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Home -- Blogs -- What Are The Dimensions of Indoor Soccer Fields?

What Are The Dimensions of Indoor Soccer Fields?


Aaron's expertise in emergency response and safety protocols for large tent events makes him a go-to consultant for risk management strategies.

Published: May 29, 2024


Understanding the dimensions of an indoor soccer field is vital for designers, players, and managers. This guide provides the essential measurements for these fields, exploring size variations for different competition levels and their practical applications. Learn how these dimensions can significantly affect gameplay and how SHELTER's Clear Span Tents offer flexible solutions to meet these varied needs, enhancing any indoor sports environment.

Layout and Size for Indoor Soccer Fields

Indoor soccer fields, known for enhancing the quick-paced nature of the sport, have specific dimensions that cater to a fast game and skillful maneuvering. At SHELTER, we meticulously design these fields to foster high-energy play that requires rapid decision-making and precision.

Layout And Size For Indoor Soccer Fields

Recommended Dimensions:

  • Length: Approximately 61 meters (200 feet)
  • Width: Approximately 26 meters (85 feet)
Variations in field size are subject to regional rules and the level of play. For example, the guidelines from the Ohio High School Soccer Association suggest alternative proportions to accommodate different play styles and age groups.

Variable Dimensions:

  • Length Range:
    • Minimum: 43 meters (140 feet)
    • Maximum: 64 meters (210 feet)
  • Width Range:
    • Minimum: 18 meters (60 feet)
    • Maximum: 27 meters (90 feet)
Players' safety and experience remain paramount in our design process. The layout is crafted not just for strategic play but also with players' well-being in mind, ensuring that every match is enjoyed in a safe, controlled environment regardless of the weather outside. By setting a clear separation between gameplay and logistics, indoor soccer fields foster a focused atmosphere where every pass counts and every move can turn the game. This attention to detail in design and layout specifications underlines our commitment to delivering optimal playing conditions.

Indoor Soccer Field Dimensions of Various Usage

Designing indoor soccer fields requires careful consideration of space for versatile gameplay. The U.S. Indoor soccer Association suggests specific dimensions for a standard field: a length of approximately 56 meters (185 feet), ensuring extra space behind goals, and a width of around 23 meters (75 feet), inclusive of areas for benches and spectators. The playing area also requires a minimum height of 6 meters (20 feet) to cater to turf sports. Here’s a detailed of indoor soccer field dimensions :
Purpose of Use Length (meters/feet) Width (meters/feet) Height (meters/feet)
U.S. Indoor Soccer Standard 56 m / 185 ft 23 m / 75 ft Minimum 6m / 20 ft
Youth Soccer 43-64 m / 140-210 ft 18-27 m / 60-90 ft ---
Various Indoor Soccer Types

At SHELTER, we understand that indoor soccer fields must cater to a range of uses, from youth leagues to professional futsal, each requiring specific dimensions for optimal play. Our commitment is to deliver fields that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards, ensuring every game is played in a space designed for peak performance and spectator enjoyment.

Futsal Field Standards Dimensions:

  • Length: 91 to 119 meters (100 to 130 yards)
  •  Width: 46 to 91 meters (50 to 100 yards)

These measurements align with FIFA's Laws of the Game, providing the precise environment for futsal matches where skill and strategy are paramount.

Youth and Amateur Soccer Dimensions:

  • Standard Size: 61 meters by 26 meters (200 feet by 85 feet)

By adhering to the Official Rules of Indoor Soccer, we assure a consistent, high-quality experience for the next generation of soccer talent and amateur enthusiasts alike.

Multi-Sport Conversion Dimensions:

  • Hockey Rink Match: 61 meters by 26 meters (200 feet by 85 feet)

Through precise engineering and a deep understanding of sports dynamics, SHELTER's indoor soccer fields serve as the battleground for thrilling sportsmanship and the forging of champions. Our dedication to the game's spirit and the athletes' needs shapes every design, ensuring each indoor soccer field stands as a testament to the sport's enduring legacy and evolving future.

Indoor Soccer Field Dimensions Compared to Other Sports

According to the International Football Association Board (IFAB), indoor soccer fields are also known as futsal courts. Indoor soccer fields span 110 to 120 yards in length and 70 to 80 yards in width. This size is smaller than the standard American football field, which extends 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide.

Dimension Comparison Table

We present a table to illustrate the size differences between indoor soccer fields and other sports fields:

SportLength (yards)Width (yards)
Indoor Soccer Field110 to 120110 to 120
American Football Field12053.3
Standard Outdoor Soccer Field100 to 13050 to 100
Under-6 Soccer Field25 to 3515 to 25

Advantages of Clear Span Tents in Indoor Soccer Fields

Clear span tent is a temporary or semi-permanent structure used to accommodate a football field large enough. Clear span tents offer several advantages for indoor soccer fields, making them an excellent choice for sports facilities. Here are some of the key benefits:

Clear Span Tents In Indoor Soccer Fields

Expansive Space for Play: Indoor soccer field benefit from the spacious design of clear span tents. The open-span structure eliminates internal columns, offering uninterrupted space. This is ideal for soccer, a sport requiring extensive room for player movement and game setup.

Efficient Setup and Breakdown: Indoor soccer field match values the efficiency of clear span tents. Teams can quickly set up these tents for games or practices and dismantle them afterward. This feature proves essential for events scheduled back-to-back or needing quick changes.

Strong and Durable Construction: Indoor soccer field ensures player and spectator safety with the durable steel construction of clear span tents. Steel stands strong against harsh weather, making the indoor soccer environment safer during storms.

Versatility Through Customization: Indoor soccer field customizes clear span tents for specific needs. Teams can choose the size, layout, and additional features to fit their requirements. While customization might affect costs, the overall investment often leads to savings due to fewer structural supports needed.

Table: Features of Clear Span Tents

Uninterrupted SpaceAllows full use of area for sports
Quick Setup and DismantlingIdeal for time-sensitive events
Durable Steel ConstructionProvides safety and longevity
Customization OptionsAdapts to specific needs of the team

Indoor soccer field recognizes clear span tents as a flexible and durable option for indoor soccer facilities. These tents offer expansive space, swift setup capabilities, and robust construction. Despite potential variability in costs due to customization, the benefits of adopting clear span tents make them a valuable choice for enhancing sports environments.


Grasping indoor soccer field dimensions is crucial for anyone involved in the design, planning, or utilization of sports facilities. This comprehensive guide offers detailed insights into the required sizes for different levels of play and the advantages of adaptable spaces like SHELTER's Clear Span Tents. Such knowledge ensures the creation of functional and dynamic sports venues suitable for both local leagues and international competitions.

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