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Home -- Blogs -- Do I need a large dome tent?

Do I need a large dome tent?


A leader in logistics and operations, Caesar expertly manages the complexities of large tent installations for international events.

Updated: April 18, 2024
Published: April 17, 2024

What is a dome tent?

Dome tents, also known as geodesic tents, their dome structure utilizes cross-braced poles to distribute weight evenly throughout the structure, making them highly resistant to harsh weather conditions such as wind. Often categorized as glamping dome tent
Huge Dome Tent

What are the advantages of large dome tents?

Large dome tents offer many advantages:

  • Natural lighting: dome tents often have large clear tops or skylights that can be fully utilized to illuminate the interior of the tent with natural light, which can reduce the reliance on artificial lighting.
  • Branding and advertising: the appearance and uniqueness of a large dome tent allows it to enhance brand visibility and recognition.
  • Dome shape: the shape of the dome distributes weight evenly, allowing the tent to withstand pressure from above and transfer it to the tent's support structure.
  • Support structure: the support structure of a large dome tent is usually made of strong and lightweight materials, such as steel frame or aluminum alloy.
  • Cover material: the cover material of large dome tents is usually made of waterproof, sunproof and durable materials, such as PVC, glass, PVDF, which can effectively prevent water and other weather elements from penetrating into the interior of the tent, providing a comfortable and dry environment.
  • Ventilation system: large dome tents usually have a good ventilation system to provide fresh air and hot air discharge to ensure air circulation to prevent moisture and discomfort inside the tent.
Large Dome Tent

What are the disadvantages of a large dome tent?

A large dome tent also have some disadvantages:

  • Space constraints: although large domed tents offer plenty of space, the central area of the tent can be high and the areas near the edges can be low, limiting the height of the display and how it can be placed compared to other shapes.
  • Cost: large dome tents are usually high-end and customized solutions that can be costly. This includes the cost of purchasing or renting the tent itself, as well as additional equipment, décor and service costs.
Big Dome Tent

What is a large dome tent?

There are many different sizes of large domes available on the market. Below is a range of some common large dome sizes:
Big Geodesic Dome Size Table
Type 10M 12M 15M 18M 20M 25M 30M
Floor Space 78m² (840sq ft) 113m² / 1216sq Ft 176m² / 1900sq Ft 254m² / 2735sq Ft 314m² / 3380sq Ft 490m² / 5275sq Ft 706m² / 7600sq Ft
Diameter 10m / 33ft 12m /40ft 15m / 50ft 18m / 60ft 20m / 65ft 25m / 82ft 30m /100ft
Height 5m / 16ft 6m /20ft 7.5m / 25ft 9m / 30ft 10m /33ft 13m / 40ft 15m /50ft
Capacity(People Standing) 130 person 150 person 250 person 400 person 500 person 800 person 1000 person
Capacity(Seated At Table) 60 person 80 person 100 person 150 person 190 person 300 person 440 person
If the above dimensions still do not meet your needs for a venue, please contact Shelter, and we will work out a plan to design a large dome tent that best suits your event.
Large Dome Tents

Types of large dome tents:

There are many different types of huge dome tent on the market, here we focus on three common ones: PVC Geodesic Dome, Glass Event Domes, PVDF Tarpaulin Event Dome

1. PVC geodesic dome

PVC geometric domes are structures made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a lightweight, weather-resistant material that can withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

The dome consists of triangular panels that are typically connected together using connectors or hubs.

Quick and easy to assemble without additional tools or specialized skills.

Commonly used for weddings, parties, luxury travel, vacation hotels.

Pvc Geodesic Dome

2.PVDF tarpaulin event dome

PVDF tarpaulin event dome is made of polyvinylidene fluoride coated canvas material, shade, waterproof, ventilated and breathable, weather and corrosion resistant, easy to set up and dismantle.

Commonly used in music festivals, cultural festivals, celebrations, sports competitions, it provides a spacious space that can accommodate a large number of spectators or participants while protecting them from the sun or rain.

Pvdf Tarpaulin Event Dome
Clear Dome Tent

3.Clear dome tent

Glass event domes are characterized by their transparent or translucent glass panels. It's also called glass event domes.

Glass event domes are often used as viewing points for exhibitions or corporate events, scenic spots or tourist attractions. Visitors can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of their surroundings.

History of the extra large dome tent

The earliest prototypes of the large dome tent were based on the yurt and the Native American dome tent.

Mongolian yurt

The Mongolian yurt is a traditional tent used by the Mongolian people, which has a dome shape and consists of a wooden structure and a cover.

It is adapted to the extreme climatic conditions of the steppe region, providing a comfortable living environment and good insulation.

Mongolian Yurt

Native American dome tents

On the American continent, many native American tribes used dome tents for temporary shelter.

For example, the Indians of North America used the "wigwam" (wicker basket tent), which was constructed of twigs, grasses, and animal hides and formed a dome shape.

Tribes in the Amazon region of South America also used "Amazonian grass huts" in the shape of a dome.

These structures are adapted to the climatic and environmental conditions of different regions and play an important role in tribal life, ceremonies and community activities.

Wicker Basket Tent

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, dome shaped structures like this one have been assembled with high technology, take a look at this breathtaking large sphere building Alaskan MSG sphere!

What is the largest dome in the USA? MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

The MSG Sphere is a domed stadium built in Las Vegas and developed by Madison Square Garden Entertainment (MSG Entertainment).

Msg Sphere In Las Vegas

Size: The exterior of the MSG Sphere presents itself as a massive spherical structure with a height of approximately 366 feet (about 111 meters).

Capacity: It can accommodate approximately 17,500 to 20,000 spectators.

Technical features: It is equipped with high-definition projection technology and variable light harvesting technology to present stunning, high-resolution images and video on a spherical surface. In addition, an advanced sound system will be installed inside the sphere for immersive audio effects.

Interactive experience: Visitors will be able to use their personal devices to interact with the content in the arena and participate in virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

Multi-purpose use: The MSG Sphere can be flexibly used for sports competitions and performances, concerts, conferences, exhibitions and presentations.

Largest Dome Tent


Now that you've learned about the material size advantages and disadvantages, history and future trends of dome tents, it's time to decide if you need to purchase a large dome tent!

The decision to use a large geodesic dome tent depends on your specific event needs, budget and desired aesthetics. Evaluate the amount of space required for your intended use. Large dome tents provide ample interior space and are suitable for accommodating large numbers of people, exhibits or events.

We support full customization! Prices vary a bit depending on size and material, contact shelter today for a free quote!

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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