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Home -- Blogs -- High Peak Tent VS Pole Tent: Which One to Choose?

High Peak Tent VS Pole Tent: Which One to Choose?


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Updated: April 12, 2024
Published: April 11, 2024
You want to host a party, or you want to rent a booth at the farmers market. Facing the erratic weather, need a shelter, but can’t get started with numerous tents? This article conducts a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the two mainstream tents on the market, high peak tent and pole tent, and discusses multiple dimensions such as structural stability, ease of construction, and price factors, aiming to find the one that suits you best. Aim to find a tent that suits your needs.

Introduction to High Peak Tents

What is a High Peak Tent

Compared with pole tents, high peak tents have a more complex structure, with a tall spire at the top. These spires are supported by a central truss and surrounding support frames. This design makes the tent look more elegant, gorgeous and conspicuous, and also provides a larger interior space. The unique shape of the spire is more suitable for some formal activities or occasions. Such as weddings, celebrations, festivals, parties and other outdoor events.
High Peak Tent

Features and Advantages of High Peak Tents

  1. Elegant appearance

The most outstanding advantage of High peak tent is its gorgeous and elegant appearance. The design of the small spire is a little more unique than the pole tent, and the graceful curve on the top adds a bit of a festive atmosphere. Many customers who buy it are interested in its appearance, which can add a unique temperament to various more formal occasions (weddings, banquets and parties...).
  1. Affordable option

Compared with transparent frame tents, high peak tents show significant advantages in cost control with their unique side open design. This design simplifies the overall structure of the tent and reduces reliance on complex support frames. The sides do not need to be closed, so the amount of fabric used can be reduced during the production process, which not only reduces the overall weight of the tent, but also further reduces manufacturing costs.
  1. Stability

High peak tent vs pole tent is more stable. Its peaked design not only adds to the aesthetics, but also functionally helps guide rainwater to flow down smoothly and reduce water accumulation, thus reducing the risk of damage to the tent structure caused by water accumulation. High-pointed tents are usually equipped with reinforcement devices at the connection parts, such as bolts and fasteners. The processing of these details further enhances the overall stability of the tent, allowing the high-pointed tent to maintain good wind and rain resistance in adverse weather conditions.
  1. Wide range of applications

High peak tent vs pole tent is more suitable for various formal and semi-formal occasions, including but not limited to weddings, banquets, festivals, etc. Its elegant appearance and high stability make it useful in a variety of situations.

Uses and Scenarios for High Peak Tents

Imagine that you long for a unique memory at a wedding, 18-year-old ceremony, or baby shower. If you hope that the camera can record this beautiful and happy moment, then the high peak tent is the best decoration; in commercial activities such as commercial exhibitions, product launches, trade fairs, etc., the high peak tent will make you stand out among the many booths, attract more audiences and customers; during the celebration, high peak tent provides you with a celebration performance stage, food stalls, and handicraft display areas to add a joyful atmosphere to the festival.

Limitations or Considerations when choosing High Peak Tents

High peak tents require more space to set up, especially the top spire, which requires sufficient height. You must ensure that the site has enough space to accommodate the size and height of the tent. If you are in a windy area, you should consider it carefully. The maximum wind force it can withstand is 80km/h. Because of its open design on all sides, it can only provide a certain degree of shelter from wind and rain.

Introduction to Pole Tents

What is a Pole Tent

Pole tent is composed of vertical support columns. These lines are usually distributed in a radial pattern. It is a classic and practical shelter solution for outdoor activities. The height is moderate and can vary depending on the size and design of the tent. In windy weather, ropes will also be used for diagonal fixation. Its simple structure and affordability provide a venue for most activities, such as sporting events, farmers' markets, corporate events and exhibitions, and are now an integral part of various outdoor activities.
High Peak Tents

Features and Advantages of Pole Tents

  1. Easy to build

The construction process of pole tents is relatively simple and requires less manpower and time, which means cost savings can also be achieved in terms of human resources and rental equipment. Making it an ideal choice for outdoor events or temporary facilities with limited budget but stable functional needs.
  1. Wide applicability

Since there is no towering top structure, it can be easily set up in sites with low roofs or limited space. It can be installed on almost any surface, and if wind protection is required, you can choose to add cables or place weights at key support points.
  1. Affordable

Pole tent vs high peak tent, pole tent, with its simple and efficient design concept, reduces complex parts and connection points, thereby simplifying the production process. In short-term activities, temporary shelters or camping trips with a limited budget, pole-top tents meet the basic needs of a wide range of users with their economical features.
  1. Light and easy to carry

Pole tent vs high peak tent, which is small in size after folding and can be easily stored in the storage space of a backpack or vehicle. Due to its simple structure, it does not require a large number of heavy support frames, making it more convenient to carry and move.

Uses and Scenarios for Pole Tents

Pole tents are often used as shelter facilities for stalls in bustling markets, fairs and trade fairs. Because it is not only economical and affordable, but also provides stall owners with protection from sun and rain, while protecting the goods from damage and providing customers with a comfortable shopping environment.
In some sports events, pole tents are also used as registration entrances, auditoriums, athlete rest areas and media centers, providing shelter and resting places for spectators and staff.

Limitations or Considerations when choosing Pole Tents

The sides of the pole tent are open, which means privacy protection is relatively poor. If a higher degree of privacy is required, add additional shelter or choose a different type of tent.
When choosing a pole tent, local climate characteristics should be taken into consideration. Under extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, heavy rain, sandstorms, etc., the stability of the pole tent is low. To prevent losses, it is recommended to fold the tent.

Comparison of High Peak Tents and Pole Tents

High Peak Tents
Pole Tents
Size and Space
Provides a broader field of view and requires a higher height of the site
The top is lower and requires less space
Installation and Setup
Relatively complex and requires more time
Relatively simple and usually only need to build support rods and fabric
Aesthetics and Design
The pointed curve design is elegant and beautiful, suitable for formal occasions.
The top straight line design is traditional and simple.
Cost and Budget Considerations
Weather Resistance
Max.windload: 80km/h
Max.windload: 80km/h


When choosing between High Peak Tent and Pole Tent, price budget is often the first factor we consider. The High Peak Tent attracts users who pursue beauty with its elegant appearance and high-end design, while the Pole Tent meets the needs of those with a limited budget but still need practicality with its affordable features.
In addition to price, we also need to consider the usage scenarios in depth. The High Peak Tent's spire design and spacious interior make it an ideal choice for weddings, celebrations and high-end events, providing an unparalleled visual experience and comfort. The simple design and flexibility of Pole Tent make it excellent in outdoor activities, temporary exhibitions and commercial uses, and has obvious advantages in cost control.
The right choice depends on your specific tent requirements and expected use. If you have other needs, you can contact Shelter-Structures’ professional team to answer your questions!
High Peak Tents
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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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