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Home -- Blogs -- Why Modular Structures are Key in Industrial Solutions?

Why Modular Structures are Key in Industrial Solutions?


A leader in logistics and operations, Caesar expertly manages the complexities of large tent installations for international events.

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: November 4, 2023

Shelter Structures is an international brand specializes in space solutions. Our products, simply speaking, can be seen as the fabric structures in terms of the industries of event, sports, warehouse & storage, and military. By providing pre-sales & after-sales services, including designing, engineering, manufacturing, deliverying and more, along with the supporting facilities, Shelter Structures space solution achieved great success all over the world and gained reputation from many of our international projects.

Among the industries, we have our expertise in the industrial shelters, so called industrial warehouse & storage solutions. Now let’s explore the impressive features of Shelter Structures industrial shelter to see the key elements that make us stand out in the industrial market.

High-Quality Materials for Sturdy Framework

Modular Structures are Key in Industrial Solutions

What are the key materials of Shelter Structures industrial shelters? At the core of Shelter Structures Industrial Shelters lies the utilization of anodized aluminum alloy as the strutural frame which is 6061-T6 alu. Aluminum alloy is lighter than steel under the same unit, it achieves the feature of lightweight. In the same time, aluminum is 100% recyclable, which means that this kind of material can be reused indefinitely without losing its quality.

Considering 6061-T6, the “6061” refers to the alloy's specific chemical composition. The "T6" indicates the tempering process applied to the aluminum alloy, in this case, the solution heat-treated and artificially aged condition. This treatment provides the alloy with high strength and durability.

This grade of aluminum alloy, renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, guarantees the structural integrity of the shelters, making them resilient against various environmental challenges. Additionally, the anodized finish further enhances its durability, with the lifespan more than 20 years.

Furthermore, besides the frame structure, Shelter Structures industrial shelters utilize the PVC fabric as the roofing, weighing 850g per square meter, so called 850g/sqm. Our PVC fabrics are engineered to adhere to the rigorous M2 standard anti-flame regulations. The M2 standard is a widely recognized European standard for fire safety, which also indicates that our PVC fabric has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets specific fire resistance criteria.  

Modular Structures

Shelter Structures has many more test certification for the PVC fabric in using, this provides the better secure environment for industrial operations. By options of blackout, translucent, fully transparent PVC fabric roofing, it proves the versatility of our structures in some way. For example, the translucent PVC fabric roofing is commonly used for projects, which allows the natural light penetrating into the shelters in the day time. This can lead to energy saving and is more friendly for the bright-environment needs of major industrial operations.

Besides, its high tensile strength design and extra water resistant gap fabric covers as the supporting facilities, making our roof panels always in tension, and sufficient to withstand heavy snow, wind and rain, as well as to effectively prevent leakage from the rainy days.

Understanding The Versatility of Modular Structures

Shelter Structures takes pride in employing the modular structure design for our industrial shelters. But what exactly is modular structure? Simply speaking, it refers to a construction approach that involves assembling prefabricated sections or modules, which are then integrated to form a complete structure. This approach leads to greater flexibility and adaptability, the most important benefit can be seen for the easier customization and future expansions. By utilizing modular structures, Shelter Structures ensures efficient and rapid installation processes, reducing construction time significantly.

The Benefits Of Prefabricated Modular Structure

Prefabricated modular structure is a smart way in the field of industrial shelters, especially for temporary and even semi-permanent buildings. What does it mean for prefabrication? Prefabrication involves the assembly of components in a controlled manufacturing environment, ensuring precision and quality control. These prefabricated modules are finally shipped to the construction sites for erection, in the meantime, it saves the shipping cost as well.

From another of the aspects, comparing to steel structures, it saves times for onsite welding. Due to the concept, conjunction parts for Shelter Structures can be bolted and screwed with each other and erect into the final structure, no need for onsite welding. For further detailed benefits, let’s take a look as below.

Enhanced Flexibility  

Modifications and scale-up or down can be seamlessly incorporated, catering to evolving business needs without disrupting regular operations.


Reduced construction time, minimal on-site labor and decreased maintenance costs are the the main cost-effective aspects which contribute to overall cost savings, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Quality Control

In-house production of modules ensures consistent quality and adherence to stringent standards. As we have a series of quality control procedures which constitute into our quality control system. From material quality control to manufacturing control, and finally to finished product control, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 are complied during the whole process.

Accelerated Construction Time

Prefabricated components enable faster on-site assembly, minimizing construction time and reducing labor costs.

Improved Structural Integrity

Shelter Structures strict and comprehensive quality control system plays the vital role during the manufacturing process, ensuring that each component & finished structures meet rigorous standards, enhancing overall durability and stability.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The material in use for Shelter Structures and the prefabricated construction generates less waste and disturbance to the site, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly building process.

Innovative Patent Technologies in Action

Shelter Structures takes pride in implementing various own-developed patented technologies into the industrial shelters. These patented technologies had been empowering our advantage in engineering, in the same time, these technologies enhance the performance and reliability of our industrial shelters. The patented technologies include but not limited to the Pre-stressing Techniques, the ATS (Automatic Tensioning System), together with other patents, ensuring the best structural stability.

Pre-stressing Technique Patent

Pre-stressing technique is for strengthening the structural stability. By utilizing it into the frame, it can enhance load-bearing capacity and make the structures more stable.

ATS (Automatic Tensioning System) Own-Developed Patent

The ATS indicates the automatic adjustment of fabric tension. By maintaining optimal tension for the fabric, it has the benefits and especially can be reflected under fluctuating weather conditions. This feature reduces manual adjustments at the max level and provides more reliable protection against snow and rain accumulation on the roof.

Shelter Structures industrial shelters combine with the high-quality materials, innovative design approaches, and patented technologies, ensuring the most reliability, durability, and versatility for various industrial applications.

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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