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Home -- Blogs -- Can I Build a Temporary Structure on My Land?

Can I Build a Temporary Structure on My Land?


Bilingual in English and Spanish, Luis excels in event space planning, bringing multicultural insights to his innovative tent designs.

Updated: May 15, 2024
Published: May 11, 2024


Temporary building structures have become essential solutions for fulfilling short-term needs across various industries and events. From providing temporary warehouses and industrial buildings to serving as loading areas and shelters, these structures offer versatility and efficiency without the complexity of permanent constructions. In this guide, we explore the factors influencing the costs of temporary building structures, including types, sizes, materials, and customization options. Whether you're in need of a quick shelter solution or a temporary workspace, understanding these factors can help you optimize costs and make informed decisions for your project.

Temporary Industry Warehouse

What are temporary building structures?

Temporary building structures are structures that are erected to fill a temporary need, lasting for hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months instead of years.

A typical temporary building structure is designed to provide shelter to people, products, equipment, animals, or anything else that needs to be sheltered from the elements. However, conditions such as heat, humidity or dampness can have a negative effect on comfort levels, as well as pose a risk to equipment or the structure itself. This can result in health and safety concerns, insurance issues, and naturally, it can impact attendance at significant events and exhibitions.
Temporary buildings are used for a variety of purposes, such as hosting events, trade shows, exhibitions and camping trips.

What can we do for your temporary building structure?

When considering where to install temporary buildings, you can confidently choose our company's services. Our professionally manufactured temporary building structures use sturdy and lightweight aluminum frames. These frames ensure both stability and easy, quick installation and dismantling. The most common installation surfaces include asphalt, grass, or existing concrete bases, all of which provide excellent support for our temporary building structures.

During the design phase, we precisely calculate and forecast wind forces and climate loads specific to the site. This means that even in the most challenging areas such as harbors, docks, and coastal regions, our temporary buildings can stand securely and safely without the need for expensive and time-consuming foundation work. In contrast, traditional or permanent structures may require more complex and costly foundation treatments to comply with building regulations.

Additionally, we usually reserve several meters of space around the building during installation to ensure smooth entry and exit. Despite our temporary buildings having relatively small footprints, their compact and flexible designs optimize site space utilization efficiency. This flexibility not only makes your event venue more manageable but also meets various specific needs, whether it's hosting events, showcasing products, or temporary offices, all with ease.

What base is needed for temporary building structures?

The base of modular buildings can significantly impact project budgets and overall sustainability costs. In principle, we can install temporary structures on almost any surface without the need for foundations. Ground anchors are suitable for new or existing concrete. Ground pegs are suitable for surfaces like gravel, asphalt, and grass. High-performance resin is used for finishing anchoring.

The optimal base for temporary buildings is a level concrete pad. solutions for installing temporary buildings can be found in most places. We can even construct around slopes and existing obstacles. Temporary buildings can also integrate with existing permanent structures.

Pros and cons of installing temporary building structures


Easy Installation

Our temporary building structures are pre-fabricated using state-of-the-art craftsmanship and the latest technology to ensure absolute quality and durability. This means our approach is more like installation rather than "building" or "construction". Temporary buildings can be installed in a matter of days without the disruption, inconvenience, and costs associated with traditional construction projects. If you have land, we can install the covered space you need on most surfaces and ground types.

Quality and Durability

The lifespan of temporary buildings exceeds 10 years. Despite being called "temporary", our buildings are long-lasting. While they are referred to as short-term structures, they are sturdy and durable.

Building license

In most cases, installing temporary building structures requires building license. Opting for a temporary building provides the advantage of gaining extra space within weeks while complying with local government planning regulations, unlike permanent buildings, which may take months or even years to construct. If your building requires a building license, we can provide support.


Temporary building structures are typically cost-effective because they require less materials and shorter construction periods. Additionally, due to their reusability, you can reuse the same building for multiple events, further saving costs.


Temporary building structures can often be easily dismantled and moved to other locations for use. This portability allows you to host events at different locations without the need for additional building materials.


Safety considerations

Since temporary buildings are designed for quick assembly and dismantling, they may sacrifice some safety aspects in certain situations. Therefore, safety factors must be carefully considered in both design and use to ensure the building's stability and safety.

Environmental impact

Some temporary buildings may have a certain impact on the surrounding environment, especially during the construction and dismantling processes, which can create noise, waste, and traffic disturbances. Therefore, when choosing building locations and installation methods, it's important to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.

temporary structures

What factors affect the cost of installing temporary building structures?

The cost of installing temporary building structures can be affected by several factors, including the size of the building, the complexity of the design, the quality of the materials required, the condition of the ground, the location of the installation, and the duration. Differences in these factors can lead to differences in cost. The following are factors that may affect the cost of temporary building canopies in general:

Size of temporary building

The size of the temporary building is one of the factors that most directly affect the cost. Larger and more complex buildings usually require more materials and labor, so the cost will increase accordingly.

Design requirements:

If you need special design requirements, such as a customized look, special structural supports, etc., these will also add to the cost.

Wall material

The choice of materials for the tent wall is also largely related to the price. We can offer glass walls, fabric walls, ABS walls, and sandwich walls. Normally, the walls for our tent are PVC fabric covers, which can also be transparent. Among them, glass walls are the most expensive ones.

Ground conditions

Different types of ground may require different groundwork. Installations on tarmac, paving stones or soft ground may require different support structures, and these will affect the cost.


The proximity and difficulty of the installation site will also have an impact on costs. For example, if building materials need to be transported to remote areas or complex terrain conditions need to be dealt with, costs may increase.


The length of time the building needs to be used is also an important consideration. If the building needs to be used for an extended period, it may require more durable materials and structures, which will increase the cost.

Overall, the cost of temporary building structures ranges widely, from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Below is a general range of estimates:

  • Small, simple temporary building structures: a few thousand to ten thousand dollars.
  • Medium-sized temporary building structures: ten to fifty thousand dollars.
  • Large, complex temporary building structures: Fifty thousand to one hundred thousand US dollars or more.

Applications of temporary building

Warehouses and Storage

Our temporary buildings can be used to construct temporary warehouses and storage for storing goods, equipment, or other items. These buildings have sturdy structures, providing safe storage space, and can be customized as needed, including size, height, and internal layout.

Industrial Buildings

Catering to industrial needs, our temporary buildings can serve as temporary factories, production workshops, or equipment protection buildings. These buildings can be quickly erected, providing temporary production space while maintaining structural stability, and meeting industrial standards, and safety requirements.

Insulated Buildings

In cases where insulation and thermal insulation are needed, we offer insulated temporary building solutions. These buildings use professional materials and designs, effectively maintaining stable indoor temperatures, suitable for temporary activities or work in various climatic conditions.

Loading and Unloading Areas

For temporary loading and unloading areas needed, our buildings can be used as cargo loading and unloading areas, temporary freight stations, or container loading and unloading points. They typically have an open design, convenient for the circulation and operation of goods.


Temporary shelters are an ideal choice for providing rain protection in outdoor activities or work. These shelters can be used for temporary parking areas, outdoor workstations, outdoor event venues, etc., providing comfort and convenience.


This article explores the feasibility and advantages of temporary building structures that meet short-term needs. From discussing factors such as size, design, and installation, to highlighting advantages such as cost-effectiveness and compliance, this article provides insight for making informed decisions about temporary buildings on your land.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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