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Home -- Blogs -- Why Choose Graduation Party Tents for Your Event?

Why Choose Graduation Party Tents for Your Event?


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: August 14, 2023

Why the graduation party tent?

Graduation Party Tents for Celebration

Graduation is a significant milestone, and celebrating it should be memorable. Here are some innovative ideas to ensure your graduation party stands out and remains etched in the memories of all attendees.

Establish a Picture Station

Incorporating a picture station at the graduation celebration tent is a brilliant idea. It offers graduates a chance to capture fun moments with buddies, preserving these delightful memories for a lifetime. You have the option to either set up a dedicated photo booth or design a themed backdrop for attendees to assemble and take snaps. While both are thrilling choices, the themed backdrop is more suited for larger group shots.

Tag Your Celebration

Tag Your Celebration

Whenever there's a gathering of young individuals, expect a flurry of posts and snapshots on social platforms. To make your party stand out, introduce a distinctive hashtag, encouraging attendees to use it when sharing their moments.

Broadcast Moments Live

Taking a cue from the popularity of social media, consider live-streaming select segments of your party. Instead of covering the entire event, highlight specific segments like the graduates showcasing a popular dance move, delivering speeches, or engaging in a fun-filled party activity.

Install Chalkboard Panels


Transform the walls of your graduation party into chalkboards by using removable chalkboard vinyl decals. Arrange them on the walls to create chalkboards of varying sizes. Provide chalk and watch as the graduates write messages, doodle, and perhaps even reminisce about their classroom days.

Engage in Life-Sized Party Games

Create a massive Twister board on the lawn with spray paint or set up a human-sized tic-tac-toe game. Paint a checkerboard and have players wear red and black T-shirts to represent the pieces. Any party game turned life-sized is sure to be a hit at your graduation celebration.

Construct a Superlative Photo Wall

It's always thrilling to see who earned superlatives like "Best Dressed" and "Most Likely to Succeed" in the yearbook. It's even more fun to assign your own superlatives to your friends.

Host a Sky Lantern Launch

The allure of sky lanterns is undeniable, evoking images of night-time fairies or fleeting shooting stars. Introduce this mesmerizing element to your graduation celebration by orchestrating an evening release of these floating lanterns.

Create Balloon Messages

Graduation balloon

If your party doesn't have the open space needed for floating lanterns, you can achieve a similar sentimental activity with balloons. Have the graduates write their wishes on the balloons with markers and then release them.

Set Up Travel Stations

For the graduate with wanderlust, incorporate a travel theme. Create stations dedicated to potential travel destinations in your tent. Decorate each station to reflect the culture of the region and serve foods commonly eaten there.

Feature a Map Wall

Attach a large map to a wall in your party room. Have all the grads sign their names or pin pictures of themselves at the places on the map they will visit next, where they will attend college, or where they hope to visit someday.

Display a Clothesline Photo Timeline

The years have flown by, and that "first day of preschool" picture feels like it was taken just yesterday. You likely have photos from every subsequent first day of school. Print all those images, hang a clothesline in the party room, and turn those memories into a hanging timeline of your graduate through the years.

Establish a Bar

While most high school grads may not be old enough to drink, they can still enjoy a party bar when it's a taco bar, ice cream bar, latte bar, or something else that involves mixing non-alcoholic edible items.

Adopt the School Colors as the Party Theme

Adopt the School Colors as the Party Theme

Decorate everything with the colors of the school uniform. Invite guests to dress in them and even tailor your menu to feature foods that match the color scheme.

Host a Tailgate Party

If your graduating senior was into sports or a cheerleader, consider throwing a tailgate-style graduation party. Have guests decorate their cars, open their trunks, and enjoy outdoor grilled or picnic foods as they hop from tailgate to tailgate.

Create a Yearbook Photos Puzzle Guestbook

Here's a unique idea for a graduation party guestbook. Enlarge the class picture, paste it onto a poster board, draw puzzle-shaped lines on the back, and cut out pieces along the lines. Have your grad's classmates sign and write short notes on the backs of the puzzle pieces, then assemble the puzzle.

Engage in the "Match the Baby Grad" Game

Prior to the event, request fellow graduates to provide their infant photos. Also, make copies of their yearbook portraits. Display the yearbook images on a wall and place the baby photos randomly around the space. Encourage attendees to pair the baby images with the corresponding yearbook photos they believe belong together.

Craft a Graduation Festivity Film

party tent for celebration

If you're hesitant about the idea of live streaming, consider creating a video of the graduation celebration and uploading it to platforms like YouTube. Don't forget to tag it with the event's designated hashtag.

Showcase a Dynamic Slideshow

Gone are the days when slideshows were tedious affairs endured during corporate meetings or post-vacation get-togethers. Modern slideshows are vibrant, transforming your pictures into dazzling displays with animations, descriptive texts, and accompanying tunes. Design an engaging slideshow featuring the graduate and their peers, and display it prominently on a large screen during the event.

Organize an Outdoor Feast

Ditch the conventional banquet hall setting with its meticulous table arrangements and elegant cloth napkins. Opt for a more relaxed and enjoyable graduation celebration. Organize it in a tent, and instead of tables, spread out picnic mats. Equip each mat with a picnic hamper brimming with delicacies suitable for the group assembling around it.

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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