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Home -- Blogs -- How to Use Shade Structures to Provide Pool Shade

How to Use Shade Structures to Provide Pool Shade


Aaron's expertise in emergency response and safety protocols for large tent events makes him a go-to consultant for risk management strategies.

Updated: April 18, 2024
Published: April 12, 2024


Summer is coming soon, and pool shade has become the top priority for many swimmers. Adding shade structures cannot only effectively cool the swimming pool. Moreover, some shade structures allow you to enjoy swimming in all seasons. In addition to reducing the heat caused by sunlight, shade structures have many other advantages. You can learn more about the value of shade structures in pool shade by reading the full article. And learn about what products are available for pool shade:

Advantages of Shade Structures For Swimming Pools:

1. Increase the shaded area for outdoor activities:

Shade structures can shade pools, patio furniture around your pool, and even public facilities. Lowering the overall space temperature allows you to enjoy a comfortable temperature while swimming and resting and avoid excessive temperature differences between the water and the shore. It can improve the swimming experience in all aspects.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 1

2. Prevent water quality from being damaged:

We all know that contact with animals and plants is inevitable in a completely open space. Whether it's dead leaves or animal droppings, it can ruin your mood for swimming. The shade structure not only protects the swimming pool from high temperatures from direct sunlight. Another essential function is to prevent foreign objects from falling into the water and polluting the swimming pool's water quality. Retractable Enclosures will do better because they can be made into fully enclosed swimming pool covers. It is difficult for even a grain of sand to fall into the swimming pool.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 2
Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 3

3. Not afraid of bad weather:

Some shade structures, such as Retractable Enclosures, can be fully enclosed and open when the weather is good. Retractable Enclosures allow you to enjoy the natural wind and warm sunlight when open. When the weather is terrible, it starts to rain or windy outside. Retractable Enclosures close in minutes and provide a near-indoor swimming pool experience.

4. Protect you from UV damage:

In addition to the effects of high temperatures, the sun produces high-intensity ultraviolet rays. Water is not a good UV filter; UVA and UVB can penetrate a 30cm thick layer of clear water. Therefore, UV rays are more easily absorbed in water. They can invisibly damage your skin, so it is essential to add UV-resistant shading fabrics. For example, PVC Fabric connected through structures and cables can reduce 99% of ultraviolet rays and effectively transmit light.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 4
Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 5

5. Increase the overall aesthetics:

We all know that architectural design pays attention to the overall style and beauty. Therefore, the outdoor swimming pool is also essential to the overall landscape. There are many different types of shade structures. You can choose the most suitable shade structures to embellish your swimming pool according to the style of your house or garden. Enhance the entire outdoor space's high-end feel and highlight your design taste.

Here Are Some Of The Best Shade Structure Types for Pool Shade:

Retractable Enclosures

Retractable Enclosure is a retractable aluminum alloy Shade structure. Retractable Enclosures Composed of high-strength aluminum alloy and PC board. The Retractable Enclosure can be moved as a whole and flexibly formed into a closed or fully open space. The aluminum alloy material can effectively prevent corrosion in humid environments, and our specially treated PC boards can effectively block 99% of ultraviolet rays. The Retractable Enclosure refers to the 'Clear Span' design concept and has a super-span column-free design. Let Retractable Enclosure effectively cover the swimming pool and the entertainment and leisure spaces around the swimming pool. The following are several everyday Retractable Enclosure products:

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 6

Single slope series:


The single-slope series of Retractable Enclosure has a simple and beautiful shape and is very conducive to drainage, effectively avoiding water accumulation on the top of the Retractable Enclosure.


The single-slope series of Retractable enclosures has a blunt triangle shape, which is unsuitable for narrow-width swimming pools.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 7

Multi-slope series:


The shape of the Retractable Enclosure's multi-slope series is closer to a rectangular parallelepiped, which can create a larger indoor space with less material and is suitable for swimming pools of various sizes.


Due to its complex configuration, the material cost will be higher, and the installation will be more difficult.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 8

Flat top series:


Since no columns exist on both sides, an openable space can be quickly built based on the existing building. And there's no extra styling, making it suitable for most people's aesthetics.


It is very demanding on construction sites and is generally only suitable for places with fixed buildings, such as rooftops, shopping malls, and other areas with atrium buildings.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 9

Retractable Shade Canopies

Retractable Shade Canopies are generally built around the swimming pool. They are entirely composed of aluminum alloy shade structures and shade fabric. This approach requires on-site solid construction capabilities to fix the columns effectively. The ceiling usually adopts an electric shading system that can be opened and closed, and blackout fabric is used to reduce temperature and ultraviolet rays. Roofs generally have slopes to provide adequate drainage.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 10

Because the frame adopts an overall fixed structure, the cost will be lower than that of Retractable Enclosure. Tarps also provide more effective insulation.


Retractable Shade Canopies can only be built in semi-enclosed and fully enclosed forms since the frame cannot be moved. Unlike retractable enclosures, they cannot be transformed at will.


Cantilevers are another option for Shade structures. Cantilevers generally use Shade structures with a single support structure on one side. Support posts must be driven into the pool's cement base to ensure stability. A horizontal canopy structure extends from these vertical support columns over the pool. PVC membrane structures generally provide sufficient tension and shading effects for the ceiling.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 11

Cantilevers are more straightforward to build than Retractable Shade Canopies. Because the components are simple, the cost can be further reduced.


Cantilevers must destroy the ground for construction. These shade structures can only provide semi-enclosed spaces. Leaves blowing in the wind can still contaminate your swimming pool.

Shade Sail

Shade Sail is an effective means of shading. These Shade Sails are UV-resistant and can be made from different fabric materials. The best thing about shade sails is that they come in many sizes and can even be customized down to the foot. To accommodate different pool sizes. Some shade sails even have pre-attached ropes for easy installation and temporary use. You can choose better thermal insulation materials according to the temperatures in different regions or even increase the number of Shade Sails to enhance the pool's thermal insulation and UV resistance.

If you need to choose the right size and shape of a shade sail for your pool:

  • 1. Consider the area covered and the sun's angle at your location.
  • 2. Install sturdy poles or posts around the pool at appropriate intervals.
  • 3. Make sure the shade sail is firmly anchored to the ground.
Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 12

The shade sail setting is very flexible. You can combine shade sails of different shapes to improve the heat insulation effect. It is also the most cost-effective among all swimming pool shade products. Unique and personalized combinations can also highlight your taste.


Shade sails cannot form a closed area. In addition, because they have no fixed structure, their performance in bad weather could be better than that of other shade structures.


A gazebo can provide complete shade for some small swimming pools as a temporary shade structure solution. However, once the width exceeds 20 feet, we recommend choosing Retractable Enclosures with an entire column structure.

But a Gazebo is also very suitable for swimming pools in better-shaded environments, such as those already covered by plants and houses. Only one direction is still exposed to sunlight. A gazebo can be placed next to the pool as a Shade structure, creating a comfortable shaded area for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying drinks with family and friends.

Traditional pavilions are built with posts and beams of wood or metal. Wood is prone to rot when used in a humid pool environment, and metal structure posts are prone to rust. Now, you can choose a Gazebo made of aluminum alloy, which is lighter and easier to build. But it is more robust and can effectively resist wind. At the same time, the integrated design can make your home more modern. They provide shade for the pool and are a perfect place to rest and relax even better with a lounge chair and a good book.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 13

Due to its stable structure, the gazebo can be used as a temporary building, using its own building area to block part of the sun. At the same time, It is an excellent leisure place to rest and relax after swimming.


Gazebos cannot effectively shade large-area swimming pools. If you need good shading and cooling effects, it is recommended that you choose the previous everyday shading products.


The Pergola was originally a garden shade structure, allowing climbing plants to grow to provide a natural shading effect. It is usually open-roofed and supported by pillars or pillars, providing a shaded area for outdoor activities. Regarding its differences from similar structures, the Pergola is not a shading product in the traditional sense. Instead, it is more of a symbol of shadowed areas in the architectural realm. It usually creates a natural, comfortable, and relaxing occasion.

You can place the Pergola on the side in direct sunlight, like a Gazebo. A pergola uses physical shading (climbing plants or additional tarpaulins) to provide ambient shade and just the right amount of filtered light, making It another good choice for pool shade.

Shade Structures To Provide Pool Shade 14

The advantages of a pergola are similar to a gazebo. It can be used as a temporary building to use its building area to block part of the sun. And because it can combine climbing plants and physical shade curtains, Pergola is a more natural way of shading.


A pergola cannot effectively shelter large-area swimming pools. Because its top shape is open, its waterproofing ability could be better than that of a Gazebo.


In addition to effectively providing pool shade, Shade structures have many practical functions and advantages. The shade structure offers practical, functional value, such as cooling and UV protection. It can also create a space for outdoor leisure activities. Join your family and enjoy the sun on the water. Then, talk, relax, and drink with family and friends in a comfortable, shady area. Whether you're looking for a lightweight solution like a shade sail or a more permanent option like a pergola, you have various options today.

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