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Home -- Blogs -- How do Airplane Hangar Doors Work?

How do Airplane Hangar Doors Work?


Bilingual in English and Spanish, Luis excels in event space planning, bringing multicultural insights to his innovative tent designs.

Published: May 16, 2024


The operating principle of airplane hangar doors is to use a winch and a frequency converter to operate. This article will introduce the operating mechanisms of several common hangar doors, as well as their types, and finally show how we should maintain and repair these machines.

Essential Tips For Airplane Hangar Design Shelter Structures

How Do Airplane Hangar Doors Work? Winch + Frequency Converter

The airplane hangar doors operate through the cooperation of the winch and the frequency converter. Because of the size of hangar doors, they cannot be opened and closed manually. A winch is a kind of lifting equipment. Its working principle is to drive the drum to rotate through the motor, and then wind up or release the wire rope to lift the heavy objects. The frequency converter is a kind of power electronic device that controls the speed of the motor to achieve energy saving and load regulation. It can also improve the operating efficiency and stability of the motor. The two control the motor of the winch through the frequency converter to achieve smooth and precise lifting of the airplane hangar doors.

What Are the Types of Airplane Hangar Doors?

Airplane hangar doors are very important for the entry and exit of the airplane. The design and functionality of its doors are critical to the safe and easy entry and exit of airplanes. According to different needs and site conditions, airplane hangar doors are mainly divided into the following types.

Shell Door

The shell door has a simple structure, is light in weight, and is easy to open. Because the shell door is made of aluminum alloy, the density of aluminum is about one-third lighter than steel. The reduced weight means reduced requirements on door frames and supporting structures. Its simple structural design reduces the complex connections of airplane hangar doors and simplifies the maintenance and installation process.
Military clamshell Tents
Airplane Hangar Stacking Door

Stacking Doors

Stacking doors are an efficient, space-saving hangar door solution. Stacking airplane hangar doors fold along the track and stack on one side when opened. Compared with shell doors, it greatly saves space.

Sliding Door

The airplane hangar sliding doors move horizontally along the track when opened, requiring no additional space to open the door leaf. Users can easily control the opening and closing of the door via a button, remote control, or smartphone app. Equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as anti-fall brakes and emergency stop buttons, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during operation.

Airplane Hangar Sliding Door


FeatureSliding DoorsStacking DoorsShell Doors
Working PrincipleSlide HorizontallyFold and StackRotate on
Space EfficiencyHighHigherModerate
Operation MethodMotor-DrivenMotor-DrivenMotor-Driven
Application ScenariosNeed Space-Saving HangarNeed Space-Saving HangarHangars Requiring Larger Openings

Through the comparison of the above tables, we can see the differences in the working principles of the three hangar doors. Sliding hangar doors and stacking hangar doors have significant advantages in space utilization, while shell doors are more popular in some specific application scenarios because of their rotating opening method.

When selecting a hangar door, comprehensive considerations should be made based on actual needs, budget, and space layout. You can tell Shelter your needs and get free professional advice.

Later Maintenance Suggestions for Airplane Hangar Doors

Safety is always the primary concern when cleaning airplane hangar doors, and there are some important precautions to follow. Ensure the integrity and service life of the gate, while also ensuring the safety of staff.

Things to Note When Cleaning Airplane Hangar Doors

  • Use a medium-duty cleaner and avoid harsh cleaners as they may erode the surface of the door and shorten its lifespan.
  • A soft brush is an ideal tool for cleaning airplane hangar doors as it removes dirt and dust without scratching the surface. Hard brushes may scratch the surface of doors, especially those with special coatings or sensitive materials.
  • Dust and debris accumulated in the door tracks can cause the door to operate sluggishly and possibly even cause it to malfunction. Clean the door rails regularly and avoid moisture residue after cleaning.

Check the Airplane Hangar Door Kit Regularly

  • Regularly check the airplane hangar door kit, which includes, but is not limited to, checking the lubrication of the door hinges and whether the door locks are functioning properly. For electric door systems, it is also necessary to check the working status of the motor.
  • Check whether bolts, screws, and other fasteners are loose and tighten them if necessary to prevent the door from shifting or falling off during use.
  • Regularly inspect other components such as seals, vents, and drainage systems to ensure they are in good condition.

Common Troubleshooting Guide

When encountering airplane hangar doors that cannot be opened or closed normally, follow the following steps to troubleshoot:

  • Check power:Make sure power is on to the electric door system and check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Check door locks and security devices:Check if any security devices have been triggered.
  • Observe the movement of the door:Whether there are any abnormal sounds or jamming during movement. Check whether the door track is blocked or deformed by foreign matter.
  • Check door hinges and transmission:Check door hinges for looseness or damage, and lubricate or replace them if necessary. Check the drive belt or chain for breaks or excessive wear.
  • Consult the user manual:Refer to the user manual of the airplane hangar doors to learn how to troubleshoot common faults.

If the above steps cannot solve the problem, or you are not sure how to operate it, you should contact Shelter's professional after-sales maintenance service immediately. Provide detailed fault descriptions and photos so repair personnel can diagnose the problem faster.

aircraft hangar


The combination of winch and frequency converter provides a solution for precise control of the movement of airplane hangar doors. With the advancement of technology, many types of airplane hangar doors have appeared on the market. Each type of airplane hangar door has its unique advantages, and users can choose the most suitable product based on specific application scenarios and needs.

The Shelter enjoys a good reputation in the market for its excellent quality and innovative design. If you are looking for airplane hangar doors with stable performance and easy operation without having to worry about after-sales maintenance, the Shelter is worth considering. Contact us to get more information about Shelter hangar doors and discuss how to provide the best solution for your hangar.

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