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Home -- Blogs -- How Much Is an Automatic Pool Cover?

How Much Is an Automatic Pool Cover?


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Updated: May 15, 2024
Published: May 10, 2024


Automatic pool covers are crucial for any pool, offering numerous benefits while enhancing the general pool experience. Automatic pool covers offer a blend of safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. Pool owners increasingly recognize the importance of these covers for enhancing their pool experience. This guide sheds light on the automatic pool cover cost, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Automatic Pool Cover (2)

Advantages of Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers run with electric motors and mechanisms that permit uncomplicated opening and closing. Here's a glance at the highlights and capabilities of these cutting-edge systems:

Advantages Of Automatic Pool CoversDescription
Motorized ReelsEnable the cover to roll back automatically, making it easy to use.
Safety EnhancementsDesigned to prevent accidental falls into the pool, ensuring safety.
Energy ConservationHelp retain water temperature, reducing heating costs.
Water ConservationPrevent water evaporation, keeping the pool full and reducing refills.
CleanlinessKeep out debris and dirt, making pool maintenance simpler and less frequent.
Extended Swimming SeasonInsulate the pool from colder temperatures, allowing longer usage periods.

These covers shield the pool and offer operational ease, guaranteeing that pool owners can enjoy their pools without additional inconvenience.

Understanding the Cost of an Automatic Pool Cover

For homeowners considering an automatic pool cover, it's important to understand the costs involved. Prices for automatic pool covers typically range from $10,000 to $25,000. These costs vary based on several factors that are crucial for making an informed decision. Knowing what influences the price can help you budget accordingly and choose the best option for your pool and financial needs.

Automatic Pool Cover Prices

Factors Influencing Automatic Pool Cover Cost

To help homeowners understand what influences the price of Automatic pool covers, here's a straightforward table outlining the crucial elements:

Pool SizeBigger pools need larger covers
Pool ShapeIrregular shapes require custom cover
Installation ComplexityComplex installations on existing pools
Features & MaterialsHigh-quality materials and advanced features
Installation TypeCovers installed above the pool deck are less expensive than those integrated into the pool coping.

Spending on an Automatic pool cover is considerable. Still, it brings long-lasting benefits such as improved pool tidiness and energy effectiveness, making the preliminary expense rewarding. For precise costs and to ensure the cover meets all needs, seeking advice from a pool service provider is recommended. The financial investment secures the pool and decreases maintenance and heating expenses, supplying considerable value in time.

Cost Analysis of Automatic Pool Covers

When considering the purchase of automatic pool covers, understanding the cost breakdown is crucial for making an informed decision.

Below, I detail the typical costs associated with different types of automatic pool covers. This cost analysis aims to provide a clear view of potential expenses, helping you plan your budget effectively:

Cost ComponentDescriptionTypical Price Range
Basic Above-Deck CoverMounted above the pool deck, simpler setup$8,000 to $12,000
Under-Track SystemIntegrated into the pool for a cleaner look$20,000 and above
Custom FeaturesAdditional features like custom fit and designVaries with design
Installation FeesProfessional setup and installationIncluded in above costs
Maintenance CostsOngoing upkeep, motor or fabric replacementAdditional, varies

These prices cover various factors such as pool size and shape, track system used, and specific model features. Less expensive options are typically simpler and less integrated, while higher-end models offer enhanced aesthetics and functionality, often necessary for larger or uniquely shaped pools.

Besides the preliminary acquisition and setup, prospective buyers must consider the lasting maintenance expenses. For instance, changing the electric motor or material within the initial 6-8 years can be an added expenditure.

Compared with Pool Safety Covers Cost

In contrast, a hand-operated pool safety cover that safeguards the deck costs considerably less, varying from $1,000 to $3,600. These covers provide safety and cleanliness, yet lack the Automatic functionality and simplicity of using Automatic pool covers.

Why Purchase an Automatic Pool Cover?

Purchasing an Automatic pool cover brings numerous benefits that improve safety and effectiveness, making it a smart option for any pool proprietor.

Automatic Pool Cover

Comprehensive Safety Guarantee

Automatic pool covers give a vital safety layer for your pool. They are furnished with advanced safety functions like childproof locks and sensing units that discover obstacles, preventing accidental access and prospective drowning incidents. This makes automatic covers essential for family members with youngsters or family pets.

Enhanced Cleanliness and Maintenance

One of the standout advantages of Automatic pool covers is their capability to keep pools tidy with minimal effort. By successfully sealing the pool, these covers stop fallen leaves, debris, and other impurities from getting in the water. This protection dramatically decreases the requirement for constant cleaning and water therapy, conserving time and upkeep expenses.

Significant Energy Savings

Automatic pool covers add to significant energy savings by reducing warmth loss and decreasing the amount of heating required to maintain comfortable water temperatures. This reduces energy bills and prolongs the swimming season, enabling you to appreciate your pool for extended periods throughout the year.

Detailed Benefits Comparison Table

To illustrate the specific benefits of Automatic pool covers compared to standard covers, the complying table breaks down key aspects:

FeatureAutomatic Pool CoverStandard Pool Cover
SafetyAdvanced locks, sensors for obstacle detectionBasic protection, no sensors
CleanlinessPrevents debris, reduces chemical usageMinimal debris protection
MaintenanceLower frequency of cleaning requiredRequires regular cleaning
Energy EfficiencyPreserves heat, reduces heating costsMinimal impact on heat retention
OperationRemote-controlled, Automatic mechanismsManual operation, labor-intensive

Automatic pool covers outperform familiar covers throughout numerous dimensions, especially regarding safety, sanitation, and energy efficiency. Their sophisticated functions supply a convenient, cost-efficient service for managing your pool setting. By selecting an Automatic cover, you're spending in a much safer, cleaner, and more sustainable pool experience.

Selecting the Right Automatic Pool Cover for Your Demands

Picking the ideal Automatic pool cover involves several factors that should align with your pool's features and your individual lifestyle needs.

Automatic Pool Cover With People
  • Understanding Pool Cover Types: Automatic pool covers differ considerably in accommodating various pools, including in-ground and above-ground options. For in-ground swimming pools, items like the SHELTER Eclipse deal versatility with 12 different dimensions available.
  • Assessing Your Needs and Lifestyle: Your way of living is crucial in selecting the appropriate pool cover. An Automatic system like the SHELTER is ideal if the pool requires minimal day-to-day upkeep. These covers keep pool temperature effective, lowering heating costs considerably-- occasionally increasing water temperature by 10-15 degrees.
  • Considering Cost and Safety: The cost of an Automatic pool cover, ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, and it is affected by pool dimension and installment complexities. Past the financial investment, these covers offer considerable safety benefits, specifically for family members with young children or pet dogs, thanks to their durable design and functional functions like remote controls and automatic securing systems.

Comparison Table for Pool Cover Selection

To help visualize the distinctions between different Automatic pool covers and their viability based upon pool kind and proprietor requirements, right here's a detailed comparison:
Pool Type Cover Model Features Price Range Best for Lifestyle
In-ground SHELTER Eclipse Custom sizes integrates with systems $10,000 - $20,000 Owners seeking ease of use
Above-ground Standard Model Basic cover, manual operation $2,000 - $5,000 Budget-conscious owners
Special features Advanced Model Enhanced safety locks, temperature retention $15,000 - $25,000 Families with children, energy savers

Selecting the best automatic pool cover is vital for ensuring specific safety, comfort, and power efficiency. By comprehending your particular requirements and the features of various covers, you can make an informed decision that improves your pool experience while lining up with your way of life and budget plan.

Making a Smart Investment in Automatic Pool Covers

Buying an Automatic pool cover notes an aggressive action in pool management. This choice combines power efficiency, safety, and benefit, guaranteeing lasting benefits.

Evaluating Benefits and Costs

Automatic pool covers dramatically decrease heat loss and evaporation, saving energy significantly. They likewise improve safety by limiting unexpected gain access. While the first cost might appear high, the long-lasting financial savings on energy and maintenance expenses usually validate the investment. The benefit of a centralized control system further includes worth, simplifying the procedure of several pool components.

Long-Term Advantages

A smart financial investment in an Automatic pool cover does even more than boost daily convenience-- it additionally enhances property worth and supplies recurring savings. Modern technology is adaptable and can upgrade as new improvements arise, supplying proceeded efficiency and lowering prices in time.

Decision-Making Table for Pool Cover Investments

The complying with table outlines the vital considerations when selecting an Automatic pool cover, aiding pool owners in making notified decisions based on cost-benefit evaluation:

Factor Description Impact on Investment
Energy Savings Reduces heat loss and water evaporation Increases savings on heating and water bills
Safety Features Prevents unintended pool access Enhances security and reduces risk
Convenience Centralized control over pool operations Saves time and simplifies management
Cost Initial investment versus long-term savings Higher upfront cost but significant long-term savings
Property Value Potential increase in home value due to added features Increases resale value of the property


Automatic pool covers represent a smart investment that extends beyond basic pool safety. By choosing the right cover, you ensure enhanced safety, reduced maintenance, and energy savings. Whether upgrading or making a first-time purchase, understanding the costs involved guides you to a decision that aligns with your budget and pool management goals.

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