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Home -- Blogs -- What Size Tent Do You Need For 100 Guests?

What Size Tent Do You Need For 100 Guests?


Aaron's expertise in emergency response and safety protocols for large tent events makes him a go-to consultant for risk management strategies.

Published: May 4, 2024

Tent sizing guidelines

The choice of tent size will vary depending on the needs of the occasion. The table below provides a basic guide to help you choose the right tent size based on the type of event and the number of participants expected:

Guest RangeStand Only (feet)Seating Only (feet)With Round Table (feet)With Stage and Bar Size (feet)


Standing event: requires approximately 1.5 square meters of space per person.

Sitting (chairs only): For occasions where a table is not required, such as presentations or film viewing, 2 square meters of space per person is required.

Seated at round tables: requires 3 square meters of space per person. Commonly used for banquets or catering events, each table usually accommodates 8 to 10 people.

Events with stage and bar: In addition to the primary seating space, additional space is needed to accommodate a stage and bar, requiring approximately 4 square meters of space per person.

This table provides you with an initial estimate. Still, please make appropriate adjustments according to the specific event's needs and the venue's conditions.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a tent size:

Before you search for a tent, you'll have to measure the size of your venue. You'll need to know exactly how much space to pick an appropriately sized tent. For instance, a backyard wedding may have less space than one at a public park.

Not all of it will be used when calculating the venue's size. You'll have to factor in any trees, poles, and other obstacles that could get in the way of your tent setup.

Additionally, consider the space needed for entrance and exit areas for guests. Work with your venue's event manager—they are likely to know the maximum tent size the venue is able to accommodate.

How does the Shelter tent adapt to your venue's needs?

To adapt to the needs of different terrains and sites, the design and form of the tent also need to adapt to various terrains and site conditions. The following are the types of tent forms that Shelter Structures can provide:

Diversified tent types

Clear span tent:

  • These tents have no center poles, providing an unobstructed, open space.
  • They can be secured with weights on hard surfaces where stakes are not allowed.
  • Suitable for use on grass, sand, concrete, or paved surfaces.
Polygon Clear Span Tents 6
Waterproof Tent for Party & Event Arch Series

Arch tent:

  • The roof is arch-shaped, modern, and eye-catching.
  • Strong structures that can withstand heavy winds and adverse weather conditions.
  • It is ideal for outdoor exhibitions, significant public events, or sports activities.

High peak tent:

  • It features a central pole and sloped roof, offering a traditional and elegant look.
  • Requires soft ground such as grass for staking.
  • It is commonly used for weddings, festival celebrations, and outdoor gatherings.
Outdoor Activities 10x10m High Peak Tent
clear span tent

Clear top tent:

  • The roof and sides are transparent, allowing a view of the outside.
  • It is especially suitable for nighttime events or occasions that want to showcase a beautiful natural setting.
  • It can be installed on various types of ground, mainly where visual impact is essential.

Polygonal tent:

  • Polygonal design, suitable for special exhibitions or large-scale events.
  • It provides extensive coverage and is ideal for large gatherings or exhibitions.
  • The unique structural shape is designed to attract attention.
Big Tents for Events
Double Decker Tent

Double decker tent:

  • Two-story design that increases space without expanding the footprint.
  • Suitable for locations with limited space but requiring a large area.
  • Often used for sports events, high-end corporate functions, or exhibitions.

What else do you need to account for?

Having determined the right-sized tent for your event, consider adding special touches to enhance its appeal. A tent is a good start, but you'll need the right decor and furniture to transform it into a luxurious venue.

Consider installing glass walls and flooring for aluxurious look:

Opt for 6mm tempered glass for the walls, which offers excellent transparency and impact resistance. Not only does tempered glass provide amazing views and natural light, but it also offers adequate sound and heat insulation, enhancing the comfort of your event. Plus, it's safe—tempered glass is designed to break into tiny, blunt pieces if shattered, ensuring the safety of your guests.

Flooring is just as important. You wouldn't want your guests standing on grass or dirt. Choose our 18mm cassette flooring to add elegance and a high-end feel to your tent. And don't forget about high heels—make sure your flooring is sturdy enough to support them!

Interior decoration

The interior design should be noticed. We can provide well-designed top and side curtains, adding color and layers to the event tent and a unique flavor to the venue. The choice of curtains can be customized according to the theme of the event and personal preferences; it can be light and soft gauze curtains, but it can also be gorgeous and luxurious satin curtains; the clever combination of top curtains and side curtains can create a romantic and warm atmosphere for the wedding venue so that guests can immerse themselves in it, and spend an unforgettable moment.


Since you'll be outdoors, you can't depend on the same kind of lights you'd use in a regular room. Instead, you'll need to invest in special lighting for the tent.
You can choose something classic like string lights or lanterns, or mix up your décor with modern LED lights and colorful spotlights.
Whatever option you choose should be bright enough to illuminate the entire area. You can have dimmers or switches that allow different lighting settings, like a dim glow for dinner and brighter lights for dancing.

Air conditioning/heating

Finally, make sure your tent is comfortable. Depending on the season and location, that might mean adding air conditioning or heating units. Ensure that these are running before guests arrive so that everyone is cool/warm enough for the duration of the wedding!
Standing units are the most common, but you can opt for air ducts and ceiling units.


Choosing the right tent size for your event ensures comfort and functionality. Whether you're hosting a standing reception, a seated dinner without tables, or a banquet with round tables, each setup requires specific space allowances per person to accommodate your guests comfortably. Additionally, events featuring stages and bars need even more space to ensure everyone has enough room to enjoy the festivities without feeling cramped.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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