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How to Select the Right Event Tent Sizes for Your Outdoor Wedding


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Updated: April 2, 2024
Published: March 30, 2024


Choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the most critical decisions in wedding planning. Choosing the correct event tent sizes for your wedding and reception is one of the most essential decisions for your special day. Finding the right size tent will ensure that all guests are comfortable and the area looks beautiful. Not only do tents provide a romantic and unique space for weddings, but they also ensure that guests and events run smoothly despite unpredictable weather conditions. But with so many tent options on the market, how do you choose the right size?

Why Should You Consider A Luxury Outdoor Wedding Tent?

Meeting the challenges of outdoor weather

Luxurious wedding tents can provide comprehensive protection, whether it is hot sunshine, sudden rain, or fantastic night breeze, ensuring the comfort of guests and the smooth progress of the wedding. Some high-end tents are equipped with air conditioning or heating systems to create a comfortable environment for guests, regardless of season.

Add extra charm and style.

From classic white tents to themed tents with intricate patterns and decorations, you can choose a design that perfectly matches your wedding theme and color scheme. The interior space can be arranged according to needs, including chandeliers, floral decorations, fabric hangings, etc., so that every wedding can show a unique style.

Flexibility for personalization

Whether your wedding is a small family gathering or a large-scale social feast, luxury tents can be added or removed to accommodate different sizes, ensuring that every guest is fully catered for. Not just the tent itself but the flooring, lighting, and even the layout of the tent can be customized to your exact needs, ensuring every detail reflects your personal style and wedding theme.

Create unforgettable scenes

Luxury tents can create a romantic and mysterious scene, leaving a unique backdrop for wedding photography and making your big day an unforgettable memory. The comfort and thoughtful decoration inside the tent will not only impress your guests but also enhance the overall wedding experience by allowing them to enjoy the entire wedding in a comfortable setting.

event tent sizes,wedding-marquee-tent

How do you select the correct event tent sizes for your wedding?

Event tent sizes are the most critical factor in choosing the right tent for your wedding. You want a big tent to accommodate all your guests and decorations but not so big that it looks empty. You have to take some steps to calculate the correct dimensions.

Site size

Before looking for a tent, you must measure the size of the venue. You need to know exactly how much space you have to choose the right size tent. For example, a backyard wedding may have a smaller space than a wedding in a park.

Not all data is used when calculating site size. It would help if you accounted for any trees, poles, and other obstructions that may impede tent setup. Also, consider the entrance and exit areas where guests will enter and exit the tent. Work with your venue's event manager – they will most likely know the maximum tent size the venue can accommodate.

Number of guests

Your guest list should be finalized before renting your tent. This way, you can accurately calculate the number of people you need to accommodate at your wedding. It would help to consider how much space you will need for each guest. "The average person needs about 6-10 square feet to stand comfortably in a tent, but you can adjust the number to suit your situation."

Different types of tents

Once you know the size of your venue and the number of guests, it's time to start looking for a tent. You may find different types of wedding tents. First, let's take a look at frame tents and pole tents.

Frame tents have a metal frame to hold the tent in place, while pole tents use a center pole and guy ropes to keep them upright. The main difference between these tents is that frame tents are more versatile. You don't need to anchor them to the ground to be placed on various surfaces.

However, many people like the look of pole tents because they hang down like a canopy. Plus, the center pole provides decoration for your event. There are also square and rectangular tents available. This choice is purely for aesthetics. The only difference is the shape of the tent.

Internal layout

You have to consider the layout of the interior of your tent. Your guests will likely sit at the dining table for dinner, so consider the space these tables take up. The wedding party's table may be larger than a regular table, so consider that as well.

Sketching the layout of your tent is a great way to see where everything is going visually. You can also use tape to create a tent mockup and ensure it fits your venue.

We'll review the main things to consider in the interior layout below.

Weather conditions

Also, consider weather conditions when choosing a tent size. If you expect the summer to be sweltering, you will want a more giant tent with more air circulation. On the other hand, if there are strong winds in your area, you should consider staking your tent for stability.

Requires mathematical calculations

Doing some simple math is the best way to ensure you choose the correct size tent for your wedding. We recommend using square feet as the unit of measurement in your calculations. For example, if your dance floor measures 15 feet by 15 feet, you can multiply the two measurements to get 225 square feet.

Repeat these steps for all areas within the tent, including the dance floor, buffet tables, guest seating areas, etc. Once you have a list of square footage measurements, add them to get the total space you need.

Wedding event tent

Common Event Tent Sizes For Outdoor Wedding You’ll Find

Event tent tpyes
20'x Event tent sizes
30'x Event tent sizes
40'x Event tent sizes
20′ x 20′ (400 sq. ft.)
30′ x 30′ (900 sq. ft.)
40'x40'(1600 sq. ft.)
20′ x 30′ (600 sq. ft.)
30′ x 45′ (1350 sq. ft.)
40'x60'(2400 sq. ft.)
30′ x 60′ (1800 sq. ft.)
40'x80'(3200 sq. ft.)
20′ x 40′ (800 sq. ft.)
30′ x 75′ (2250 sq. ft.)
40'x100'(4000 sq. ft.)
30′ x 90′ (2700 sq. ft.)
40'x120'(4800 sq. ft.)
20′ x 60′ (1200 sq. ft.)
30′ x 105′ (3150 sq. ft.)
40'x140'(5600 sq. ft.)
40'x160'(6400 sq. ft.)
20′ x 80′ (1600 sq. ft.)
30′ x 120′ (3600 sq. ft.)
40'x180'(7200 sq. ft.)
40'x200'(8000 sq. ft.)
20′ x 20′ (400 sq. ft.)
30′ x 30′ (900 sq. ft.)
40'x40'(1600 sq. ft.)
20′ x 30′ (600 sq. ft.)
30′ x 40′ (1200 sq. ft.)
40'x60'(2400 sq. ft.)
20′ x 40′ (800 sq. ft.)
30′ x 45′ (1350 sq. ft.)
20′ x 50′ (1000 sq. ft.)
30′ x 50′ (1500 sq. ft.)
40'x80'(3200 sq. ft.)
30′ x 60′ (1800 sq. ft.)
20′ x 60′ (1200 sq. ft.)
30′ x 75′ (2250 sq. ft.)
40'x100'(4000 sq. ft.)
30′ x 90′ (2700 sq. ft.)
20′ x 80′ (1600 sq. ft.)
30′ x 105′ (3150 sq. ft.)
40'x120'(4800 sq. ft.)
30′ x 120′ (3600 sq. ft.)

What else do you need to consider?

Now that you know how to choose the correct event tent sizes for your wedding, it's time to start shopping! Tents are great, but they can only host luxury weddings with the right decor and furniture. For a luxury wedding, you may want to consider:

Walls and floors

To achieve a truly luxurious look, you must ensure that your tent looks like a room from the inside. You can do this by adding walls and floors. The best way to create a wall is with curtains or a fabric backdrop. They come in many shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose one that's right for your tent. Different fabrics create different looks to choose a modern or classic feel.
As for the floor, you want your guests to stay in grass and dirt. Instead, lay down artificial flooring materials. It will make the interior of the tent look smoother and luxurious. Remember, most women wear high heels, so ensure the floor is hard enough to support them!


A small portion of the tent layout should be dedicated to the bar area. This area should be large enough to serve your guests but not so large that it is an eyesore. When it comes to the bar itself, you want something stylish yet functional. You can choose traditional wood or metal materials or look for something more modern and unique.
There should be enough space around the bar for guests to mingle and store drinks. Bar stools are a great addition as they accommodate those who want to stand temporarily. However, they require additional space, so consider this when planning your tent layout.


This strategy becomes especially important when planning any critical event, considering that building a multi-functional stage can significantly enrich the event and increase participation. Such a stage can not only become a central place for various speeches and speeches, provide a focus of attention, and ensure the effect of information transmission; it also provides an ideal space for various art performances, music performances, and other entertainment activities. , whether it is a live band, independent singer, dance performance, or theater performance, it can be perfectly displayed on this specially designed stage.

Dance floor

Dancing is essential to any wedding, so you need to make space for a dance floor. We recommend placing the dance floor in an open area of the tent layout, making it more visible and inviting. If you decide not to cover the entire tent, you should at least get a dance floor to have a designated space to dance! While it's unlikely that every guest will be up and dancing simultaneously, you should still plan for enough space to accommodate many dancers.


Since you'll be outdoors, you can't rely on the same kind of lighting you'd find in a regular room. Instead, you need to invest in special lighting for your tent. You can choose classic string lights or lanterns or mix your decor with modern LED lights and colorful spotlights. Whichever option you choose, it should be bright enough to illuminate the entire area. You can use dimmers or switches to achieve different lighting settings, such as dim lights for dinner and bright lights for dancing.

Tables and chairs

Of course, most of your tent space will be dedicated to tables and chairs. For a luxury wedding, you can choose a special table setting, such as a long banquet table or a round table with cloth tablecloths.
As for the chair, again, you'll want something stylish yet comfortable. Curated Events has many chairs in a variety of colors and styles to suit your theme. You'll find planning activities included for all different table sizes, making it easy to include them in your calculations.

Air conditioning/heating

Finally, make sure your tent is comfortable. Depending on the season and location, this may mean adding air conditioning or heating. Make sure these are run before guests arrive so everyone is cool/warm enough during the wedding! Standing units are the most common, but you can choose between ducted and ceiling-mounted units.
What Is A Frame Tent

Where To Find A Tent Supplier?

At Shelter Structures, we pride ourselves on offering the best event tent sizes for any wedding. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to ensure your tent is perfect for your special day! We have a variety of event tent sizes and styles to choose from, so there's something for you.

We also provide everything you need in the tent, such as tables, chairs, lighting, and air conditioning/heating equipment. We work hard to ensure that all our tents are comfortable and stylish, giving your wedding a luxurious feel. If you would like more information, contact us today to learn about our tent customization services!



Q1: How big of a tent do you need for a wedding of 100 people?

A1: For a wedding of 100 people, you'll need a 20' x 40' tent for a cocktail-style reception or a 30' x 45' tent for a more traditional sit-down dinner.


Q2: If I have 200 guests at my wedding, how big of a tent do I need?

A2: Based on 15 square feet of space per guest, 200 guests will require approximately 3,000 square feet of tent space. It is recommended that additional space be considered, which may require a larger tent.


Q3: How long does it take to set up and take down the wedding tent?

A3: Setup and teardown times vary depending on the size and complexity of the tent. Generally speaking, smaller tents may take a few hours, while larger or intricately designed tents may take a day or more.


Q4: How should I deal with the uneven ground of the tent?

A4: Many tent rental companies offer flooring solutions that can solve uneven or wet ground problems. When choosing a location for your tent, try to choose a spot with flat ground and good drainage.


Q5: Can I use real fire candles in the tent?

A5: For safety reasons, many tent rental companies and venues do not allow open fires in tents. LED candles or other electronic lighting solutions are recommended to create ambiance while ensuring safety.

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