Sustainable Ice Arena Design for Sports Center

If you are running a sports center that includes different sports facilities like ice skating, football, basketball, volleyball etc.. We would suggest you build the frame tent structures as the arena. Shelter offers a cost-effective arena building solution for a sports complex. Our client appreciated the design and started running the ice rink in a short time. The ice rink is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy frame and waterproof PVC fabric. This ice rink is strong enough to face the 120km/h wind load and the 650g/sqm PVC fabric has the perfect performance of rainproof. What’s more, the double-layer glass wall is the highlight of the whole building. Compare with normal glass wall, the thermal insulation properties have been increased by double-glass. Thus the additional refrigeration cost could be reduced. At the same time, the guest could enjoy the excellent view from inside the zone.

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