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Home -- Blogs -- Are Metal Buildings Worth It?

Are Metal Buildings Worth It?


Expert in advanced structural engineering, Chris has transformed the safety standards of large tent designs with his groundbreaking research.

Updated: April 29, 2024
Published: April 24, 2024

Whether used as a residence or as an outdoor wedding venue, a steel building is an excellent choice for adding to a property or establishing a business. If you've never considered metal buildings, or haven't calculated the cost of building a steel structure, here are 5 proofs that metal buildings are a good investment!

Evidence 1: Metal Buildings Are Wide Applications

From residential to commercial, metal building can be used in a variety of fields:

Metal Farm Buildings

Effective Storage Solution for Packed Grain Products under Normal Temperature

For farmers and ranchers, metal buildings are essential assets. They provide sturdy shelter for livestock, protecting them from harsh weather and predators. Additionally, metal barns and sheds provide ample space for storing farming equipment, feed, and supplies.

Metal Storage Buildings

Temporary Warehouses

With its clearspan design and high ceilings, metal buildings maximize storage capacity. They provide an affordable storage solution.

Outdoor Event Tents

The Structure Of Arcum Atrium Tent

The versatility of metal buildings also extends to outdoor events. Whether it is an outdoor wedding venue or temporary commercial space for conferences and exhibitions, metal buildings can be customized to suit every event need. At the same time, the professional design also ensures the comfort and functionality of metal event tents, allowing guests to enjoy an elegant and warm atmosphere.

The uses of metal buildings are far more than those listed above. Metal workshop buildings, metal garages, metal gym buildings, and more, the possibilities are endless!

Evidence 2: Metal Buildings Can Be Customized

Prefabricated metal buildings are known for their speed of construction and durability. But did you know they are also highly customizable?

You have the flexibility to tailor your metal building across various dimensions

  • Size
  • Roof Style
  • Specific Material
  • Siding Orientation
  • Accessories
  • Color
  • Foundation

It's worth noting the innovative approach adopted by Shelter Structures, which integrates forward-thinking methodologies and consolidates numerous benefits.

  • The low-cost and simple design greatly shortens the construction period and ensures that the metal building can be put into operation as soon as possible;
  • Flexible configuration of functional content provides great flexibility and provides space facilities that best suit customers' future development;
  • The building can also be modified according to actual conditions to meet various potential use needs in the future.

Work with Shelter Structures to understand your needs so you can find the custom metal buildings that are perfect for you!

Evidence 3: Metal Buildings Are Modular Design

The modular structure of metal buildings provides them with significant convenience in construction, transportation, and maintenance, making them a favored choice in modern construction:

  • Metal building kits are all prefabricated in building materials factories, and the on-site construction process is extremely simple. Under the professional guidance of tent manufacturers, a metal building that can be used permanently can be built in a few days.
  • The modular structure allows the building to be transported to other locations for repeated use.
  • Metal building kits have standard specifications and can be stacked in ports and ships, saving a lot of space.
  • The physical installation method of metal frame buildings is also easier to repair, disassemble, or move than traditional methods.

The modular design of steel metal buildings demonstrates the importance of integrated research in design. Integrated research provides innovative thinking and methods, while design combines the essence of research and transforms it into products that are easy to apply. Groundbreaking research into this product solves the long-standing conflict between construction speed and quality, and its design integrates different manufacturing potentials.

Evidence 4: Metal Buildings Are Environmentally Friendly

  • "Green" Structure

    Today's metal buildings also follow advanced environmental protection concepts. Frame connections are mostly installed physically and mechanically to reduce the use of chemical cement and avoid the generation of harmful substances. Features such as metal structure and prefabricated style all emphasize the design trend of rapid construction, low environmental impact, and green sustainability.

  • Energy-Saving Design

    Metal buildings use thermal insulation and heat storage materials that give them thermophysical properties. Customized options can be combined with multi-layer construction and appropriate door and window positions and area ratios to ensure indoor warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Decentralized natural lighting and ventilation systems also greatly reduce energy consumption.

Evidence 5: Metal Buildings Are Cost-Effective

The economic viability of metal buildings is manifested through various facets.

  • Low construction cost

    Metal buildings boast a cost advantage over traditional counterparts, attributed to their streamlined manufacturing and construction processes, resulting in significant savings in labor and time expenditures.

  • Longevity

    Metal buildings use high-strength steel frames as the main body, and prefabricated wall panels are connected to them to form a composite lightweight structural system with high earthquake resistance. The light steel frame is protected by surface materials and surface coatings and has a service life of at least twenty years.

  • Low maintenance cost

    Metal materials require relatively little maintenance and repair during use. Compared to wood structures, metal buildings are less susceptible to corrosion, mold, and insect infestation, thus significantly reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance.

    To sum up, metal buildings can not only save users money but also bring them long-term economic benefits and security.

How to Maintain Your Metal Buildings?

Every metal frame building is the result of the sweat and hard work of the staff from design to delivery, and each has its glorious mission. I feel sad every time I see a damaged metal structure. So we must learn to maintain them.

  • Safe usage

    Do not attempt to disassemble any part of the metal building. The absence of any one part can cause structural instability, creating safety hazards and reducing the service life of metal buildings.

  • Clear snow in time

    If you live in a cold area, heavy snow may accumulate on top of metal building kits. The weight of the snow can stress the steel structure and cause it to be damaged by overload. Therefore, snow removal is an important preventive maintenance measure.

  • Oil the door hinges

    Regular oiling of door hinges is necessary to prevent rust. Also, check for leaks or mold. If mold is found, it should be cleaned up in time. If the damage caused by mold is excessive, the weatherstripping will need to be replaced.

  • Regular inspection
    • When installing a kitchen or bathroom in a metal building, anti-corrosion and waterproofing measures should be taken. Indoor equipment should be regularly checked for leaks and repaired and maintained promptly.
    • Pay attention to the circuit protection system to prevent leakage and power outages. The building materials of prefabricated houses have high conductivity. Therefore, the circuit system must be checked regularly, especially old electrical appliances.
    • Steel components that are easily corroded should be inspected regularly, and if necessary, maintenance work such as rust removal, painting, and renovation should be carried out to maintain them in good condition.

Final Word

Therefore, considering the various characteristics of metal buildings, we can conclude that metal buildings are indeed worth investing in. No matter what kind of space you're looking for, a metal building can meet your needs and deliver long-term value. If you are interested in metal buildings, please contact us. We will provide you with high-quality metal building solutions and tailor-made satisfactory products for you.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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