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Home -- Blogs -- How Do I Choose an Event Tent?

How Do I Choose an Event Tent?


A leader in logistics and operations, Caesar expertly manages the complexities of large tent installations for international events.

Published: May 18, 2024


Finding the perfect event tent is the key to a successful party. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take an in-depth look at five adaptable event tent styles for a variety of different needs. In addition, we'll explore the essential factors that influence your decision-making process for choosing the ideal tent for your event.

Five Versatile Tent Styles to Meet Any Event Needs

Entering the event market requires choosing the best tent for your event. Whether you are starting a tent rental business or expanding your event business, choosing the right tent for your event is one of the most important factors in the success of your event!

Pop-Up Tent:

Quick, convenient, and easy to move from warehouse to site, pop-up tents are the ultimate solution for rapid tent setup. They're perfect for small events where simplicity and speed are key.
Outdoor Activities 10x10m High Peak Tent

Peak-Top Tent:

With elegant peaks that seamlessly blend style with simplicity, peak-top tents are the ideal choice for weekend events. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also make every event unforgettable.

Pole Tent:

A center pole supports the peak of a pole tent, giving it a charming traditional look. They're best suited for soft, stake-friendly ground, with various sizes available and a simple setup process—making them a favorite among rental beginners.
Shelter 10*20 Pole Tents & Party tents
20x40 frame tent

Frame Tent:

Frame tents are versatile and maximize space, making them perfect for short and long-term use. Options like transparent tops or Keder systems expand your choices, providing adaptability for all your event arrangements.

Aluminum Structure Tent:

For those seeking durability, aluminum structure tents are the top choice. Featuring aluminum alloy designs typically with specific weather resistance grades, they require significant investment and longer installation time but provide unparalleled durability and safety to meet long-term needs.

Seven Key Considerations for Choosing the Ideal Event Tents

Event Type and Purpose:

Consider the type and purpose of your event, such as outdoor weddings, corporate events, trade shows, or sports events. Different events may require different types and sizes of tents to meet specific needs.


Determine the budget available for the tent. Tent prices are influenced by factors such as size, material, design, and additional equipment. Ensure you choose the most suitable tent within your budget.

Scale and Space Requirements:

Determine the required tent size and internal space based on the event scale and number of participants. Consider the activity areas, stages, booths, etc. needed during the event to ensure the tent can provide enough space.

Location and Environmental Conditions:

Consider the terrain, ground conditions, and surrounding environment of the event location. Some terrains may require specific types of tents, while certain environmental conditions (such as wind speed, and temperature) may require tents with specific durability and protective features.

Quality and Durability:

View the tent as a reliable partner for outdoor activities. You need sturdy materials that can withstand wind and rain. When searching for a tent, choose one made of UV-resistant fabric and high-quality materials that will last through multiple setups. Also, ensure the tent complies with all fire safety regulations, such as NFPA 701-2.

Installation Frequency:

For those who frequently need to move, set up, and dismantle, choose a tent that's easy to operate. If your tent is more of a long-term shelter, durability is key. The goal is to match the tent with the rhythm of your business.

Customization Options:

Consider customization options to meet specific brand images or event themes. Shelter Structures can customize solutions to fit your specific brand or event theme. We offer personalized printing, a range of colors, extra equipment, and more to make your tent stand out. Enhance the atmosphere of your event and make a lasting impression with our customized products!
Extend Reading: How Much Does an Event Tent Cost?

The cost of an event tent depends on various factors, including the type, size, material, design, quality, additional equipment, and customization options.

Basic costs

Pop-up tents offer affordability and convenience for small gathering sand ranges in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while peak-top tents provide elegance for special occasions within the same price range.

Pole tents, also ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, evoke tradition and are suitable for various outdoor events.

Frame tents, priced from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, offer versatility for both short and long-term use.
Lastly, aluminum structure tents, with costs starting from tens of thousands of dollars, provide durability for large-scale and long-term installations.

Additional Costs

Customization Options: If you need customized tents, such as printed logos, special colors, or designs, customization options usually incur an additional cost.

Additional Equipment: Additional equipment for tents may include sidewalls, ground mats, heaters, lighting fixtures, air conditioning units, sound systems, etc.

Insurance and Permit Costs: In some regions or event venues, you may need to purchase insurance for the permit fees.

Maintenance and Upkeep Costs: Long-term use of event tents may require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure their good condition and performance.


Choosing the right event tent isn't just about practicality, it's about bringing out the personality of the organizer. Whether you need a quick pop-up tent or a sturdy aluminum structure, the right tent for each type of event will be different. Find the perfect event tent by considering your budget, customization options, and how long you need to use it. Still not sure how to choose? Contact us for help.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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