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Home -- Blogs -- Luxury camping for weddings: choosing the perfect wedding glamping tent

Luxury camping for weddings: choosing the perfect wedding glamping tent


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: February 19, 2024


The trend of modern wedding become more individualize and personalised,the new people pursue creating unforgettable experience at wedding.Traditional indoor wedding venue graually give place to outdoor place.Therefore,the new usage of wedding glamping tents emerge as the times require.This trend reflects people chasing unusual wedding needs,they eager have wedding in natural environment,feeling the romantic of nature.

The wedding tent plays an important role in mordern wedding,offer opportunity for people who creating a unique atmosphere .These outdoor venue add an unique and elegant demeanour for wedding,and bring more flexible and individuation choice for wedding.From beach wedding to  mountain ceremony,the diversity of wedding glamping tent make every wedding become a special experience.

Therefore,wedding glamping tent not just a tool for shelter and protection anymore,it become a conspicuous decoration element,breaking the boundary of traditional wedding and creating a full of romantic and surprise wedding scene.This new usage of wedding glamping tent embody the people’s pursue of creativity and individuation .The wedding glamping tent pour into more glamour and warmth in special day for new people.

Luxury Wedding Tent,wedding glamping tent

The charm of wedding tents in an outdoor wedding venue

The importance of wedding glamping tent can be discussed from multiple aspects.First of all, these type of tents provide a special and romantic atmosphere ,it is hard to achieve in traditional wedding venue.The wedding glamping tent is not just tool which for shower or shelter from rain,they already become a important element for wedding design.These tents usually be designed very elegant and exquisite.It can perfectly fit in outdoor environment,such as garden,beach and countryside view.And you can also make some decoration according your own taste.

Moreover,the convenience of wedding glamping tent is one big advantage.Compared to the traditional wedding venue,the tents can be easily set up and dismantle.This point is very nessary for new people and wedding planner,because it provoide more flexibility and  selectivity.

For example,if people want to have wedding in their own family manor or a special outdoor location,using the wedding glamping tent is very appropriate.This convenience means the wedding location could become more personalization and customization.To create a truly unique celebration.In addition,the wedding glamping tent also provide the opportunity for close contact with nature.These tents allow the circulation  between natural light and fresh air ,add a natural and relaxing atmosphere .For those couple who celebrating their special days in the natural beauty,this is a huge attraction.Imagine this,celebrating the important moment in your life under  the stars, by the sea, or in a lush garden with your famliy and friends ,this kind of experiecnce is very unforgettable.Futhermore,wedding glamping tent also privide huge flexibility in decoration.No matter the neo couple like vintage style ,bohemia, elegant or simple,tents can be arranged accordingly.Lights, cloth curtains, flowers, and other ornaments can be used as create a dreaming enrionment.The personalization possibility canmake every wedding be very special.The wedding glamping tent also offer a solution for uncertain weather.Whether it's a hot summer day or breeze slowly fall,tents can provide necessary shelter,ensuring the wedding went smoothly.Even in the face of a sudden light rain,the wedding glamping tent can make sure the guests comfortaly,making the wedding free from the weather.Besides,wedding glamping tent can accommodate weddings of different sizes.Whether it’s a small and close wedding or a huge ceremony,there always a option for people.And it provide more flexibility ,making them can decide the  size of the wedding according to their own needs .

In conclusion,the attraction of wedding glamping tent is they can provide unique,romantic and distinctive experience.At the same time, these tents have the convenience of setting up quickly.This kind of tents not only provide a close contact with nature,but only prvide the flexibility of decoration and scale.Let every wedding become a unforgettable ceremony.For those new couple who want to celebrating their special days,choosing the outdoor wedding tent is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Key Factors and Considerations in Choosing a Wedding Glamping Tent

When you begin to plan and prepare a outdoor wedding,especially in some refreshing natural environment,choosing appropriate wedding glamping tent become the core assignment.Tent is not just a practical tool for shelter,it is a key element for building dream wedding atmosphere.Let us deeply discuss about how to choose ideal wedding glamping tent,ensuring your big day become both beautiful and practical.

1/The size and capacity of the tent

Size selection of the tent is a balance art.On one hand,it  demand big enough,so it can accommodate all guests,tables, dancing floor or even a band or DJ Station.Imaging you and your family and friends gathering together,celebrting your big day.On the other hand,too spacious tent maybe lose the warm and close feeling,make guests feel distances each other.Therefore,when you choose tents,you need to estimate the space needed,make sure it can accommodate all people,and build the atmosphere of gathering together.

2/Location and ground conditions

The selection of location can be directly effect the decision of tent type.The romantic of beach wedding undoubtly yearning,but supporting large tents on soft sand requires special technology and equipment. By comparison,the glass provide more solid foundation,but it need to handle with unsmooth ground.Whatever the location,the important part is make sure tent can be safely install on the land.In this process,you maybe need professinal help and advice,ensure everything going smoothly.

3/Style and decoration

The style of tents must be correspondence with youe whole wedding theme.Whether to choose a traditional white tent,or a more personalized color tent?It is a opportunity for show off your personal style.The inside decoration also important---from hanging cloth to elaborate lighting arrangements,even flower decoration ,all these elements will be created together a unforgettable sence.

4/ Weather factor

Having putdooe wedding means you maybe need to handle with all kinds of weather conditions.So it is very crucial to choose air-resistant and waterproof material tents,especially in the changeable climatic conditions.Some tent design have knock-down side.Whether it is the hot sun, the sudden rain,or cool night wind,it can quickly adjust different weather.In addition,considering the change of temperature ,may also  add equipment such as heating or fans,ensuring your comfort.

5/Installation and disassembly

When you choose tents,knowing the process of installtion and disassembly is very necessary.Some companies provide full service ,including transportation, installation and disassembly,it undoublely ccan reduce your burden.But in some cases, you need to coordinate these work by person.If it's the latter,make sure you have enough people and time to do this,avoiding chaotic at the last moments before the wedding.

6/ Budget

In all of theseplans,budget is can not be ignored all the time.The rent of tents and decoration could be a big part in your wedding.When you certain your budget,considering the cost of catering,photography,and entertainment,equitably distribute every expenditure .Rememeber,sometimes the simplest solusion can bring the least anticipated surprise and effect.


wedding glamping tent


Whether your wedding is simple or luxurious,it is important to embody you and your partner unique style and a love story.Let your outdoor wedding become a occasion which telling your love story and share happiness.In such a special day,let your love bloom under the wedding glamping  tent.Remember,when you prepare your wedding,every choice ,every decision is the exclusive marks for your lover.We wish your wedding is the new beginning of life happiness.Wish you discover endless happiness in your special day, creating irreplaceable memories.

We provide wedding glamping tents in various styles and sizes,no matter your wedding is samll or luxurious,we can meet your needs.Our tents no just have good quality,and have special design,can perfectly fit in your wedding theme.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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