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Home -- Blogs -- Revolutionize Industry: Temporary Workshop Buildings for On-Site Storage and Shelter

Revolutionize Industry: Temporary Workshop Buildings for On-Site Storage and Shelter

Zuhaa Lee

Zuhaa stands out for her expertise in digital innovation, transforming large tents into interactive and technologically advanced spaces.

Updated: April 19, 2024
Published: December 12, 2023


Having adequate on-site storage and shelter is critical for many businesses and industries. Whether you need extra space for equipment, materials, or staff, temporary workshop buildings provide a versatile and cost-effective solution. These relocatable structures can be installed quickly to meet a sudden demand or rented on a long-term basis when business needs change. With benefits like weather protection, security, customizability, and rapid deployment, temporary workshop buildings make an ideal supplementary workspace or storage facility. This article will explore what temporary workshop buildings are, why your business might require one, the key advantages they offer, and tips on selecting the right size to meet your needs.

warehouse arch tent

What Are Temporary Workshop Buildings?

Temporary workshop buildings are prefabricated structures designed to provide temporary on-site accommodation for storage, shelter, office space, or other commercial uses. They come in modular sections, allowing them to be transported and rapidly put together where needed. Temporary buildings have frames consisting of steel or aluminum supporting insulated wall and roof panels. Doors, windows, interior fittings, electricity, and heat can be incorporated as required. Demountable foundations mean the entire building can be dismantled and removed when no longer needed.

The Arch Series by Shelter Structures, meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs.

Span width

10.00m – 50.00m

Eave height


Ridge height

5.25m – 11.50m

Bay distance


Custom Color


Water Resistant


UV Coated


Flame Resistant


Custom Logo Printing


Clump weight


There are two main types of temporary workshop buildings:

  • Rental Buildings: As the name suggests, these are leased to the client for a set rental period. The supplier transports, installs, and later removes the building.
  • Relocatable Buildings: These are purchased by the client and can be repeatedly dismantled, moved, and rebuilt as required. The owner arranges transportation and installation.
9m (30ft) wide arch roof with extension gable in PGA US Tour
40x40 pole,wedding tent ,Temporary Buildings

Why Do Businesses Need Temporary Workshop Buildings?

Many complex situations create a clear need for businesses to invest in temporary workshop buildings, giving them expanded capacity and versatility. One major driver is fluctuating storage requirements. Industries like manufacturing, construction, and retail often see storage needs vary dramatically depending on current projects and seasonal sales trends. For example, a construction firm may accumulate vast materials and equipment on site during major projects, which declines once projects are wrapped up. Retailers similarly build enormous inventory stocks before busy holiday sales periods, which can leave excess capacity afterward.

  • Temporary workshop buildings provide an essential pressure release valve - the flexibility to rapidly expand storage onsite to accommodate peak demand without the need to permanently enlarge premises. The modular buildings can be rented short term or purchased at reasonable expense to add space, then dismantled and removed efficiently once extra capacity is no longer required. This saves considerable time and cost compared to permanent expansions that would leave sites oversized for normal ongoing operations.
  • Another driver is transitional phases like site redevelopments or premises relocations. Temporary workshop buildings maintain business operations by providing essential housing for equipment, staff, and regular activities, while permanent facilities are revamped or expanded. The continuity of having this supplementary accommodation prevents major disruptions to productivity. Once permanent new buildings or extensions are completed, the temporary infrastructure can then be dismantled and reused elsewhere or sold off.
  • Protecting expensive machinery, tools, and inventory from weather damage and security threats is equally important. Leaving assets exposed rather than providing weatherproof shelter tends to rapidly shorten the working lifespan of the equipment. Theft and tampering also become serious risks without secure storage onsite. Temporary workshop buildings offer an accessible and custom-fitted solution for shielding essential gear when working at sites lacking permanent infrastructure. They provide locking doors, resilient exteriors, and protected storage at reasonable expense.
  • For staff-intensive businesses, accommodating temporary expansions or contractions in personnel also creates dilemmas around amenities. Temporary workshop buildings can provide flexible additional arrangements for office areas, lunchrooms, changing facilities, washrooms, and other staff necessities. This avoids excessive strain on existing permanent facilities during periods of peak headcount before site upgrades can be planned and completed.

In essence, temporary workshop buildings empower businesses to cost-effectively scale facilities up or down to align with operational needs in flux. They remove pressure from permanent infrastructure while offering security, protection, and comfortable working conditions that match current priorities. For organizations facing variability in storage loads, development transitions, staffing, or equipment volumes, temporary buildings present an adaptable and practical asset.

40x140 pole tent
40x100 pole tent

The Benefits of Temporary Workshop Buildings as an On-Site Workshop and Shelter

Installing temporary workshop buildings onsite carries major advantages compared to permanent expansions or operating without suitable shelter and storage. Modular buildings can be delivered and installed with remarkable speed, allowing users to address urgent space shortages within days rather than waiting months for custom construction projects. This rapid deployment enables organizations to promptly accommodate growth, new contracts, seasonal inventory builds, or sudden equipment needs without costly delays.

  • Adaptability is another key benefit. Temporary buildings are inherently designed for recurrent modifications, expansions, and relocations as operational needs shift. Additional wall sections can be integrated to extend floor sizes. New modular blocks can be tacked on to add offices or storage bays. Interiors can be frequently reconfigured by moving walls, doors, and utilities. Entire buildings can be swiftly dismantled and reconstructed at new locales. This built-in flexibility saves tremendous time and capital compared to custom structural additions or modifications. It also eliminates the need to duplicate temporary buildings for each new application - one adaptable asset can serve a progression of uses.
  • Protection from harsh weather and security threats is no less important. Temporary buildings shield valuable equipment, goods, and tools from rain, wind, sun exposure, and temperature extremes that quickly cause wear, corrosion, and breakdowns. The sealed weatherproof design provides reliable shelter at a reasonably low investment. Lockable doors and windows also protect contents from tampering and theft, whereas open sites invite major asset loss and replacement expenses. For companies lacking permanent infrastructure, temporary buildings offer an accessible and customizable safe haven to preserve essential gear.
  • There are compelling cost advantages, too, when comparing temporary buildings to permanent construction projects. The structures can be rapidly rented at modest short-term rates scaled to current space deficiencies rather than overinvesting upfront in excess capacity. Relocatable buildings likewise have resale value after use instead of becoming redundant permanent fixtures. By only paying for the actual space and time duration needed, temporary solutions save heavily on both capital costs and operating expenses for electricity, maintenance, staffing, and taxes.

In summary, temporary modular buildings empower organizations to affordably scale facilities to align with changing needs. They enable rapid response, customization, weather protection, and controlled operating costs while avoiding wasted permanent investment. For any industry facing variable space, equipment, or inventory demands, temporary buildings bringing flexibility plus shelter Security offer a versatile and financially savvy asset. Their unique blend of responsiveness, expandability, and physical protection delivers tangible bottom-line benefits.

40x60 pole tent
40x120 pole tent

What Size Temporary Workshop Buildings Do You Need?

With temporary workshop buildings so readily customizable, a key consideration is determining the optimal dimensions and specifications for your needs. Here are some tips:

  • Analyze Current and Projected Needs
    Carefully assess how much storage capacity, staff occupancy, or workspace you require both immediately and projected into the near future. Allow room for growth to avoid duplicate efforts reinstalling larger buildings.
  • Plan Access and Maneuvering Areas
    Consider what vehicles, machinery, or workflow patterns need to access the interior to unload, work inside, or maneuver. Check ceilings are tall enough and doorways wide enough for anticipated activities.
  • Match Interior Fittings to Usage
    Determine which shelving systems, flooring types, amenities, power provisions, or climate control features are ideal for planned usage. Suppliers can recommend fitting types suiting applications from equipment maintenance to staff cafeterias.
  • Evaluate Transportation Constraints
    Module size limitations during transit establish the maximum dimensions for relocated buildings. Liaise with your temporary building supplier regarding module sizes that can reach your site. Modules can then be joined for larger floorplans if needed.
  • Seek Specialized Guidance
    Shelter Structures offers valuable insights into optimal specifications for different commercial applications, from construction site offices to industrial storage. Speaking to an advisor can ensure your temporary facility is designed for the purpose.

While temporary buildings offer outstanding versatility and customization, determining specifications aligned to your usage, site, and future needs is key to maximizing the benefits.

40x160 pole tent
40x60 pole tent


Adding temporary workshop buildings makes sense for many organizations needing flexible supplementary storage, shelter, or workspace. These relocatable structures offer rapid, budget-friendly deployment without costly permanent extensions. They provide security, amenities, and protection matched to users’ needs through customizable sizing and specifications. With sound planning around dimensions, access, fittings, and projected needs, temporary buildings solve storage, equipment, and staffing limitations for various industries. They represent an adaptable and easily expandable asset ready to scale up or down as operational needs change. For cost-effective, versatile site infrastructure that can shift alongside business demands, temporary buildings tick all the boxes.

40x160 pole tent
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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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