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How Does Our Car Tent Enhance Auto Launch Events?

Car Tent
Updated: February 27, 2024
Published: August 14, 2023


In the fast advancement of the automobile sector, auto exhibits are undoubtedly a crucial phase, providing manufacturers the possibility to showcase their most recent versions and ingenious technologies. However, traditional vehicle program places are usually impacted by space restraints and environment change, which most certainly brings obstacles to exhibition coordinators.

So, is there a way to resolve these problems while providing an unique location and ambience for exhibitors and site visitors? The answer is yes, it’s a car tent.

In this write-up, we will explore the vital role of car tents in automobile exhibitions. By using a cutting-edge tent framework, we had the ability to not only get rid of room and climate constraints however likewise develop a unique and eye-catching environment for cars and truck display screen.

Think of that there are significant car tents standing in an open room. Their tops are uniquely created, some swelling like waves, others as crystal clear as clairvoyance. These car tents are large sufficient inside to hold everything required for a variety of cars and truck displays.

When the sunlight beams via the top of the car tent and onto the autos on display, it produces a gorgeous light and darkness effect, attracting the target market’s interest. When night drops and the interior lights activate, the outdoor tents seems to become a dream world, adding a sense of secret and romance to the exhibit. 6. The versatility of the tent also permits organizers to adjust the size and layout of the event area as needed. Whether it’s a huge car program or a small launch, you can locate the appropriate tent service.

car tent

Custom Tents for Car Show BMW Product Launch

Shelter Tent has been providing bespoke customs tents for car show for BMW, Audi,Benz, Land Rover, all the famous car brands for more than ten years. We know how to better present their brands with our fabulous tents.  Our experienced team provides bespoke solutions which maintain clients’ brand consistency and quality of delivery the world over. This is what we can offer: Bespoke design; Timely delivery; Installation guidance and problem shooting instruction to your job site; Faithful support.

Structures Material:

  • Framework: Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061 / T6
  • Available Size: 112 x 203 x 4mm, 166 x 88 x 3mm, 120 x 200 x 4mm,
    120 x 250 x 4mm
  • Features: Stainless Steel, Lightweight, 4 Channel


  • Available Options: 650g/sqm Translucent White PVC for Sidewalls;
    850g / sqm Block-out white PVC Tarpaulin for Roof;
    950g / sqm Transparent PVC Fabric
  • Material: PVC Coated Polyester Fabric
  • Features: Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)
Car Tent


Superior Enclosure with Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.

ItemWidth(m)Eave Height(m)Ridge Height(m)Bay Distance(m)Longest Parts(m)Max. Windload

Unique Difficulties of Vehicle Display Screen

Automobile screen does come with some unique challenges. Initially, standard interior or open-air location exhibitions commonly experience space restraints, which can restrict the display abilities of car manufacturers and exhibitors. It may not be possible to display all car models or conduct large demonstrations.

For outside exhibitions, unsteady weather conditions are likewise an important challenge. If there misbehaves climate, such as heavy rain, strong winds or heats, the impact of the exhibit may be affected or even the exhibition can not be carried out. Additionally, outside exhibitions likewise require to consider place facilities, such as power supply, lighting facilities, and so on. Cars and truck presentations need good preparation and preparation to meet these obstacles. This may include choosing an appropriate venue, designing an effective presentation, creating contingency plans, etc.

Design Attributes Of Car Tents

Spacious Area

The sizable display area supplied by the vehicle car tents most certainly supplies fantastic comfort for car display screen. The design of this space permits the vehicle to be provided in the most excellent way, leaving a deep impact whatever angle it is viewed from.

In such a space, the target market can appreciate the cars and truck’s outside design a lot more adequately. Every line and every information of the vehicle can be completely shown. Whether it is the structured body style or the one-of-a-kind front face form, people can feel the automobile maker’s quest of appearances and workmanship.

The large area inside the car tent additionally permits the target market to far better observe the interior layout of the automobile. They can really feel the comfort of the seats up close, observe the format and style of the dashboard, and also experience the control of the cockpit personally. This interactive experience will definitely offer visitors a deeper understanding of the cars and truck.

The car tent additionally provides ease for showing the innovative features of the auto. A specialized demo area can be established to show the target market the vehicle’s sophisticated driving support systems, smart affiliation functions or various other sophisticated arrangements. Such a presentation can not just draw in the focus of the audience, yet likewise provide an user-friendly understanding of the technological level of the car.

Transparent Side Wall Surface

The transparent side wall surface style of the car tent is a innovative and special concept. It not only efficiently creates a intense and open event room, but likewise provides visitors with an all new event experience. This layout fully takes into consideration the relevance of all-natural light, allowing the audience to really feel the heat of the sunlight and the charm of nature while valuing the auto displays.

The biggest advantage of clear side wall surfaces is that it gets rid of the disappointing and plain sensation that might exist inside a standard car tents. All-natural light passes through the side wall surfaces and radiates on the exhibits, which not only improves the exposure of the exhibitions, but also gives them life and vitality. The car’s features and information show up more famous and dazzling in this light, consequently boosting the aesthetic result and enabling site visitors to much better appreciate the auto’s elegance and refinement.

It additionally brings better adaptability and freedom to the event space. Since the side walls are clear, no added illumination equipment is needed, saving energy and decreasing tools installment and upkeep costs. At the same time, the clear side walls also incorporate the exhibit space with the exterior setting, giving site visitors with an extra comfortable and natural watching atmosphere.

Customized Structure

The framework of the car tent can be customized according to the display screen needs of various vehicle brand names and versions. This versatility allows automakers to create special and distinctive exhibit rooms that highlight their brand name photo.

Successful Cases of Auto Display

Tesla Innovation Show. Tesla has actually chosen the Shelter car tent to display its most recent electric designs at an innovation exhibit. The car tent’s sizable style allows Tesla to show numerous car designs at the show and showcase the lorry’s interior technology through transparent side walls.

The event created an immersive and remarkable experience for attendees. Not just can they witness Tesla’s newest miracle with their own eyes, they can additionally have extensive communication and interaction with the Tesla group and feel the charm and impact of the Tesla brand. This occasion is not only a technological feast, but likewise a spiritual exchange and collision.

Future Fads And Technologies

Digital experience will come to be a vital instructions for auto screen. By using sophisticated digital technology and interactive screen methods, viewers will certainly have the ability to comprehend the numerous performances and attributes of the auto in a much more vibrant and instinctive way. As an example, making use of virtual fact (VR) and increased truth (AR) technologies, audiences can personally experience the pleasure of driving, or mimic the performance of cars and trucks in various roadway conditions and atmospheres.

Intelligent car tents layout will certainly additionally bring a brand-new experience to vehicle screens. By incorporating advanced sensing units, smart control systems and environmentally friendly materials, we offer site visitors with a enjoyable and comfortable watching space. At the very same time, intelligent style can likewise accomplish efficient use of energy and decrease waste, personifying the concept of sustainable advancement.


As a cutting-edge service to the challenges of conventional automobile programs, automobile  tents provide an unique area and atmosphere for cars and truck display screens. Its design attributes, including charitable room, transparent side walls and custom construction, make it suitable for auto exhibitions. Via case analysis and expectation on future patterns, we motivate the automobile sector to proactively take on tent structures to provide a more interesting auto display experience to the target market.

car tent by Shelter Structures

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