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Home -- Blogs -- Buying a wedding tent? 10 tips to help you make the best purchase

Buying a wedding tent? 10 tips to help you make the best purchase


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Updated: April 29, 2024
Published: April 18, 2024


Selecting the ideal wedding tent is essential to ensuring a flawless day because weddings are among the most significant occasions of a person's life. In addition to offering a somber and melancholy atmosphere, an appropriate tent guarantees against the elements. This post will offer you ten useful recommendations to assist you in making a selection if you buy wedding tents.

Tips 1: Determine needs

Wedding tent sizes

Before considering buy wedding tents, It is essential to comprehend your unique requirements toto guarantee that the tent fulfills all your objectives. The main factor, which has a direct connection to the dimensions of the marriage and the total number of guests, is the tent's size. For instance, a tent of about 100 square meters would typically be needed for a wedding with 100 guests; however, this would also need to account for extra room for an auditorium, eating area, and walkways. Each guest should reserve a minimum of 1.5 ㎡ to guarantee ease and range of movements.

Wedding tent types

The visual appeal of the ceremony and the venue's real-life circumstances should also be considered when choosing the sort of tent. For most marriage ceremonies, a classic white tent will do, but if you want to make it more customized or to fit in with the environment naturally, think about getting a clear tent. In addition to offering visitors a stunning perspective of the surroundings, the translucent tent takes advantage of sunlight to establish a dreamy mood. A transparent tent is the most excellent option if the wedding is in a stunning outside location, like a garden or the seashore, since it will enable guests to enjoy the dinner while also taking in the natural magnificence.

Tips 2: Budget setting

An essential first step in buying a wedding tent is figuring out your budget. Wedding tent costs may vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the material, size, and adaptation options. Extensive financial preparation is essential to guarantee that your tent fits your needs and stays below your means.

Simple estimate

Firstly, determine the approximate size and kind of components your tent will require. Larger tents and those composed of premium materials—like luxurious textiles or extremely durable PVC—usually come at a higher price. Furthermore, extra money will be needed if you want your tent to have a unique design, such as distinctive designs, colors, or an integrated illumination system.


Furthermore, inquiring is an essential first step. To understand precisely the amount each service and setup will cost, you should get an estimate from your wedding tent provider and request that the company send you a comprehensive price list. You can use these quotations as a starting point for negotiations and to assist you in determining which choice offers the best deal for your money. There are further possible expenses that need to be taken into account alongside the tent's purchase price.

In this regard, the transportation price is frequently determined by the measurement of the canvas and the length of time it needs to be transported. It is also advisable to ask about the cost of setting up and disassembling in advance, since these tasks typically call for an experienced team and can differ depending on the location and the type of tent. Occasionally, additional expenses may arise from ground planning, mainly if an enormous tent is to be installed on irregular or irregular ground.

Be aware of unexpected expenses.

Ultimately, your budget must provide some wiggle room to accommodate unforeseen costs. For instance, inclement weather could require extra safety precautions or last-minute adjustments might cost more. If you set aside some of your financial resources for these, you'll be better equipped to handle any unexpected expenses arising from your wedding arrangements.

Tips 3: Wedding tent purchase time

It's crucial to time your wedding tent purchase to get the most terrific deal and stay within your budget. Purchasing in winter saves money, considering many tent manufacturers provide enticing deals and promotions to increase sales when interest is lower. For instance, tent suppliers may offer substantial rebates to clear inventory over winter when fewer weddings occur. This is an excellent chance to buy an outstanding tent.

It is best to buy a wedding tent several months before the event so that you have time to evaluate prices and services offered by various vendors and come to the best conclusion. Organizing ahead allows you to avoid paying more than necessary because you don't need the tent right away, and it also provides them a more significant opportunity to haggle for a lower price.

Tips 4: Materials and durability

PVC material

PVC tents have outstanding waterproofing and ultraviolet (UV) defense qualities, making them ideal for outdoor use. PVC is a robust, resilient material that can handle the difficulties presented by various weather circumstances. PVC tents are perfect for usage in variable conditions because they can typically endure wind gusts of up to 100 km/h and an accumulation of snow loading of not less than 75 kg per square meter.


Polyester is a lightweight, airy textile perfect for summertime activities because it allows for optimum airflow. Furthermore, fibers made from polyester are frequently given further treatments to make them resistant to water and UV rays, guaranteeing consistency in color and substance longevity even under harsh sunshine.

Canvas Material

Canvas is another conventional choice renowned for its robustness and timeless appearance. Tents of canvas are often heavier, provide excellent insulation, and work best in colder climates. Canvas may not be as impenetrable as PVC, but its firmness and smoothness can still give your wedding a distinctive, rustic look.

When selecting materials, you must consider your tent's fire safety regulations. Many places have explicit fire codes for tents used during public events. Using materials that resist fire and adhere to local fire protection certificates is crucial to guaranteeing safety and legal compliance.

Tips 5: Style and customization options

Customization choices allow your tent to emphasize unique details and match your wedding theme better. By selecting the tent's color and design, you can match the general mood and fashion of the ceremony and reception with classic white, passionate pink, or other personalized colors.

Additionally, the panels' appearance can be altered. Selecting completely transparent windows makes a space feel more airy, while patterning panels provide additional ornamental elements. Interior design is just as significant, and to maximize the aesthetic impression, go for an arrangement with extravagant chandeliers and draperies.

Additionally, it's critical to include features like stages, expert lighting, and premium carpeting to improve the marriage venue's usability and convenience. These components improve the wedding's appearance while expanding the area's adaptability, making the location more ideal and valuable.

Tips 6: Install and build

An event that runs smoothly depends on the correct installation of wedding tents. Selecting an organization with an experienced deployment staff is essential. This team should not only be knowledgeable about different tent configurations but also be able to offer expert guidance and assistance depending on the location's specific requirements. Large marriage tent construction usually takes a few weeks and involves architectural setup, interior décor, and finishing touches. You are advised to give yourself at least one week's notice before the wedding to install the tent and make other necessary arrangements. This will help to guarantee that each detail goes as planned and give you time to address any last-minute problems.

Tips 7: Legal and Licensing

In certain places, erecting a wedding tent might require obtaining particular permissions or adhering to rules. To avoid any legal complications on the day of your wedding, verify local legislation before making a wedding tent purchase. For instance, to guarantee the security of the event site, certain cities could need safety certificates and evidence of resistance to fire tents. Restrictions concerning the tent's setup locations, duration of usage, and proper disassembly timing may also exist. Preparing for your wedding by being aware of and adhering to local regulations and licensing requirements will help to guarantee that everything runs well and prevent unneeded complications and legal conflicts.

Tips 8: Long-term investment considerations

When selecting a tent, please consider its dependability, adaptability, and long-term financial value. Choosing a tent style that is straightforward to transport, continue to use, and use again helps extend its life and save costs for more occasions in the future. Specific tents can be rented out, increasing your income when the tent isn't in use and hastening recovery of the original cost. Buy wedding tents, consider the tent's potential long-term worth and select a style that best meets your demands. This will give you greater freedom and financial advantages when organizing the celebration.

Tips 9:Consider storage and maintenance

After buying a wedding tent, Both management and maintenance are crucial. Since tents are typically one-time purchases, they can last longer and look better with proper storage and maintenance. After usage, it is advised to thoroughly dry the tent and keep it somewhere dry, well-ventilated, and away from intense ultraviolet rays and damp conditions. Regularly check the components and architecture and fix any harm to ensure the tent is safe and dependable when used again. The money you invested may be best preserved, and the shelter will be in excellent condition for your subsequent usage with appropriate storage and upkeep.

Tips 10:Choose the right wedding tent supplier

Shelter Structures is an excellent option. With over two decades of knowledge in the field, we are highly regarded in the business due to our stellar reputation and extensive background. In addition to providing a range of tent options, including the S Series Clear Span Tent, Shelter Structures is dedicated to offering expert customization services to cater to the unique requirements of its clients. Visit Shelter Structures' primary website or contact their sales agents to learn about their offerings. To make sure the supplier you select can deliver top-notch goods and first-rate services, you can also examine their actual situations and client testimonials. You will receive expert assistance and high-quality wedding tent goods from Shelter Structures to help you design the ideal location for your big day.

In conclusion

You can make an informed decision while buying wedding tents by keeping the aforementioned factors in mind. In addition to guaranteeing a stress-free wedding, the ideal tent will make sure that you and your guests have a memorable time. Make sure you take the time to prepare and conduct research to make sure that buying a wedding tent meets all of your needs and expectations. You are going to able pick with greater understanding after reading this thorough introductory and organizing guide, guaranteeing a worry-free and memorable engagement day.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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