Innovative and Multifunctional Outdoor Event Tent in Pakistan

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outdoor event tent | February 27, 2024
outdoor event tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2015
Built Duration:10 days

Outdoor Event Tent for Wedding

Tent Size:


gable tent



Outdoor Event Tent in Pakistan: Innovative Design Solutions | Shelter Structures

Project Background

Emerging Large Tent Rental Trend in Pakistan

In 2015, a customer from Pakistan approached us (Shelter Structures). He told us he had a field and was going to set up an outdoor event tent to rent as a field. Such event space rental has gradually become a trend for hosting medium and large events in the local area.

Tailored Outdoor Event Tent Solutions

The customer did not know what kind of outdoor event tent was suitable, which reflected our professionalism. The core concept of the design is to make the space cater to the needs of different users and different functions as much as possible, while creating a rich and interesting space atmosphere, so that people will not get bored even if they stay here for a long time.

After understanding the customer's needs in detail, we designed and built this 25x55m outdoor event tent for him. And provided some internal accessories, so that this outdoor event tent has been praised and satisfied by customers.

Why Choose Shelter Structures

The reason why customers choose us is not only our professionalism in outdoor event tent and durable event structures, but also because our service and cost-effective solutions make customers extremely satisfied.
A spacious and modern outdoor event tent transforms an ordinary grassy area into a luxury wedding venue, providing lighting for festive events at night.

outdoor event tent

Challenge & Solution

Customized Solutions Triumph Over Challenges

Before any project is proposed, our Shelter Structures team will conduct a detailed understanding of the needs of our customers, because one of our characteristics is the customization of services. In this project, it is the same, although we also experienced the customer's challenging requirements for us in the communication, we finally got a satisfactory solution.

Innovative Ground Solutions for Event Stability

During the project, we were informed that the client's site was a large garden, characterized by a relatively open perimeter and covered with grass. So, we made a few suggestions and asked the client.

Our first suggestion was to ask him if he would accept pressurized stone blocks on a pedestal outside the tent, one of our options for strengthening a solid tent structure. But in the end, the proposal was rejected because it was visually unsightly. But this is not difficult for us, because of our rich experience in activity projects. 

Therefore, we suggested that he build cement or hard platform in the activity area, so that the outdoor event tent built later can be better fixed and achieve long-term stability. In the end, the plan passed. The customer laid a large piece of hard ground, which will be more conducive to our expansion bolts fixed on the ground, to achieve a more stable fixing effect.

Expert Tent Size Recommendations for Large Gatherings

In addition, in the initial communication with the customer, because the customer did not know how much outdoor event tent he needed, he only told us that he needed 800-900 people such a tent structure. Especially in the eyes of many non-professional customers, the area of tent structure is measured by the number of people that can be accommodated as the standard. Of course, this is not difficult for us. According to our rich experience, we quickly recommended the area of outdoor event tent for them. After the final construction, it proved that our calculation was accurate and could meet the needs of customers.

Design Challenges Under Time Pressure

As far as this project is concerned, efficiency comes first, which comes from the real pressure of time. Under the condition that the design time is insufficient and the construction time is only 10 days, selecting a mature and fast construction system is the first task of the design work.

The project team first analyzed the area and developed a temporary building solution with a specific function, while the rest of the time was spent on actual construction. After comprehensive comparison, modular outdoor event tent system became our final choice. The cost-effective canopy tent structure is flexible and convenient, and its light and transparent temperament is in line with the spatial intent of the design.

wedding tent

Key Refurbishment Features

Size: 25*55*4m  outdoor wedding tent

Customized 112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.

850gsm PVC fabric

2 French windows per bay unit


Optimal Venue Dimensions for Outdoor Celebrations

A 1375 square meter space measuring 25 by 55 meters is perfect for outdoor tent weddings and luxury parties. In this space, the client has successfully held many outdoor weddings and witnessed the smooth progress of the client's rental business. The customer is very satisfied with our service.

Innovative Structural Design Emphasizing Functionality and Aesthetics

The square plane, the large-span structure, the pragmatic and rigorous volume form and the array of Windows and walls, while also responding to the industrial sense with modular and prefabricated doors and windows, express the integrity and artistry as much as possible in the facade design.

Multifunctional Transformation in Event Tent Architecture by Shelter Structures

The core of the project was to give an outdoor event tent a multi-functional nature, transforming an ordinary lawn into a place to promote social cooperation. Through this project, Shelter Structures pioneered a new type of building, where the role of the architect is not only to facilitate the change of the building structure, but also to facilitate the change of the scene and the people involved through constant creation and constant communication with the various participants.

"Our extensive experience as a bi-disciplinary team allows us to have a robust dialogue and debate around the design details and solutions of the project."   -- Head of design at Shelter Structures

outdoor event tent

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