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Desert Wonders: The Dome House Experience

glamping dome house
Updated: February 28, 2024
Published: February 11, 2024

Dome House Retreats: Transforming Desert Tourism | Shelter Structures

I. Introduction

Sanmao wrote in “The Sahara Desert” : here, the endless waves of sand are the real master of the earth, and people live here, but just small stones mixed in the sand.

Unexplored deserts are vast but arid, and life in them is mostly hard and boring. If you stay in the resort dome hotel in the desert, you will be surprised to find that the desert can be so poetic: the desert, the Yellow River, the mountains and the oasis weave together a strange land, the rolling sand dunes covered with snow, and the sunset darts the distant skyline…… And the most intoxicating thing is “looking at the stars”.

In the middle of the desert, there is an intoxicating holiday experience that takes people into an isolated world and immerses them in the tranquility and grandeur of the desert. This is the resort hotel in the desert, a tourist option full of charm and mystery. In this magical environment, dome architectural structures frequently appear. Resort hotels and dome houses are key words in the desert tourism industry, representing the uniqueness and architectural innovation of resort hotels in the desert.

dome event tent

II. Diversified development and challenges of desert tourism​

1/ Desert tourism products tend to be diversified

The activities in the desert tourist attractions are more diversified, in addition to the desert, but also increased sports and leisure, wedding photography, extreme sports and other content. Desert theme areas are also increasingly integrated with parent-child elements, such as children’s go-kart, carousel, sightseeing train and so on.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays, more and more desert-type tourist attractions combine weekly tourism resources to form desert industrial development clusters, and rely on events, festivals and other linkage development. This has accelerated the desert scenic spot to become an international tourist destination integrating cultural performances, theme amusement and leisure, attracting tourists from all over the world.

2/ Mainly sightseeing, lack of tourist projects to retain tourists’ accommodation

Some desert tourism is mainly sightseeing, but it has not adapted to the trend of The Times, transforming the desert sightseeing scenic spots into tourist resorts. According to statistics, the stay time of more than 70% tourists in desert sightseeing scenic spots is concentrated in 2-4h. Because accommodation will boost the night economy, the average cost of tourists in tourist resorts is much higher than that of tourist attractions. However, desert scenic areas often lack the planning of night tourism activities, resulting in tourists who want to stay can not stay, want to stay. 

For small desert-type tourist attractions, the biggest problem is that the tourism products are relatively single, and there is no rich tourism projects to attract tourists to travel long distances.

Desert dome construction

III. Why choose dome house?

1/ The dome house that blends nature

The desert is a place full of the wild beauty of nature, intoxicating with its unique scenery and natural wonders. The dome house employs an architectural design that is very modern yet in tune with the desert landscape, so they are able to provide a memorable stay without compromising the natural beauty. These dome hotels are often in neutral tones, such as desert hazel or sand, allowing the building to blend in with the surrounding views and colors.

Enjoy breathtaking views of endless sand dunes in the perfect desert oasis. Relaxing in a hammock overlooking the desert is sure to give users the best sense of release.

Dome house connects the different functional divisions of a site into an organic whole in the form of “point” elements, and each part responds to each other. Some points can bring different landscape elements together, will have a siphon effect on the surrounding resources, it is as if you are extending a friendly hand to everyone, quietly saying “welcome to play here.”

2/ Cozy with warm dome house

The temperature in desert areas varies greatly between day and night, so it is necessary to provide proper temperature regulation in the resort hotel. The dome structure can use efficient insulation and ventilation systems to maintain a pleasant temperature in the room at all times, whether during hot days or cold nights. In addition,dome hotels are usually equipped with modern comforts such as comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms and warm heating, ensuring guests enjoy the highest level of comfort throughout their stay.

If there are some spherical practical housing – dome scattered in the desert, the dome house has a visual guide that makes people relax, entertain and watch, which is conducive to tourists to quickly find these shelters.

The original purpose of dome was to realize the desire for multi-generational play, and to expand the space needs of other recreational methods for tent users as an intimate complement.

3/ Affordable dome house

Desert-type tourist attraction investment has the characteristics of large amount, long cycle and high risk, and there are large investors unwilling to invest, small and medium-sized investors dare not to invest, so it is difficult for desert tourist attraction developers to raise enough funds, and once the project is not properly managed, it will have serious consequences. In the process of the construction of desert tourist attractions, the economic dome house is adopted to shorten the investment return cycle and reduce the investment risk.

dome home


The aim of the Desert Resort is to create a place that gets up close and personal with the desert landscape, not based on simple cultural appropriation, but on what is most faithful to this particular location and region: the desert landscape that surrounds the dome house.

Looking out from each dome house, guests can enjoy the pristine landscape, the beautiful surrounding desert landscape, and the fascinating light that changes during the day in the area.

Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” It’s human nature to look up at the stars. Hawking looked up at the stars, perhaps because of the endless desire to explore the universe. For more ordinary people, looking up at the stars in the desert may be in order to briefly escape from the complexity of daily life and pursue a healing moment that is not so daily.

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