analysis and comparison, we can help you better understand product features and make purchasing decisions that meet your needs and budget. If you need further information, please contact us!

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