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7 Q&A about Budget Controlling on Temporary Structure  

temporary structures
Updated: February 21, 2024
Published: December 29, 2023


Nowadays, temporary structures, or so called temporary buildings, have been trending and been opted for during these years. People and businesses think more wisely when comparing which buildings to choose, among temporary structures, permanent structures and conventional concrete and steel buildings. In this post-pandemic era, global economic is unstable and fluctuate as common sense. Businesses are more focusing on their needs. Due to the great features of temporary structures, versatility, flexibility, adaptability, cost effectiveness and more, temporary structures are the perfect choice for period-related needs, and they offer unique benefits which you will not find with permanent options.  

Here comes the questions, how much does a temporary structure cost? And how to control your budget on a temporary structure?

When you read these questions, your immediate response is very likely to be: it depends on what you need. This is a correct answer, but there are some factors which drive the cost more than others and everything should be considered before deciding upon the route you want to go.

Therefore, understanding the process and options is extremely important for you to control the budget of a temporary structure in need, and finally you can make the right decision to get the fit-for-purpose and budget friendly structure.

Generally speaking, before you decide to go for structures, first of everything, you need to consider:

What are your needs in terms of the function of the temporary structure?

temporary structures

Firstly when encountering this question, you need to determine the period of using the structure. After that, do you use it as a storage warehouse, or as event tent or else? Are the assets or goods, or people inside temperature sensitive? What are the weather condition in your area? Can the structure withstand the harsh condition? Etc.

The above questions are the first step, which plays the crucial role, you need to consider. Step by step, when all the questions are considered thoroughly, the general cost of your structure will be clear for you.

What dimensions can be fit for your needs with temporary structure?

This is another vital aspect that you need to consider. When talking about dimensions, length and width are the prior to consider. You need to have a clear picture about how big your goods or assets need to be accessed and stored; if you are in event industry, how many guests will you host, and 1 guest can be counted for how many square meters?

However, dimensions do not only mean the length and width. You need to consider the eave height, which is also called side height. Eave height indicates the height distance from the ground to the eave. Eave height is totally different with ridge height, or so called top height. It determines the highest part which your assets can access the structure. For temporary structures of Shelter Structures, eave height vary from 3 to 8 meters. Worthy to mention, at Shelter Structures, our span can reach up to 60m which indicates the width, the length can be unlimited and of 5 meters increments.

Do you require lighting in temporary structure?

Lighting is a small aspect to be considered, compared to the structure itself. However, it still have the impact on the total costs; furthermore, it has indirect impact on what kind of fabrics roof and/ or wall covers you choose. For example, when you choose translucent PVC fabric covers, natural light can penetrate inside during day time, if you do not need any operations at night, lighting is not a MUST for you.

Additionally regarding lighting, especially for industrial temporary use, like oil and gas industry, or mining industry, there are high risk of exploration onsite. At this time, choosing the correct lighting packages, for example the anti-exploration lighting package, is critically important for safety reasons.

Do you require insulation and heating in temporary structure?

temporary structures

Insulation and heating are related. For those temperature sensitive assets or people inside the structures, effective insulation needs to be considered, as well as adding heating elements. Effective insulation can be shown at, for example, implementing solid wall panels, such as ABS or steel or aluminum sandwich wall panels, the thickness of the sandwich part can be 40mm, 50mm, 80mm which can be customized; another example is utilizing double layer fabric roof materials etc.  

When the insulation can not entirely solve the temperature issue, extra HVAC system, temperature control system and more, needs to be added on. These elements cost extra, which you need to be taken into consideration.

Do you need other amenities and do you need the all-in-one solution at temporary structure?

temporary structures

Once determined what areas are needed inside the structure, such as canteens, workshop, living space etc., you know what other amenities are needed or not. If this structure aims to be versatile in specific industry, all-in-one solution is the perfect for you. For example, at Shelter Structures, we provide what you need, like flooring, linings, HVAC, furniture, lighting, ventilation and more.  

Is security of your priority with temporary structure?

For some industrial cases, security mostly means for against theft, a higher level of protection for the security of the assets, people and structure itself. Therefore, we would suggest you consider solid wall panels, adding proper doors and increase the height of the eave, plus adding monitoring system. By doing so, it effectively reinforce the structural durability and also the security level. Take this in mind, solid wall panels, sometimes also solid roof panels, are much more costly than fabric covers.

What kind of door that you need in temporary structure?

Doors are for personnel and big machinery accessing, both needs to be considered of the width and height. It increases the cost, however, also adding many benefits, like increasing the security level. Speaking of budget, if you want to lower it, you can always consider fabric wall panels, but when there is need of accessing, open and close the fabrics.

In each case, the answer will drive the requirement towards a particular solution.

Shelter Structures provide detailed, transparent quotations and will always advise where additional costs may be incurred. When comparing quotes this should always be borne in mind.

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