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Home -- Blogs -- How Much Do Clear Span Buildings Cost?

How Much Do Clear Span Buildings Cost?


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Updated: May 24, 2024
Published: April 11, 2024

Cost of Clear Span Buildings

On average, prices can range from $20 to $40 per square foot for basic steel buildings. However, for more customized and complex structures, costs can escalate to $40-$70 per square foot or more. It's essential to get detailed quotes based on specific requirements for an accurate budget.

Moverover, we continue to detail the factors that influence clear span building prices and explores their longevity.

Clear Span Buildings For The General Frame

Main Factors That Affect Clear Span Building Prices

The cost of clear span buildings is influenced by several key factors, each playing a critical role in the final price:


The size of the building is a primary determinant of cost. Larger structures require more materials and labor, thus increasing the price. The cost per square foot can decrease as the size increases, benefiting those in need of vast spaces:

Size (sq ft)Cost per sq ftTotal Cost Range
1,000 - 5,000$30 - $40$30,000 - $200,000
5,001 - 10,000$28 - $37$140,000 - $370,000
10,001 - 20,000$25 - $35$250,000 - $700,000
20,001 - 30,000$23 - $33$460,000 - $990,000
30,001 - 40,000$22 - $32$660,000 - $1,280,000
40,001 - 50,000$20 - $30$800,000 - $1,500,000

Frame Style

Clear span buildings come in different frame styles. Each style affects the look and cost of the building. Arch-shaped frames cost less. These frames fit some uses well but not all because of their shape and limited options. Rigid frame structures, on the other hand, offer more flexibility. This means they can meet more needs and preferences. But this versatility makes them more expensive. The higher cost comes from the complex design and materials used.

To get a better understanding of how various frame styles influence the clear span buildings prices per square foot, you can refer to the table below:

Frame StyleCost Range per sq ftDescriptionSuitability
Rigid Frame$25 - $40Straight sidewalls with rigid steel beams spanning the structure. Maximum usable space and flexible interior layouts.Large warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial spaces
Tapered Beam Frame$20 - $35Tapered steel beams that are wider at the base. Reduces material costs while maintaining structural integrity.Agricultural storage, workshops, small industrial buildings
Modular Frame$30 - $45Consists of individual modules bolted together on-site. Allows for easy customization and expansion.Offices, retail spaces, recreational facilities
Single Slope Frame$25 - $40Single sloping roof for maximum interior height on one side. Provides drainage and architectural variety.Aircraft hangars, agricultural storage, commercial buildings with height requirements
Gable Frame$20 - $35Peaked roof with straight sidewalls and vertical end walls. Offers excellent structural strength.Warehouses, garages, workshops
Arched Frame$15 - $30Curved roof that provides additional interior height and clearance. Spacious interior.Agricultural storage, riding arenas, recreational facilities
Clear Span Buildings Interior View

Material Options

Steel is the top choice for clear-span buildings because of its strength and durability. Costs for steel construction vary based on the quality of steel and the building design.

  • Prefabricated steel buildings, which are pre-designed and made off-site, usually cost between $16 and $20 per square foot. This option allows faster assembly and tends to be more cost-effective.
  • Custom steel buildings, designed for specific needs, can cost between $20 to $40 per square foot. The higher cost reflects the extra labor and materials needed for unique designs.

Market changes in steel prices can also impact the total cost. Strategic timing of the project can help manage these costs. Explore our collection to find the best material options for your clear span building. Visit our materials page and start planning with confidence!

Engineering Complexity

The engineering complexity of a clear span building significantly impacts its cost. Factors such as wind load, snow load, and seismic considerations require detailed and advanced engineering solutions to ensure the building's structural integrity and safety. For example, engineering costs for a standard project might constitute about 10% to 15% of the total project cost. However, for buildings in areas with high seismic activity or heavy snowfall, these costs can escalate to 20% or more of the total project cost. This surge is due to the necessity for more intricate designs and additional materials to meet stringent safety standards. Effective planning and design optimization are critical in managing these costs without compromising on safety or compliance.


Customization adds significant value to clear span buildings, tailoring them to specific functional and aesthetic requirements. However, this customization comes with increased costs. For instance, adding specialized doors or windows can increase costs by $1,500 to $5,000 per installation, depending on size and specifications. Advanced insulation options and interior finishes also add to the cost, with insulation prices ranging from $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot, and interior finishes can vary widely, potentially adding tens of thousands of dollars to the project. The level of customization directly correlates with the price increase, making it essential for project planners to carefully balance desired features with budgetary constraints. Each custom feature, while enhancing the building's functionality or appearance, incrementally increases the overall financial commitment.

How Long Do Clear Span Steel Buildings Last?

Durability is a hallmark of clear span steel buildings. With proper maintenance, these structures can last 50 years or more. Factors such as the building's location, weather conditions, and the quality of construction materials play a crucial role in its lifespan. Investing in quality materials and regular maintenance can extend the building's life significantly.

Clear Span Building Other Scenes

Final Words

Clear span buildings offer a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of applicationsThe initial cost of clear span may seem high. However, the durability, flexibility, and large usable space provide great value. Careful planning ensures these buildings meet and exceed expectations. When thinking about a clear span building, consider the factors that affect costs.  Clear span buildings provide durable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for many needs.

Understanding the current market prices helps. Contact our expert for the newest quotation of clear span today. Explore our collection today to find the perfect clear span building for your project. Visit our clear span page and start planning your project with our innovative span design now.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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