How To Select Fabric Roofing For Industrial Buildings

warehouse fabric roofting

When selecting fabric roofing for industrial fabric buildings, businesses always get confused about what roofing shall be selected. It depends on what kind of assets are you storing or what usage of your fabric buildings; it also depends on your understanding of the specific needs and requirements of different applications; moreover, it as well as depends on you know the benefits of the possible roofing.

The roof of a fabric building plays a vital role in ensuring the overall functionality, durability, and performance of the structure. For fabric buildings in industrial environments, the roof has become an even more critical component. At Shelter Structures, roofing can be customized according to specific needs, but can be separated into 3 types: soft roofing, hard roofing and inflatable roofing.

The soft roofing can be indicated as PVC fabric roofing, and the hard roofing can be seen as color-coated steel composite panel roofing, while the inflatable roofing is utilizing air pressure into the fabric roof panels. In this article, we mainly talk about how to select fabric roofing for industrial buildings. 

So what are the features, benefits and application of the different roofing? Let’s dive into the details for your better understanding.

Characteristics of industrial buildings considering roofing

fabric roofing

Industrial buildings indicate the buildings in the industrial fields, such as industrial storage warehouses, industrial operational facilities, agricultural storage, constructional shelters, and other storage and operational buildings in industrial scenarios. Considering roofing for industrial buildings, they have various characteristics, such as strict weather protection, insulation function for partial industries and natural light integration.

PVC fabric roofing

Among the various roofing options available, PVC fabric roofing is widely used for their distinct properties and suitability for diverse industrial applications. PVC fabric roofing refers to the roofing system made from Polyvinyle Chloride fabric material. PVC acts as the coating layer on fabric to provide extra protection features, such as water resistance, anti-UV, fire retardant and abrasion resistance. At Shelter Structures, PVC fabric is not the only choice but a standard option. 

PVDF and PTFE roofing can also be selected and customized. PVDF fabric stands for Polyvinylidene fluoride, which has higher performance than PVC fabric, as well as long-term durability; while PTFE fabric stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene which is another material used in soft roofing, known for its high tensile strength, extreme durability and resistance to extreme temperature. In this article, we will focus on our standard PVC fabric roofing.

Types Of Fabric Roofing

From the types of our PVC fabric roofing, it can be divided into blackout PVC roof panels, translucent PVC roof panels and transparent PVC roof panels, depending on the sprcific requirements of the applications.  

Blackout PVC roofing, characterized by its light-blocking properties, is particularly suitable for industries requiring complete darkness or minimal light exposure. This type of roofing is often selected for light-sensitive goods warehousing, storage units, and production plants where light control is essential for product preservation, light-sensitive operations, or specific manufacturing processes.

Translucent PVC roofing, which has the light diffusion features, can make the natural light penetrating into the inside of the fabric buildings. It can result in sustainability by reducing the artificial lighting, and allowing the inside for a brighter natural light storing/ working environment. Industrial scenarios such as agriculture, hangars, horticulture, and daytime-opening operational facilities often benefit from the use of translucent PVC roofing, as it allows for the diffusion of natural light.

Speaking of transparent PVC roofing, while offering excellent light transmission, may not be suitable for all industrial applications. Considering for the industrial environments where needs UV protection, heat insulation, or privacy are essential, transparent PVC roofing might not be the ideal choice. Industries with sensitive materials, equipment, or operations that require controlled environmental conditions are advised for other roofing options to ensure the desired level of protection. Instead, under scenarios of events, total transparent PVC roofing is used more often in order to create the aesthetics feelings.

Functions And Benefits Of Shelter Structures PVC Fabric Roofing

Heat reflection and insulation

Shelter Structures PVC fabric roofing systems are not simply composed of PVC panels. Our PVC panels are with special treatments. For example, our standard 850g/sqm PVC achieves M2 fire retardant standard which is used in some European countries, especially in France, for evaluating the fire resistance of materials which is to be a high level of fire retardancy.

Back to the point of heat reflection, Shelter Structures PVC fabric roofing systems can repel the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, providing the full protection especially for your sensitive stored goods, such as electronics of your equipment, or paint jobs of your vehicles etc. With our standard white color PVC, heat can be again effectively reflected out of our buildings, for example, providing the protection for the personnel from exposure under the sun. For this reason, many of our customers had been able to improve their operational efficiency and have no worries about their stored goods.  

For additional insulation, our PVC fabric roofing provides more options. The typical insulation method is with the double layer PVC roofing. We use double layers of PVC fabric, in between attaching of rock wool/ foam aluminum foil/ other materials in order to get the better insulated environment. All of these are aiming for the better protection in storage and industrial operations.

Better durability against external elements

Our PVC roofing system can better withstand severe external weather conditions. For example, if you are concerned about water leakage, we will add an additional layer of waterproof cover fabric in the gaps of the PVC panels to prevent water from leaking from the gaps. If you are worried about snow accumulation on the roof, our patented technology ensures that the PVC tarpaulin is fully tensioned. Additionally, by reinforcing the purlins to enhance the load-bearing capacity of our industrial structures, they are more sturdy under harsh weathers. According to your specific requirements, we facilitate easier snow shedding from the roof and ensure a sturdier structures.

When selecting the most suitable fabric roofing for industrial buildings, it is essential to assess the specific requirements of the application, including light control, UV protection, insulation, and structural integrity. To speak more in depth about the benefits that our fabric buildings can provide for you in industrial scenarios, contact Shelter Structures today. When you do, we’ll be happy to design the perfect solution for your operational needs.

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