Event Management Tips – How To Choose The Event Tent

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Outdoor Event Management

Today, more and more people choose to take activity temporarily. At the same time, tent becomes the most suitable venue for the event to be held. Obviously, When you are planning an event outdoors, it’s important for you to choose the right tent. Your tent is the social center of your event and making sure that you have enough space for your guests and are keeping within your budget are both priorities.

Some Tips for Choosing Event Tent

#1. Which Kinds of Event You Will Hold

This is the first and most important thing that should be noted. There are different tent styles for different events. In commercial promotion, you will want some eye-catching and customized designs for your tents. In carnival/celebration events, printed PVC fabric will be a better choice to brighten up your outdoor venue. In sporting events, you can make some simple and classic designs for the lounge and reception hall. No matter the kind of events, you will get your need in installing clear span tent.

#2. The Location of The Event

The location also is a point that should be considered. The location will determine the success of your event. According to the terrain, making adaptation solutions for the event.

In addition, different tent fixations can be chosen depending on your real situation. Using Bearing Box as a fixation can provide the maximum protection of the land. On cement land, we usually use expansion bolts to stable the tent structures. There is better performance on grassland by steel stakes.

#3. The Weather Consideration

The weather has a decisive impact on outdoor activities. But the tent can try to reduce the impact of weather on activities. Waterproof PVC and solid wall are the basic and essential accessories for tents. In addition, a rain gutter for a rainy day, an air conditioner for hot summer, heat system for cold weather to ensure that activities can be held smoothly.

#4. The Capacity of the Tent

Taking sufficient space for the guests is the responsibility of the host. The capacity will be different depending on your seater setting and decoration. For example, if you are planning a catering hall at the round table. Each guest area is about 1.5 sqm. If you are hosting a fashion show, you’d better make consideration of the catwalk stage also. Thanks to the construction design, the size will be flexible of our clear span tent. You can decrease or increase the width and length to 3 /5m for each bay.

#5. Quality and Budget Consideration

The tent should be safe, reliable, and easy to install, at the same time, the budget also needs to be controlled in a reasonable range. Enough space for your guests and are keeping within your budget are both priorities.

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