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Shelter Structures specializes in the fabric structures with aluminum frame, of which the products can range from event shelters, sports arena covers, industrial buildings as well as the military tents. No matter involved in any above sectors, one of the great features lies in the comprehensive customization.

The word customization and the concepts of customization are mentioned or can be seen on others’ websites in the same niche. However, when you need to customize on specific elements, they are not likely to achieve. For a simple example, when the eave height needs to be of 6.5m, you are very likely to get the offer with 6m height. Why is that? It is pretty simple that the manufacturer would like to reduce the cost, and it is probably that they have the 6m column as standard unit length. It can result in a lower price on their offer which they think is competitive.

The above is just a small example and with assumption, the most important factor is, at Shelter Structures, customer satisfaction is one of the key for our success, we can achieve fully customization for our customers’ requirements.

Let’s take a look at how to start your design and what can be customized.

How to customization


Understanding the Project Requirements

The first step in the customization process is that we need to have comprehensive understanding of the requirements in your specific project. This includes that you determine the specific purpose of the shelters, whether it’s for industrial storage use, temporary building for retailing purpose, event for a ceremony, or any other specific uses. Your requirements that we care about, can be related to different aspects, such as your budget of the projects, the urgent level of your projects and more, which can also inform us during the pre-sales period.

The more clear of your definition and explanation can result in more comprehensive understanding and we can offer recommendations to the areas where you have not thought about and to consider for you during the design process. On the other hand, it allows us not to exceed your expectation, to make it “fit for purpose”.

Essential Information for Tailored Solutions

To start the design and proceed with our quotation effectively, providing crucial project information plays a pivotal role. That’s the process that shows the attitude of our responsibility for your project. We need the essential information including:

– The geographical location where the shelters will be erected. Knowing this, we are able to check the weather conditions in your local area, such as historical max wind, snow and rains. It greatly helps us to determine the snow, wind and rain load for our structures, more specifically, to determine the size of our metal profiles and to have the understanding from other aspects how we can enhance our structures to withstand your local weather. 

– The ground surface where our shelters will be erected. The insight into the ground surface and terrain type can make us determine what anchoring methods need to be matched in our solution. For example, for the normal cases, expansion bolting anchoring (directly into the ground) is the perfect way for concrete and asphalt ground; while the steel bar kits are for the soft ground like grass. In order to know these, it ensures the necessary structural specifications for a secure and reliable installation. 

– The period of shelter usage. The main determination for this is to understand whether is for temporary use, semi-permanent use or permanent use. It reflects the level of enhancing the shelters. For example, for permanent use, more purlins and/ or more cross cables are very likely to be added on the roof and side walls; as well as thicker and larger metal profiles are going to be used.

– Extra needs for versatility of the shelters. Knowing this, it will lead to more info for us in terms of recommending and designing necessary amenities and features for your shelter. For instance, if your shelter aims to be the sports facilities cover, and needing more natural lights during the daytime, our translucent PVC roofing can perfectly achieve the goal. Another example can be, if your shelter serves as the industrial operation warehouse, needing the access of operational vehicles, such as forklifts, large industrial vehicles, a sufficient roller door will be designed for your needs.

– The size of your field. The obvious feature of our shelters is the flexibility. They are not only flexible in relocation but also flexible in combination of different shapes. The shape here, means the length and width can be various, in most of the cases, according to the size of your field. For example, you need a 2500 square meter shelter for warehouse & storage. Our shelters can be designed as 50x50m or 25x100m. Therefore, knowing the size of your field is extremely important for us to have the accurate size design.

Output designing documents and offers

After the comprehensive understanding of your projects and all the info, now our engineering team works on the designing process. We have strict designing process, and including general solution design, structural design, detailed segments design, design output and feedback, design modification, then to final output along with our offers.

What can be customized

At Shelter Structures, we are confident to say that we have our structures fully customization for your needs.

– We can tailor the size of your shelters, in very detailed sizes.

– The roofing and side wall materials, with PVC, metal cladding, ABS side wall package and more; These can be customized in extreme details, such as the types of PVC, 850g/sqm or 650g/sqm.

– Alu profile sizes.

– Amenities, like door packages, windows, ventilation systems, flooring, lighting and more.

– Anchoring methods.

– Foundations.

– Components, including components materials.

– Structural design. Such as clearspan internal structures, or gable side without columns etc.

– More.

All our customization is according to your needs, as the customers. Fit for purpose is always our philosophy of serving. We do not add on unnecessary elements for customers, nor reduce elements for cheaper price. Shelter Structures never compromises the quality and forever put customers’ specific needs in priority. Fully customization is available from us, we are committed to delivering tailor-made solutions, empowering you to achieve your project goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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