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Winter with Clear Tents: Reconnecting with Nature in Comfort

Geodome Dome Arena, clear tent in the winter
Updated: February 23, 2024
Published: January 31, 2024

Clear Tent: Winter’s Eco-Friendly Retreats | Shelter Structures


In this busy modern life, finding a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and return to nature has become increasingly important. Clear tent in the winter intervenes with low intervention, pays attention to the exploration of the spirit of the place and the preservation of the local culture, and retains and transforms the most vivid memory of the site with restrained design techniques.

Clear tent in the winter charm

Clear tent in the winter for the high cold and high latitude areas, to provide people with a warm and comfortable rest place, showing the unusual winter beauty. In the cold winter, the snow-covered land seems to become a pure canvas waiting for adventurers to write their own adventure stories. In the tent, we can enjoy the bright winter stars and quiet snow scenery, and listen to the sound of bonfires burning to sleep. This sense of closeness to nature feels like a throwback to an older time, away from electronic devices and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sitting in the tent, around the campfire, tasting hot drinks and food, feel a different kind of warmth. The luxurious bedding and interior finishes within the tent have been carefully designed to create a quiet and luxurious atmosphere to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for users. In the ice city, this natural sense of shelter gives people comfort, tolerance and warmth, and the space born by the lake, the bright moon and the swimming fish constantly flows and evolves to create a free and warm artistic environment.

The continuity and continuation of the city's background color

The most beautiful design of climate gift is the natural dress up, the design is timeless, the beauty of each season, the wonderful moment of different times, the design of complex and simple, let nature to give more possibilities, is the most valuable characteristics of the present or future.

Clear tent in the winter is not just about interacting with nature, it can also incorporate ecological elements, snow and ice undertones emphasize the respect and protection of the natural environment. In this cold season, we can more deeply appreciate the fragility and preciousness of nature.

Walking with nature, the idea of sustainability is not only reflected in the structure of the building, but also extends to daily operations and lifestyle, making clear tentin the winter a more meaningful living choice. Natural interest, not annoying work, hope to be based on the original ecology, let the landscape grow freely in nature, let people freely activity in nature, eliminate the boundaries between architecture, landscape, art and environmentalism, create an immersive winter tent landscape. The formation of multiple relationships, the winter adventure life and the ecosystem organic integration.

Integration of ecological elements

Eco-urbanism – the combination of function and beauty. James Kerner argues that city and landscape should not be separated, that landscape ecology should not be over-emphasized while urban life should be ignored. Contemporary landscape design should have a stronger tolerance. Landscape is not only about nature, and people and society have the same place in it. 

It also creates a cultural environment for human beings. Therefore, we seek to balance the conflict between ecology and urban development, in which people, nature and ecology coexist in harmony. Comply with nature, retain the original natural scenery, make the landscape comply with, quiet and elegant.

In modern design, more and more clear tents are using environmentally friendly materials such as degradable canvas and the use of recycled materials to reduce dependence on natural resources. At the same time, clear tent in the winter also uses energy-saving technology inside: solar power system and efficient heating equipment to minimize waste of energy. This not only helps to reduce the clear tent’s carbon footprint, but also provides a more comfortable and environmentally friendly dining environment.

Luxury Dome

Winter outdoor activities

The winter tent experience is not limited to the warmth and comfort of the tent, outdoor activities are also an integral part of it. These activities give people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature more deeply and provide excellent opportunities to interact with nature. Here are some winter outdoor activities that add even more fun and a sense of adventure to the winter tent experience:


Skiing on snowy slopes is one of the classic winter outdoor activities. Tourism skiing is for the purpose of entertainment and fitness, there are challenges at the same time full of fun, the degree of human constraints is very light, men and women can easily and happily slide on the snow field, enjoy the endless fun of skiing. Because alpine skiing has breathtaking, beautiful, free, dynamic, attractive, can participate in a wide range of characteristics, so alpine skiing is regarded as the essence and symbol of skiing, but also the first choice of tourism skiing and the main project.

Many clear tent camps are located near ski resorts, offering guests easy access to the slopes. Gliding down a snow-capped hill and feeling the breeze on your face is a way to get close to nature. Returning to the warm tent at night and enjoying a delicious meal makes for a perfect day.

Indoor Arena, clear tent
Effectively Covered For Ice Skating Rink

Ice fishing

In Finland, ice fishing is even a national sport. Drill a hole in the ice, drop the fishing rod into the ice water, and wait for the bite of the fish. Ice fishing is not only a way to relax, it also allows people to experience the underwater ecosystem covered by the lake and snow in winter. Some tent camps are located on the edge of the lake, providing ideal ice fishing sites.

One of the most important things to do when ice fishing is to pay attention to the ice thickness. You should always carry an ice pick with you for safety. Some of the more eager fishermen will go ice fishing as soon as the water starts to freeze, but even earlier, they should start when the ice thickness reaches five centimeters. In general, the thickness of the ice varies from area to area. 

It may be that the ice near the shore has solidified but the central area still has only a thin layer of ice. If it is spring, it is more necessary to pay attention to, when the sun comes out, even the very thick ice can melt, if you do not pay attention to it is easy to cause safety accidents.

These outdoor activities allow people to explore more deeply the beauty of nature in winter, make nature the main body, reshape the harmonious relationship between people and nature, and build a closer connection with nature. The tent camp provides convenient accommodation and dining for these activities, making the whole winter trip complete.


Clear tent in the winter allows people to reconnect with nature in the winter while focusing on conservation and sustainability. The project is always with a variety of opportunities, thinking about solving the difficulties ahead. Clear tent in the winter is a natural place, the natural landscape is the transformation of life, there are tents and scenery, is a complete way of life.

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