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Innovative & Customized Event Tent Solutions

Event Tent Solutions: Versatile & Customized by SHELTER
Updated: February 4, 2024
Published: January 7, 2024

Versatile & Customized Event Tent Solutions | Shelter Structures


SHELTER’s event tents for outdoor use have absolutely excellent quality, one-stop direct selling. Getting into the realm of the party dome and event tent was not motivated by money. Nor is it just that we like parties, weddings or graduations. But because deep down in our hearts, we love to make the perfect day for others. We’re not just in the party dome tent business, we’re creating precious memories.

Event domes & large tents Direct sales to meet your various professional and consumer needs with excellent classification and high quality party tents. Our outdoor event tent, personalized canopy tent, luxury tents for event, wedding tent canopy and dome shelter are just the starting points for our commercial-grade offerings.

Versatility of Event tent

When it comes to hosting a variety of events, an event tent is an indispensable element. Whether hosting luxury weddings, open-air concerts, corporate events or social gatherings, event dome plays a key role. They provide a versatile, comfortable and unique space to make the event more grand and memorable, and the warm event tent preserves the mystery of the wedding ceremony.

1/ Event tents Romantic wedding

Imagine a couple preparing for the most important day of their lives – their wedding. They dreamed of a romantic outdoor wedding and the wedding event tent provided them with the ideal venue. In the sun, an ornate white tent stands on the grass, providing a shelter from the wind and rain for couples and guests. The wedding ceremony was held in a tent, where guests sat at beautifully decorated tables and enjoyed a delicious dinner. When night falls, warm lights are lit inside the tent, the dance floor begins to sway, and people dance heartily, leaving precious memories.

Welcome and seating arrangements

This point I want to focus on, because this is every couple will encounter the problem of wine, first take the wedding scene to say. The wedding is in the form of a buffet, or it can be in the form of a table. In order to allow guests to have a better dining experience, dining under the luxury event canopy can be arranged freely. SHELTER’s goal is to help clients remember the tiny details of their weddings so they can look back on the day with a smile on their face for years to come.

2/ Event tent Music carnival

Thousands of music lovers gathered under a huge event dome to watch their favorite musicians perform. The sound system in the tent allows the music to reverberate throughout the venue, creating a powerful musical atmosphere. The audience jumped, cheered and shared an exciting night of music with their friends.

3/ Event tent Corporate event

event tents also play a key role for businesses. Product launches are held in a spacious tent to attract the attention of the media and customers. Inside the tent, display areas, stages and seating can be set up to display products and interact with customers. This professional venue provides an ideal environment for businesses to communicate information and make connections.

large wedding tent
event tent for Procter & Gamble
Wedding Tent in Chile

The luxury wedding tent can accommodate many guests

A large event tent can help the company promote itself smoothly

An elaborate band under a luxury outdoor tent

Case study of event tent

Event tents helps promote outdoor brands

SHELTER helped Procter & Gamble Indonesia install the 18-meter diameter luxury event dome tent in Space Senayan City as a meeting and promotion venue for branding. After the event, the tent is used for various activities.

The client’s logo is printed on the top cover of the event tent, making it an excellent advertising medium for a variety of meetings and events. This tent covers an area of more than 250 square meters and does not have any internal pillars. The spacious and bright hall can be flexibly arranged with facilities such as stage, floor system, theme decoration, ventilation and air conditioning system.

This project demonstrates the various possible applications of our event tent and the many benefits they provide. SHELTER is looking forward to sending its products to far corners of the world.

event tent for Procter & Gamble

P&g Indonesia promoted its products with a luxury event dome with a diameter of 18 meters


We sell shelter covers and tents for weddings and events . We also have all the tent accessories you might need, Including Cover Membrane, Structure, Moisture-proof, Radiation heat reflection coefficient, Clear PVC Split Piece Replaceable, Intelligent Device, etc.

The future outlook for custom event tents and dome tent house in the event industry is characterized by their  versatility, providing distinctive experiences for a wide array of occasions.  With ongoing evolution and innovation,  they are poised to excel in multiple crucial aspects.

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