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Home -- Blogs -- How to choose a small backyard wedding cerecomny tent?

How to choose a small backyard wedding cerecomny tent?


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Updated: April 29, 2024
Published: April 22, 2024

Choosing a tent size

Measure the actual size of your backyard :

Before choosing a tent size, you must carefully measure your backyard's actual size. Use a measuring tool (such as a measuring tape or rangefinder) to ensure that the length and width of your backyard are accurately recorded.
Consider any possible constraints, such as trees, gardens, fences, or other fixed structures. These structures may affect the placement of the tent and the available space.

Estimated number of invitees:

Determining the number of guests you invite is one critical factor in sizing a wedding tent. Typically, each guest needs a certain amount of space to move, mingle, and celebrate comfortably.
Determine the size and capacity of your wedding based on the number of guests. Typically, each guest needs about 15 to 25 square feet of space. Consider other event areas, such as tables, dance floors, stages, etc., to ensure everyone has enough room.

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Choose suitable types of backyard wedding tents.

Frame Tent

Tent frames which consist aluminum tubes are one of the most common structures for outdoor wedding tent. It can be set up on most types of ground, including more complex surfaces like concrete or wood. Frame tents are popular because they are freestanding, with no poles to contend with when placing reception tables and other décor.

20x50 frame tent

Pole Tent

This wedding tent is held up by poles, which create a unique peaked effect on the tent's ceiling. While you'll have to work around the poles to figure out your floor plan, you can also decorate the poles uniquely (adding greenery, for example). This tent structure can only be set up on a softer surface, like grass.

Marquee Tent

This tent has an A-frame roof. Its aluminum modular frame allows it to be used on hard and soft ground. This tent can be used as a permanent structure. It is easy to dismantle, and due to its modular design, it can increase or decrease its size.
marquee tent

To consider the price factors of backyard wedding tent

Tent itself

Prices for different types and sizes of tents will vary. Frame tents, pole tents, and marquee tents all have different costs. Typically, larger tents will cost more because they require more materials and take longer to erect. Some tents may have unique designs or features, such as the necessary large wind load, permanent buildings, glass walls, etc. These additional features will affect the price of the awning. The quality of the materials used in a tent significantly impacts its durability and appearance. High-quality materials usually lead to a higher price. For example, a steel frame would be cheaper than an aluminum frame. Still, an aluminum frame also has a longer service life and better performance.


While a tent is supposed to mimic the feeling of an outdoor wedding, you'll most likely want some of the conveniences of an indoor reception – namely, you'll need electricity! Plan to include a generator in your budget for a tented reception. This generator allows you to reliably run a heating or cooling unit, depending on the season. It can light up the tent if your reception extends into the evening. Additionally, if there's no indoor kitchen nearby, you can set up an outdoor catering space—likely in a separate tent. If you're hosting a backyard wedding, you might need to invest in available portable outdoor restrooms so your guests don't crowd your home's bathrooms.


If you're considering an outdoor tent wedding, you've likely checked out Pinterest for design inspiration. Nearly any décor, theme, or color palette you envision can be done in a tent, whether you want a country-inspired rustic wedding, a romantic garden wedding, or an over-the-top, chandelier-filled elegant wedding. Still, each comes with its own budget and logistical considerations. Wedding and party tents are made in a variety of styles and materials. A basic white vinyl frame tent is probably the most common and cost-efficient way to go, but other options include a clear top tent and fabric tents. Different materials are excellent depending on the vision of the wedding and the atmosphere that you are looking to create.


A tent is not always the most attractive structure on its own. Draping fabric to cover a frame tent's metal frame and a pole tent's poles creates an elegant ambiance. Voile is the most popular fabric used for draping. However, other materials such as chiffon, organza, and poly fabrics may also be used. There are many creative ways to use fabric to dramatic effect.

Other costs

Transportation and installation

In addition to the price of the tent itself, you will need to consider the cost of transportation and installation. The extra cost may include the cost of transportation to the designated address and the cost required for professional tent installation.


Sometimes, you may also need additional accessories or equipment to enhance the function or appearance of the awning, such as lights, heaters, ground coverings, etc. These extra accessories will also add to the overall cost.

Regular Maintenance

Clean the tarpaulin regularly if you need to set it up for an extended period. Periodically check whether the parts are complete; if some are missing, you must add them.

Décor Costs

Advantages of backyard wedding tent


You can create a wedding scene that fits your liking and theme. Imagine being free to choose your décor, arrange your furniture, and design your stage so that every detail matches your and your partner's unique style. You can transform your backyard into a one-of-a-kind fantasy world, creating memories for you and your guests.

Make your gathering more intimate

Getting married in a familiar place, like a relative's backyard, can bring a cozy familiarity to your ceremony.
The same yard where you grew up catching fireflies in the grass or snacking delicious food from the grill. That family connection can give your wedding an extra dash of intimacy and help you feel closer to your loved ones as you begin a new chapter.

Save on your budget

Setting up a wedding marquee is much more affordable. You can save significantly compared to renting a traditional ballroom or hotel. In addition, you have more flexibility to control your budget, customizing and adapting it to your needs. You can choose the type of tent and accessories that fit your budget. The money you save can be used for other essential things, such as wedding decorations, gourmet food, etc., to make your wedding perfect and memorable.

Embrace nature

If you're a fan of the great outdoors, the backyard is a beautiful place to soak up the sun and bask in nature's beauty. Depending on the season and outdoor plants, flowers, and greenery, you can bring organic elegance into your wedding photos.

Venue Costs

Construction guidance

Are you worried about the build? Don't worry. First, we will provide easy-to-understand instructions to show you the detailed instructions for the tent. These instructions usually contain easy-to-understand steps and diagrams to help you understand how to set up your canopy. You will be able to follow the instructions for the letter. Backyard wedding tents are usually designed to be simple and more accessible to set up than traditional large tents. Depending on the type and size of tent chosen, it usually takes only 2 to 4 people to set up. We also provide online hands-on demonstrations to show you the setup process. This online hands-on demonstration will help you better understand the steps and techniques required.

Hoop Greenhouse Construction Process


Selecting the right tent for a small backyard wedding ceremony involves careful consideration of various factors. Measuring the actual size of your backyard and taking into account any constraints is essential to determine the appropriate tent size. Additionally, budgeting for the tent and associated costs such as utilities, decoration, transportation, installation, and regular maintenance is crucial. With proper planning and consideration of these elements, you can create a memorable and intimate wedding experience right in your own backyard.

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