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Home -- Blogs -- How Do Our Tents Enhance Opening  Mess Halls?

How Do Our Tents Enhance Opening  Mess Halls?


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: August 14, 2023


In modern-day culture, people pay an increasing number of interest to events and social tasks, which makes Mess Hall, a place where people can gather for dishes and connect, become significantly crucial. However, to produce a Mess Hall space that is both comfy and roomy, selecting the tent is critical.

This article will take an in-depth consider exactly how to pick the most ideal Mess Hall tents. We will certainly discover the range of tents and what makes them special to satisfy the different needs of Mess Hall in various occasions. Whether you're holding an elegant dinner event or a casual party, choosing the best tents will be the key to success.

Outdoor Event tent

Special Demands of Mess Hall

Spacious and Flexible Area

We need to make certain that the mess hall tent we choose has enough ability to supply sufficient dining space. The tents needs to be sized to suit huge gatherings, making sure there is enough room for everyone involved.

Considering that Mess Hall may require to host dinner events of different sizes, we need to select a tent that can be flexibly changed according to different events. This might include the expandability of the tent, that is, whether added tents can be included in increase the space, or whether the format inside the tent can be gotten used to fit tasks with various varieties of individuals.

We likewise require to focus on the layout and decor of the mess hall tents to make sure that it can not only produce a comfy eating environment, yet also meet the general design and atmosphere of Mess Hall. We can choose a mess hall tent with decorative pillars or make use of clear plastic curtains to improve the aesthetic appeals of the tent.

Comfortable Eating Environment

Mess Hall, as a place for people to eat and rest, its interior decoration must consider the convenience of restaurants. This needs us to not only consider its functionality when setting up the tents and designing, but also focus on its beauty and comfort.

We need to choose the best design. This consists of the shade, pattern and illumination of the mess hall tent. We can pick tents with light colors to develop a relaxed and fresh environment; or we can select tents with patterns to boost the visual result. We likewise require to consider lighting concerns. for instance, we can mount some lights such as string lights, wall lights or light fixtures to develop a cozy and comfy environment.

We need to produce the best ambience. This can be done with things like songs, aromatherapy and plants. We can play stress-free music to soothe diners' stress, or we can utilize aromatherapy to develop a pleasant smell. In addition, we can likewise put some plants inside the tent to include a natural touch.

Choose The Most Appropriate Mess Hall Outdoor Tents

While meeting the needs of your Mess Hall, selecting the best tents is important. Below are the types of Mess Hall tents we suggest.

Dome Tent

Dome tents are a very popular tent type known for their sizable insides and unique appearance. The structural design of this dome tent enables it to create a huge amount of area within, which is especially vital for the Mess Hall, which requires adequate space to accommodate lots of restaurants.

In addition to supplying adequate space, dome tents are a suitable selection for Mess Hall because of their distinct appearance. Its dome shape is not just aesthetically pleasing, yet additionally aesthetically offers individuals a feeling of visibility and freedom, thereby improving the quality of the eating environment. The products of the dome tents are usually of top quality, which enables it to supply a large room while likewise providing superb thermal insulation and water-proof buildings, making certain that the Mess Hall can run usually in any type of climate condition.

Dome tents have actually come to be the most effective choice for Mess Hall with their spacious area, one-of-a-kind appearance and superb performance. It can supply diners with a comfy, sizable and distinctive eating environment, while additionally meeting the dual requirements of Mess Hall in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Geodesic Dome Tent

Clear Span Tent

The clear span tent is an one-of-a-kind sort of tent. Its most significant feature is that there is no demand to establish the center column, making the entire space extra transparent and larger sight line. for the canteen, selecting a clear span tents makes certain maximum use area.

The column-free style of the Clear Span tent makes the area more spacious and offers diners even more area to move around, allowing them to move more openly without the trouble of columns. The open design of the Clear Span tent also provides restaurants a larger sight. They can clearly see every edge of the tents, both the food and the environments. This open sight will definitely boost their eating experience.

Clear Span tents also offer convenience for restaurants. Because there are no columns to obstruct, fresh air can flow openly, maintaining the whole room fresh and well-ventilated. At the exact same time, the pillar-less style likewise suggests that the weight of the entire tents is evenly dispersed on the ground, providing greater stability and making restaurants feel extra secure inside.

The Clear Span tent gives a suitable remedy for Mess Hall with its spaciousness, open views and comfy environment. It not only ensures optimum utilization of room, but also improves diners' dining experience, making Mess Hall a lot more eye-catching.

How 30 by 40 Tent Set Up in Fast Exerted and High Quality

  • Superior Material – The main profile of the event tent structure is hardpressed aluminum which is in glossy appearance and long-term lifespan. All of the aluminum alloys have passed the hardness certification (more than 250Mpa). In addition, the covered membrane has the perfect performance in waterproof, UV resistance, and anti-chemicals. Last but not least, our PVC fabric meet international fire retardant standard [DIN 4102 B1 M2(Euro.) and NFPA 701 (American)].
  • Fast Installation – All of the conference tents are designed in prefabricated construction, also called modular. Shelter assemblies the base structure and packs the fixation kit, and screws for our clients before delivery. The installation difficulty will be decreased effectively by such kinds of structures.
  • Flexible Layout – One of the most attractive features of clear span tent is the self-support interior space. More options for accessories and facilities like sidewall, chair, desk, speech stage, and LED screen. The guests can enjoy the show in any corner without any obstruction.

30 by 40 Tent with Glass Wall

As the picture shows, this clear span tent is 30m in width,40m in length, and 4m in height. Of course, the length can be unlimited and the height can be customized. The covered land size of this tent is 1200sqm (around 12900sq ft) which have 800 – 1000 capacity in church seat.

In the sidewall, our client selected a transparent glass wall to allow a bright interior space for the guests. Also, glass walls are applied for different branding and sports events like the official storeAudi, and Benz promotions. As the opening ceremony venue, the appearance should be simple but elegant. Glass walls will be the better choice to boost your brand or association’s fame.

clear span tent


Mess Hall is an important area for people to gather, appreciate and interact food, so selecting an appropriate mess hall tent is vital. The kinds of mess hall tents we offer are made to satisfy the particular requirements of Mess Hall, producing a spacious, eye-catching and comfy eating setting. By picking one of our recommended tents, Mess Hall can provide its customers with an unmatched dining experience, boost the sense of room, and efficiently host a range of occasions. We focus on supplying one of the most tailor-made and professional mess hall tents solutions for Mess Hall, making your Mess Hall a paradise for food and social communication.

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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