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Home -- Blogs -- A Comprehensive Guide to Large Event Tents

A Comprehensive Guide to Large Event Tents


Expert in advanced structural engineering, Chris has transformed the safety standards of large tent designs with his groundbreaking research.

Updated: April 5, 2024
Published: January 2, 2024


Presentation Describes the application, design and structural features of large event tents for a wide range of occasions. From land planning and tent design to structure and functionality, multi-functional uses, we take an in-depth look at how these tents can meet the needs of business exhibitions, product launches, marketing events and special occasions. We also explore tent safety, material selection, additional features and how they can enhance brand image and improve the effectiveness of an event.

Land Planning and Tent Design

Land selection and preparation Land Selection

When selecting a site suitable for tents, the first consideration is flatness. Not only should you look for a flat area, but also make sure that the site is large enough to accommodate the tent and the surrounding event space. In addition, consider the drainage of the site to prevent rainwater buildup. Fixed sites such as parks, estates or convention centers are recommended, as well as easily accessible locations. Land Preparation: Before setting up the tent, land preparation must be done. 

For example, clearing the site of obstacles, rocks, branches or trash to ensure the tent can be set up smoothly. In addition, grading may be required to keep the site level. Foundation work, such as the installation of ground spikes or heavy-duty anchors, will be needed to ensure the stability of the tent. All of these preparations help to secure and stabilize the tent.

Tent type and size Dome Tent

Dome tents are used for large events, such as wedding ceremonies, concerts, etc., business events, exhibitions, displays and marketing activities, its attractive rounded exterior design provides better visual effects and the audience can enjoy a wider view during the event.Sheltent's large event types are three types, PVC event tents, pvdf aluminum-framed event tents, and glass event tents. We have already implemented many cases of these three types, if you want to see more, you can click here to contact us for consultation. Our size is generally 10 meters to 60 meters, if you want to do larger tents can also consult our technical engineers to discuss.

Big event tent

Structure and function of large event tents

Structure and frame Structure type

The structure types of large event tents are varied in the market, with aluminum alloy frames and steel frames being common. Aluminum frames are usually lighter and are suitable for events that require quick setup and tear down, such as music festivals. Steel frame tents are heavier but stronger and are suitable for long term setups such as exhibitions or long term displays. The nature and duration of the event needs to be considered when choosing a frame type.

Safety considerations

Large tents must be constructed to meet strict safety standards. The frame structure of a marquee is engineered, calculated and tested to withstand all weather conditions, including wind and rain. Connectors and critical nodes in the structure need to be strong and resistant to ensure the stability of the tent. In windy areas, additional support measures such as heavy-duty heavy anchor points or counter-wind bracing are required to ensure safety.

Covering materials and accessories Covering materials

large event tent covering materials using high-strength PVC coated polyester fiber or pvdf, PVDF tensile strength is higher than PVC, PVC and PVDF materials are composed of the same form, mainly by the base cloth and coating, the difference lies in the material of the base cloth and coating with waterproof and durability. Due to increased environmental awareness, some manufacturers have adopted environmentally friendly materials, such as renewable materials or recycled materials, to reduce the impact on the environment. When choosing a covering material, consider the needs of the event, climatic conditions and sustainability goals.


Attachments to a tent can improve its functionality. For example, attachments secure ground pegs or anchors to ensure the tent is protected from the wind. Ventilation systems keep air circulating inside the tent and participants more comfortable. Insulation keeps the interior of the tent at a pleasant temperature in hot weather. Lighting system enhances the visual appeal of nighttime activities. Flat, clean flooring adds comfort and safety. Depending on the nature and requirements of the event, choose the right accessories to increase the comfort and utilization of the tent.

Big event tent

Multifunctional uses of large event tents

Applications for large events

The multifunctional features of large event tents can meet the needs of different types of events: Music Festivals and Concerts: The application of large event tents in music festivals and concerts plays an important role. Usually used as the main stage, it provides a huge performance space for musicians and performers, and shade for the audience. In addition, tents can also be used for food and beverage stalls, VIP lounge areas and backstage facilities to ensure the smooth running of the entire festival.

Big event tent

Weddings and Special Occasions

For weddings and special occasions that require a special venue, a large event tent provides the perfect solution. It can be decorated according to the couple's wishes to create a romantic atmosphere, while accommodating large wedding banquet spaces. The customizability of the tent is suitable for weddings of all themes and styles.

Sporting Events

Stadiums often require additional space to accommodate spectators, food and beverage stands, media centers and more. A large event tent can fulfill these needs by providing additional covered space to spectators for a comfortable experience and convenience. It can also be used for athlete lounges and backup areas.

Corporate Events and Displays

Corporations can utilize large event tents for various types of events such as product launches, training seminars, employee celebrations and more. The tents give companies a unique and customizable event venue that helps to enhance brand image and improve employee morale.

Commercial use and event promotion

Commercial exhibitions

large event tent its spacious and open space can accommodate multiple booths and exhibitors, suitable for commercial exhibitions and fairs. It supports customization function, exhibitors can decorate it according to their needs and attract visitors' attention. In addition, it is an ideal place to display new products, build customer relationship and promote brands.

Product launch

It is ideal to organize product launch using large event tent. It's vast space to display new products and create a comfortable environment for media and customers. The tent can elaborate the ideal product launch scene, leaving a deep and beautiful impression of the company.

Market activities

Large event tents are also suitable for market activities in bazaars, food festivals and agricultural markets. It provides merchants with stalls and the required sheltered space, while giving consumers the opportunity to shop and dine.

Brand display and promotion

Tents can be customized and printed to display company logos, messages and brand elements to increase brand exposure and enhance brand image. In addition to this, they can also be used in conjunction with other branding elements and promotional activities to attract the target audience.


Large event tents are functional temporary structures and versatile event spaces. For commercial exhibitions, product launches, marketing events and special occasions, large event tents offer flexible, safe and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Large event tents can meet the specific needs of a variety of events by choosing the right design, structure and accessories to facilitate brand presentation and promotion. As such, it plays a vital role in modern event planning. 

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