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Home -- Blogs -- Which Is Better Dome Tents or Cabin Tents?

Which Is Better Dome Tents or Cabin Tents?


A leader in logistics and operations, Caesar expertly manages the complexities of large tent installations for international events.

Published: May 6, 2024


Dome tents and cabin tents have become the two frontrunners in the battle for shelter supremacy. Each of these two tent types has its own unique advantages and design features that often leave campers scratching their heads. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of their differences based on their materials, prices, usage scenarios, etc. to help you make the best choice.

What are dome tents and cabin tents?

Dome tents create a visually appealing and sturdy structure with a curved or semi-circular design.
Cabin tents are tents with relatively vertical side walls designed to mimic the appearance of a real cabin. It is structurally sound, spacious, and comfortable.

Dome Tents And Cabin Tents

The difference between the dome tent and cabin tent is clear at a glance from the picture above, but it's not that simple, and you may need to take the time to learn more if you want to pick the right tent for yourself.

Depending on the construction and material, cabin tents and dome tents have many different styles and uses, I will introduce and compare them one by one!

1. Inflatable cabin tent vs inflatable dome tent

Inflatable tent aka blow-up tent, in terms of how they work, they both stand up by injecting air into the tent's support structure via an inflatable pump. This design allows for a simpler tent structure that can be erected more quickly.

Inflatable tents come in two very different shapes and sizes because of the different materials used, canvas inflatable tents and Oxford inflatable tents.

1.1 Canvas inflatable dome tents vs canvas inflatable cabin tents

Inflatable Dome Tents And Inflatable Cabin Tents

Canvas inflatable cabin tents are more spacious than canvas inflatable dome tents, featuring more interior space, and the larger cabin tent may also have a divider space or partitioning feature that provides more comfort and privacy.

The inflatable geodesic dome tent wraps around more than the inflatable tent cabin, allowing for a more secure feeling, and the rounded, symmetrical design allows for more air circulation and wind protection.

Both of these tents are commonly used for car trips and fold up compactly, making them easy to carry and store in the trunk or luggage rack of your vehicle. There are solid structures that can withstand some degree of wind and rain and provide a good living environment. They can be used all year round.

1.2 Oxford inflatable dome tents vs Oxford inflatable cabin tents

Oxford inflatable tent, also known as inflatable night club is commonly used in party tents, this tent is highly protected from light.

Inflatable Night Club

The common advantages of these two tents are that they are relatively inexpensive, easy to store and install, and can be paired with projectors and colorful lamps that can become very cool.

The common disadvantage is that it is easy to be scratched, and the noise is relatively large.

The blow up dome tent has a stronger visual impact than the blow up cabin tent due to its shape advantage, and the internal space is curved, so the projection effect is better in the cabin style.

But this blow up tent cabin can accommodate more people.

2. Instant cabin tent vs instant dome tent

Instant tent aka pop up tent . Because of their spring-loaded construction, they can quickly pop open and stand up in seconds. It is a kind of lightweight tent material usually Polyester, especially suitable for backpackers and commonly used in summer.

Pop Up Tent

The cabin instant tent is more resilient and easier to install than the instant cabin tent, the dome design makes it more wind-resistant and stable, and the compact design retains heat better. However, it is more suitable for single or less than 3 persons traveling.

The pop up cabin tent is more comfortable and spacious than the pop up dome tent, with vertical walls, for those who like spaciousness and want to be able to stand upright inside the tent.

3. Glamping dome tent vs luxury cabin tent

Glamping has become increasingly popular in recent years, attracting many people who want to spend their vacations in nature, but are not willing to give up the comforts and luxuries of travel.

Glamping dome tents are usually equipped with luxury beds, furniture, and modern smart electrical devices.

The luxury cabin tent is often referred to as a safari tent, similar to a set owned by Beckham, albeit with a slightly different style than the one depicted in the image below. Their design draws inspiration from traditional Saharan desert tents.

Glamping Tent

The common advantage of both types of tents is that they have a spacious interior and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain.

The common disadvantage is that they are expensive.

Glamping dome tents have a more modern look than luxury cabin tents, and are usually equipped with transparent windows for a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing visual effect, creating a unique spatial ambiance that is also more wind-resistant and warmer.

The luxury cabin tent has smooth lines, and its color is more integrated with nature, it is hidden, and it is more ventilated.

Things you should consider before pouching a tent

After the above-detailed introduction, detailing that you have a full understanding of dome tents and cabin tents in your mind, there are a few key points to consider when selecting a tent.

  • Size and number of people to be accommodated, make sure that the tent you choose will be able to meet the expected space requirements. A dome tent usually holds a little less space than a cabin tent, but if you're considering purchasing a glamping geodesic dome tent then size isn't actually a particularly big deal.
  • It's important to consider the seasonality and weather resistance of your tents, and choose the right type and material for the season and weather conditions of your planned activity.
  • Polyester pop up tents are only suitable for warm weather and if you are a beginner outdoorsman, you can actually consider purchasing a pop up dome tent, because their price point is cheaper.
  • If you want to buy a warm four season tent for your family traveling, then I suggest you to choose the canvas inflatable tent, and I personally prefer the inflatable cabin tent because the kids in the family may need privacy, and the cabin inflatable tent with its own room is a better choice, but if you only camp with your partner, then I think the dome inflatable tent is more private.
  • Depending on the choice of activities planned, if you want to throw a party, then I have to say an inflatable nightclub might be a better choice, Whether it's domed or in the shape of a cabin.
  • If you are a veteran luxury camping enthusiast or you are ready to call yourself a campground operator, I would certainly recommend you to buy Glamping dome tents and safari tents! Because apart from being expensive, they are the perfect choice!


The best tent is a subjective choice idea, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer here.

When you are confused about choosing between a dome tent and a cabin tent, think deeply about your adventurous spirit, the circumstances you may face, and the camping experience you are looking forward to. Before making your choice, keep in mind that the best tent isn't determined by someone else's vote or review, it should fit perfectly with your camping vision, ensuring that every outdoor adventure becomes a cherished memory for you.

During your adventures, it is important to choose a tent that not only provides the required protection but also becomes your companion to witness your outdoor adventures.

I hope the points mentioned above will help you find the best tent for your needs, and if you have any other confusion, contact us and we will help you!

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