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Dome Tents: Elevating Living and Event Spaces to New Heights

geo dome tents redefine living & event spaces
Updated: February 20, 2024
Published: January 18, 2024

Dome Tents: Versatile Spaces & Unique Accommodations | Shelter Structures


In order to define the challenges of our time and provide solutions to them, a thought called “sunshine punk” was born, which led us to think and design the next step in the future development of a world city. What kind of new architecture do we need for the future?

In today’s world, our expectations for accommodation are no longer limited to simple beds and roofs. As the way we travel and vacation continues to evolve, we seek more experiences that are closer to nature and more unique. In this context, the dome tent has become a popular accommodation option, offering travelers unprecedented comfort and wonder.

What are dome tents

Dome tents is a unique tent design whose dome shape allows it to be used in a wide range of situations.

Why more and more people are choosing dome tents

Success case study of dome tents

Dome tents as landscape installation

The Don Milani Bilingual School in Italy uses a 7m-diameter glamping dome tent from Shelter. From the perspective of landscape urbanism, this particular dome brings a unique view to the Don Milani Bilingual School. The project not only enhances the visual appeal of the Don Milani Bilingual School, but also demonstrates a groundbreaking approach to the design of educational Spaces. This innovation goes beyond cultural exchange and marks an unprecedented exploration of educational space design.

The installation of the dome tent added a variety of facilities to the Don Milani Bilingual School, creating a more interesting and unique learning environment for teachers and students. The introduction of this local yurt has injected fresh vitality into the Don Milani Bilingual School, not only enhancing the practicality of the dome, but also providing a fun growth space for the teachers and students of Don Milani Bilingual School. This innovative initiative is designed to guide students to grow and learn, with the aim of making everyone feel unique.

Dome tents as accommodation space

Located in La La Land, Hungary, the glamping dome of Glitzcamp is used as a fantastic accommodation space, taking advantage of the geography of the environment to combine glamping, adventure and leisure experiences. The owners make full use of the geographical advantages of the environment and natural ecological environment resources, and set camping experience, adventure activities, leisure activities in one. The interior of Dome tent is divided into several areas. Based on the shape design of the dome and special technology, the whole house is warm in winter and cool in summer, the indoor acoustics are also brighter, and you can even feel the echo of the sound, combined with the incident light, to create a dreamlike sense of space.

The architect’s design strategy is to minimize the intervention of nature, the accommodation tents are scattered according to the situation, the layout of the stream, in order to view the stream and sleep on the water; At the same time, with great restraint, only a new dome tent was built to meet the necessary reception and catering needs.

The dome structure uses new technologies that combine artistic and natural inspiration, prioritizing form and user perception. Taking the dynamics of the user in the space as a starting point, by creating an immersive atmosphere, the presence of natural elements is combined with the artificially constructed building structure to reconnect with the environment.

geodesic dome tents for event
large dome shelter

Dome tents for event

Dome tents for industry

How to utilize dome tents

 Dome tents for event

“Multi-level activity interface”. Dome tents overall space can take into account multiple office, community entertainment, social life, family experience and other scenarios, release center, creative market, tent camp, dream park, theme exhibition, all things library, roof garden and other multi-dimensional forms, break the shackles of traditional functions, enrich the space bearing, create a rich, interesting, multi-level office interface.

Outdoor music festivals, weddings, wilderness camping or social gatherings and other functional Spaces are covered under it, free and unobstructed, so that a variety of business arrangements can be flexibly switched. Its dome shape creates a spacious, airy and pleasant atmosphere, enabling participants to enjoy the event in a comfortable environment. Unlike the relatively cumbersome decorative interface of traditional buildings, dome tent strives to be concise and clear to maximize the expression of the characteristics of the place.

 Dome tents for industry

Dome tents breaks through the shortcomings of traditional warehouses such as heavy investment and long construction period, coupled with its open interior space, making dometent widely used in warehousing, production and logistics. Whether you need to cover large equipment or temporary work areas, dome tent is up to the task.

Dome tents for sports

“Creating a new form of creative sports destination”. After rethinking the story of design and growth, we try to unlock the link between human inborn and nature, build a bridge between life and space, and create a natural, artistic and warm destination, aiming to provide people with a green apocalypse that guides the development of creative movement environment and answers sustainable issues.

Dome tents can be set up quickly, eliminating tedious installation steps. And with enough space to accommodate a large number of spectators and athletes, it provides an ideal solution for the large venues of sporting events. It is also suitable for temporary sports venues such as golf courses and equestrian arenas.

Dome tents for accommodation

“Living with Nature”. Break the restricted cage everywhere, rub the green into the space, and explore the new field of future accommodation. At the same time, dome tent will become an organic living body, flexibly adapt to the functional needs of different places, make it a place for people to relax and rest, become a place for people to burst out of inspiration, and meet people’s desire to get close to nature.

When it comes to accommodation, dome tent offers a unique and enjoyable stay experience. Whether exploring the outdoors, camping or vacationing, choosing dome tent as an accommodation option offers travelers many benefits. Dome tent is surrounded by tall and lush trees, echoing the natural environment, green and sparkling. Even before entering the tent, it is already relaxing. Since dome tents are usually larger than traditional tents, they are ideal for traveling with family or friends. You can share quality time in the same tent, enjoy an intimate family gathering or a friendly camping trip.

Like walking from the courtyard to the outer courtyard, walking to the heaven and earth, and feeling the charm of the building and the grandeur of Guling from the outside, visitors are often reminded of the memories of traveling and camping in the past. It was a time when he dropped the weight of life, enjoyed nature, and was extremely relaxed and free. He hopes to blend that comfort into the dome tent.

Transparent sports dome, geodesic dome tent
Dome tents for glamping

Dome tents for sports

Dome tents for accommodation

dome tents


In the realm of art, the fundamental challenges often boil down to the intricacies of rhythm. Whether one delves into the realms of painting, sculpture, architecture, or music, the essence of beauty lies in the essence of movement. Every art form inherently encapsulates a rhythmic quality, where the harmonious interplay of elements gives rise to the sublime. The pulse of rhythm becomes the heartbeat of artistic expression, guiding the artist in creating a symphony of visual or auditory experiences. Recognizing this inherent connection between beauty and movement unveils the profound influence of rhythm across various artistic domains, providing a universal language through which creativity unfolds.

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