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What Role Did Canopy Tents Play in 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball?

outdoor beach volleyball tent
Updated: February 27, 2024
Published: August 14, 2023


The AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals)has long been the heart and soul of beach volleyball in the United States. Every American beach volleyball Olympic medalist has trained there owing to the elite beach volleyball network, which has its headquarters in stunning Newport Beach, California. The 33rd season of the AVP was celebrated in 2016, a year that was full of excitement and anticipation. The eight city stops throughout the tour, originally was scheduled to span from April through September, comprised an Olympic-qualifying FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour the competition. The fact that Shelter, one of the leading manufacturers of clear span structures in China, provided the welcoming tents for the 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour added to the season’s distinctiveness. The significance of Shelter’s canopy tents at this prestigious athletic event is investigated in this article.

Shelter’s Collaboration with the 2016 AVP

Establishing the Ideal Ambience.

Each minute detail matters in events as significant as athletic contests. One of China’s biggest producers of clear span structures, Shelter contributed their experience as the official supplier of reception tents for the 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour. A far cry from conventional pole tents, Shelter’s specialization in clear span canopy tents was what allowed them to distinguish out. The difference was that there were no unsightly support columns inside the canopy tents, so spectators could watch the beach volleyball tournaments in real time and with wholehearted participation.

The gazebo tent which we supplied for AVP is 10 x 10 meter high peak structures. With its aluminum alloy and waterproof PVC fabric, there will have great performance of these shade canopies in weather protection. The sides wall can be closed in the case of rain or wind, or glass wall can protect against worse weather conditions.

Traditional pole tents vs canopy tents

Exposing the Manifest Benefits.

The primary difference between clear span canopy tents and standard pole tents must be acknowledged in order to fully comprehend the relevance of Shelter’s canopy tents at the 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour. Although they both function to provide a demarcated space and offer shelter, their structural designs differ from each other.

Canopy tents, including those available from Shelter, differentiate themselves by their special design that does away with the requirement for interior poles or support columns. On the other hand, traditional pole tents are dependent on numerous center supports, which might impede interior room and vision. The AVP event was completely changed by this basic differential.

outdoor beach volleyball tent

Benefits of Canopy Tents

Optimizing the Viewer Experience.

The 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour demonstrated the benefits of Shelter’s canopy tents:

Unforgettable Visual Experience: The beach volleyball matches were readily apparent to the spectators. The canopy tents made sure that attendees could view the sports without any visual obstructions because there were no visible support columns. The unobstructed a historical perspective improved the whole watching experience by bringing spectators closer to the action.

Individualized Communication and Branding: Clear-span canopy tents provided an optimal atmosphere for branding and communication. At athletic competitions like the AVP tour, branding is essential and Shelter’s canopy tents made total customization feasible. As soon as guests strolled inside the canopy, the AVP’s messaging and feeling of self greeted them and created a cohesive and engaging environment.

outdoor beach volleyball tent

Coziness and Practicality: Between bouts and fans may relax in a covered, comfortable atmosphere thanks to canopy tents. Because of the unpredictable weather, guests could enjoy the activities and competitions without worrying about bad weather owing to the canopy tents, provided provided shade from the sun.

Enhanced Events Atmosphere: More audacious seating arrangements and concepts for events were made possible by the removal of obstructive support columns. This resourcefulness improved the entire atmosphere of the AVP tour and ensured that every participant would remember it.

Sustainable Resolution: Constructing the canopy tents in Shelter, sustainability is taken into consideration. By using renewable resources in the construction, they ensured that the event was both thrilling and mindful of the environment, putting its in line with the AVP’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour’s triumph

Using Tents with Shade structures

outdoor beach volleyball tent

The consequences of Shelter’s canopy tents was seen during the 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour. Both players and onlookers were happy with how the event was transformed by these clear span installations.

  • “Considering the canopy tents, the viewing experience was remarkable.” Because there were no nearby poles, we had the impression that we were actually on the beach.
  • “The branding and messaging were superb. The canopy tents made a suitable backdrop for disclosing the name of the AVP.”
  • “You cannot have to sweat about hot temperatures or unexpected downpours.” 
  • “Everyone enjoyed a relaxing time throughout the conference because of the canopy tents.”

Shelter’s canopy tents, which offer far more than only structures, they were a major factor in the 2016 AVP Beach Volleyball Tour’s success. The success of the guided game will be supported by the capacity to improve the watching experience, advance marketing, and create a cozy and friendly environment.

Prospects Canopy Tents for the Coming Years

Constructing the Sports Event Environment.
It is anticipated that broad spread canopy tents, liking those made available by Shelter, which are going to become more and more necessary as the sports festive market expands. The suppleness and flexibility make them useful for a variety of sports, such as beach volleyball and golf competitions. Cage tents are an excellent choice for spectators want immersive experiences and advertisers seeking optimum exposure.

In conclusion, the 2016 Psa Beach Volleyball Tour was a huge success thanks in large part to Shelter’s canopy tents. For the entire event, we underlined our distinct advantages in terms of comfort, branding, flexibility, and the spectator experience. As they give patrons and guests an amazing experience and assist sponsors in leaving a lasting impression, visible stretch canopy tents are expected to transform the outdoor environment of athletic events in the future.

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