How To Compare Industrial Marquee Quotes

Shelter Structures is the international brand for aluminum structure buildings, providing marquee solutions for events, sports, industrial storage and more. We have been quoting hundreds of thousands of quotations to clients in global range. As a common sense, majority of the clients compare the quotes from different suppliers. But how to correctly and effectively compare marquee quotes, especially for those large marquees, in industrial use. If you don’t know the industry terminology and the significant factors that influence pricing, this can be a risk.

In this article, we provide all the necessary factors, from the point of view of a professional supplier, for you to understand what are the main points that make the price vary a lot, from the basic specifications to the hidden expenses that you may not notice.

Check the basic industrial marquee specifications

In the quotes of any industrial marquees, specifications are definitely listed, whether the description is short or long. Some suppliers list the specifications of the industrial marquees as the whole solution, the other ones list it in details. At Shelter Structures, we always list them in detail for the clients’ better understanding. No matter in which form, the industrial marquee quote should include the below:

– Marquee size (width/ length/ height)

– Material in use (steel or alu or other materials, roof material and side wall material etc.)

– Main profile size

– Type of the structure (for example, A frame/ Polygon/ TFS etc.)

– Types of doors

– Types of amenities and/ or accessories

– Delivery and installation

How To Compare Industrial Marquee Quotes

There may be a common experience that you, as a client, receive a quote which is very cheap, in the same time, cheaper than the marquee quotes from several other suppliers. This situation is very likely to happen, especially during the fair. I clearly remembered that once my client told me that he received the very cheap price in a trading fair compared to mine. As checked, the supplier quoted him with a smaller profile size. 

This is just an example, if you don’t look out for these hidden points, the marquee quotes that you received may be not accurate and once it erects in reality, the issues from the industrial marquees would be big headache for you. So let’s take a look at how to compare these industrial marquee quotes.

1. Structural Engineering


An industrial marquee will have different shapes/ forms/ types. The different types are engineered and quoted for different purposes. For example, in snowy areas, TFS or peach-shaped/ curve-shaped roofing marquees can have better snow load than those with A frames. So these curve-shaped marquees are likely to be quoted, and they are more expensive than those with A frames.

Moreover, an industrial marquee can be quoted with different materials, mainly alu or steel structures, depending on the application scenarios and weather conditions. Steel structures are more for permanent use which have more sturdy construction to withstand more harsh weathers; while alu structures are used more for industrial temporary or semi-permanent use which have the flexibility for erection and relocation.

Detailed difference will not be compared here, however, for your understanding, under the same size and talking about material costs, steel structures should be cheaper than alu structures.

2. Profile Sizes

Profile sizes matter a lot in marquee prices. They can be seen as length x width x thickness, indicating in mm or cm. Different profile sizes can have the different result in the stability of the structures under harsh weather conditions. Smaller profile size in quoting, sometimes may result in severe consequences after erection; while bigger profile size may lead to more expensive prices. 

To make an accurate quote of using appropriate profile sizes, precise calculation from the engineering team, together with the mechanical reports are necessary for your industrial marquees. The core point is that the profile size is matching with the local weather condition.

Shelter Structures specializes in alu structures, and the standard max length of the alu profile length can reach 420mm, with precise structural design, our marquees can withstand the wind of 200km/h.

3. Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are vital in the quote of industrial marquees. There are various roofing, commonly can be seen as fabric and metal cladding roofing. Take fabric roofing as the example, 850g/sqm and 650g/sqm PVC can vary a lot in price for large industrial marquees; while different fabrics can also have impact on the prices, like PVDF fabric is the more expensive alternative for PVC fabric roofing, in the same time, with better quality and attribution as well.

4. Amenities And Accessories In Use

Sometimes the same-size and same-material marquees will have different quotes. It is very probably because of the amenities and accessories in use are different. For example, door packages, stacking doors, roll-up doors and sliding doors with rails have pricing difference. Sometimes, suppliers quote you other accessories, like the lighting system, but the other one may not include it. We recommend you always checking additional amenities and accessories in your industrial marquee quotes.

5. Engineering Certificate

The bestway to make sure your industrial marquees follows the rules is to get your plans and quotes from a marquee company you trust. This way, all the important engineering checks are already done. At Shelter Structures, we give you the plans and quotes which comply with international standards and with full sets of engineering certificates.

Some quotes might not have this cost included, so make sure you’re comparing quotes that do, or don’t have it. A quote that includes this step will be more expensive.

6. Guarantees And Warranties

An industrial marquee is a big investment so it’s extremely important to have the guarantees and warranties on your marquee. Please do remember to ask your marquee suppliers for detailed guarantees. If any issues happened, the guarantee will safeguard you.

At Shelter Structures, our marquee alu frame is of 10 years of guarantee and fabric roofing is of 3 years. Additionally, we design each marquee to comply with the specific standard in your country.

Now you know the basic rules of how to compare your industrial marquee quotes. If you still have more questions, welcome to contact us for your customized industrial marquees.

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