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Home -- Blogs -- How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Clear Span Tent for a Wedding

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Clear Span Tent for a Wedding


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Published: May 11, 2024

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple's life. Making this day perfect requires meticulous planning and often a significant budget. One of the biggest expenses for an outdoor wedding is renting a tent. Clear span tents are a popular choice to keep guests comfortable regardless of the weather. But how much do these stylish tents cost to rent for a wedding?

In this article, we'll break down the factors that impact clear span tent rental pricing for weddings. We'll also provide average price ranges so you can estimate costs. And we'll highlight some of the benefits of using clear span tents to help you decide if the investment is worthwhile for your big day.

Factors That Affect the Rental Cost of a Clear Span Tent for a Wedding

  • The size of the tent is a major cost determinant, as larger tents require more materials, labor, and space to set up. For example, a 15'x15' tent for an intimate gathering of 50 may cost $500, while a 60'x120' tent for 300 guests could be $15,000. Measure your guestlist, seating, dance floor, tables, and other needs to get the right tent size.
  • The tent style also impacts pricing. Frame tents use aluminum poles on the sides and corners to support the roof and walls. They provide good weather protection at lower costs, starting at around $100 per pole. Pole tents use center poles and perimeter poles to create an elegant draped ceiling effect. But the specialized engineering and extra labor increase pole tent pricing to around $500 per center pole.
  • Fully enclosing a tent with sidewalls and windows provides climate and sound control. However, transparency film walls start at around $20 per linear foot when installed, while crystal clear window walls cost $60+ per linear foot. For a 30'x45' tent, walls can easily add $2,000-$6,000.
  • Flooring replaces grass or concrete to provide an attractive, durable surface. Basic tarp floors cost about $0.50 per square foot. Wood planking starts at $6 per square foot and provides a dance-friendly option. Fancy glass flooring runs $15+ per square foot but makes a jaw-dropping impression.
  • Proper lighting can transform a tent, but it comes at a price. Simple string lighting starts at $5 per linear foot. Elaborate chandeliers or LED lighting packages to create a magical atmosphere run $30 to $50 per linear foot. Power access for amplifiers, fans, and heaters will cost around $100 per outlet.
  • Furniture and amenities rentals add up quickly. Banquet tables are about $10 each, and Chiavari chairs are around $5. Luxury restroom units are $1200+. Full-service bars or buffet setups can cost thousands. Factor these extras into your budget.
  • The tent location also plays a role. Delivery and labor fees for setup/takedown are higher for destinations further from the rental company's facility. Permits or site fees for spaces like parks or gardens may apply as well. Popular wedding venues often charge more.
  • Weekend weddings during peak seasons like spring and summer will incur the highest rates, while off-season tents for fall or winter weddings will be more affordable. Similarly, renting for 1-2 days costs less than keeping a tent erected for a full week.

It's easy to see how all these individual factors can really make tent rental pricing variable for weddings. But what’s the typical overall investment?

What Are Outdoor Event Venues

Average Cost of Renting a Clear Span Tent for a Wedding

Looking at nationwide data, here are some approximate price ranges for clear span tent rentals for weddings:

  • Small tent (15'x15') - $300 to $800
  • Medium tent (30'x45') - $1,500 to $3,000
  • Large tent (45'x75') - $3,500 to $7,000
  • Extra large tent (60'x120') - $7,500 to $15,000

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates based on "clean tent" quotes, which just include the basic structure. Prices often double once sidewalls, lighting, flooring, and other features are added. Plus, additional fees like delivery and setup can tally another few thousand.

The number of guests you're hosting and the overall style/atmosphere you want to create impacts ideal tent sizing. But expect to spend around $10,000 at a minimum for a clear span tent that comfortably fits 100-150 guests with a dance area, tables, lighting, etc.

For more lavish tents from specialty companies that hold 200+ visitors or have draped ceilings, chandeliers, and full climate control, costs often exceed $25,000.

Front Of Extended Span Atrium Tent

Benefits of Clear Span Tents for Weddings

Why do couples pay so much for a temporary tent structure for their wedding? Here are some of the biggest advantages clear span tents offer:

  • Weather protection is a major benefit of clear span tents. Outdoor weddings are vulnerable to rain, heat, wind, and other elements that can ruin the event. A tent enclosure shields the interior from unpredictable weather while still providing scenic views through transparent walls. This gives couples peace of mind that rain won't dampen their big day.
  • Temperature control is another key advantage over open-air venues. Strategically placed sidewalls block cold drafts, and fans circulate air to prevent heat buildup inside the tent. With the optional addition of climate control systems, the interior temperature can be maintained at a comfortable range for guests no matter the weather.
  • Aesthetically, clear span tents create an elegant backdrop for wedding celebrations. The draped fabric ceiling provides a polished look compared to the exposed beams of traditional pole tents. Twinkling string lights and chandeliers hung from the peak height further enhance the romantic ambiance. Transparent sidewalls keep sightlines open, while decorative swags maintain indoor privacy.
  • The flexibility of tents is ideal for weddings. The layout can be customized with different zones and furnishings to accommodate the ceremony, reception, dance floor, dining, and more in a single integrated space. Tents can also be right-sized, from intimate gatherings to parties for hundreds.
  • Flooring is key for an enjoyable guest experience. Hard floors allow comfortable seating, dancing, and walkability without worrying about dirt, mud, or moisture from the ground. Yet tents leave no trace, protecting fields or landscaping underneath.
  • Tents are also highly customizable to match each couple's unique wedding style. Add boldly colored linens, drapes, furniture rentals, and lighting to create any desired tone, from classic elegance to modern glamour. No permanent structure can be so easily transformed.
  • Logistically, tents simplify wedding planning. Rental companies handle delivery, raising, and lowering of the structure, allowing you to focus on other details. Venue options also increase since tents can be erected almost anywhere with a flat surface.
  • In case of last-minute issues with the primary venue, having a tent as a backup plan can be a lifesaver. The portable nature and quick setup of clear span structures provide reliability that the celebration will go on without a hitch.

Tents ultimately provide the versatility, beauty, and comfort needed to bring any wedding vision to life in a customizable, weatherproof setting. That peace of mind is why couples happily invest in rental tents.

Multi Side Clear Span Tents 5

Final Words

From intimate gatherings to lavish parties, clear span tents offer wedding couples a stylish, versatile space to say their "I dos". Prices typically range from a few thousand dollars up to $25,000 or more, depending on the size, features, and extras you select.

Though not an insignificant investment, a tent ensures your wedding is uniquely yours while keeping attendees comfortable. And it allows you to host your special day practically anywhere with dramatic views, personal meaning, or ample room for fun.

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