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Home -- Blogs -- Aircraft Hangar Costs: Insights and Prices

Aircraft Hangar Costs: Insights and Prices


Expert in advanced structural engineering, Chris has transformed the safety standards of large tent designs with his groundbreaking research.

Published: May 30, 2024


Factors affecting the aircraft hangar cost include material types, size of the hangar, labor costs, and additional costs. You can get an understanding from this article how these factors significantly impact your budget and aircraft maintenance. Whether you're a new plane owner or looking to change your current storage solutions, this guide dives into the essentials of aircraft hangar prices, helping you navigate the complexities of hangar investments.

Understanding Aircraft Hangar Prices

Aircraft owners must comprehend the varying prices for saving a plane in a hangar. Recognizing these costs is essential for reliable economic management and strategic preparation in aviation. The expenses of aircraft hangars include several factors, from building materials to hangar dimensions, which substantially influence general expenses.

Breakdown of Key Cost Factors

The table below details the main costs related to hangar storage, providing a clear view of what aircraft proprietors can expect in terms of monetary investment:

Cost FactorDescriptionCost Range
Material TypeConcrete blocks are more expensive than steel.$85-$100/sq ft for concrete; $22/sq ft for steel
Size of HangarLarger hangars cost more but provide better functionality.Depends on the hangar dimensions
Labor CostsVaries based on location and complexity.$4-$10/sq ft
Additional CostsIncludes utilities, roofing, and doors.Varies; doors cost $500-$700 each

Aircraft hangar prices vary extensively, with a new hangar acquisition ranging from $30,000 to several million dollars. The choice of constructing a hangar depends upon the proprietor's specific demands and budget constraints. When making this substantial investment, lasting economic ramifications must be considered.

Different Types of Hangar Storage Solutions

Aircraft owners choose hangars based on their aircraft size, wingspan, and height. Different hangar types accommodate different aircraft sizes and shapes. The choice of hangar plays a crucial role in varying fleet types and numbers. Smaller standard hangars suit individual small planes. At the same time, larger models are necessary for aircraft with extensive wingspans and tail heights. Aircraft hangers have many types of them, the most notable of which are as follows:

  • T-hangar: Little aircraft fit well in T-hangar garages up to 30 meters wide, while larger aircraft demand more oversized garages.
  • Type C Hangar: These hangars are standard at many early Expansion Period airfields, and efficiently accommodate small to medium-sized aircraft.
  • Clear Span Hangar: Arch-span garages span as much as 200 meters and have no columns inside or outside the doors; they are the best choice for the jet.
Clear Span Hangar

When selecting the type of hangar for your aircraft, it's essential to consider the size and shape of the aircraft. Safety and durability are crucial for long-term use. Focus primarily on the following two points:

Structural and Material Considerations: Hangars need to ensure safety, durability, and functionality. Steel and fabric are preferred materials for their robustness and long-term reliability. The structural design also focuses on accommodating diverse aircraft sizes safely and effectively.

Door Systems and Space Optimization: More oversized doors in hangars provide better clearance for bigger aircraft, crucial for smooth operations. Clear span structures, extending up to 200 meters without internal columns, offer optimal space utilization and flexibility for handling more significant aircraft types.

Table: Hangar Types and Their Specifications

Hangar TypeSuitabilityFeaturesMaterial
T-HangarIndividual small aircraftSuitable for limited wingspanSteel, Fabric
Type C HangarSmall to medium-sized aircraftEarly Expansion Period designSteel, Fabric
Clear Span HangarLarger aircraft with wide spansUp to 200m span, no internal columnsAluminum, Steel, Fabric

This detailed comparison helps aircraft owners decide which hangar best fits their aircraft's size and operational needs. Each type provides specific benefits tailored to different aircraft characteristics and operational requirements.

Economical Hangar Options for Aircraft Storage

Picking the proper hangar for an aircraft involves comprehending the various economical options available, which satisfy multiple spending plans and frequency of use. This analysis will highlight budget-friendly services and considerations for aircraft storage that satisfy particular owner requirements.

Arcum Clear Span Hanagar

Budget-Friendly Aircraft Storage Options

  • Tie-Down Storage: This option is the most affordable, costing less than conventional hangar spaces. It allows airplanes to be stored outdoors, though they will be exposed to weather, possibly boosting deterioration.
  • Shared Hangars: For proprietors seeking more defense than tie-downs yet still under budget restrictions, shared garages provide a middle ground. These provide a shared room with various other aircraft, reducing individual costs.
  • Engineer-Sealed Hangars: For those with fewer budget problems, these hangars guarantee enhanced defense and durability. They are designed by state-licensed engineers and focus on security and functionality.
    Table of Economical Aircraft Storage Options

Table of Economical Aircraft Storage Options

Hangar TypeCost EffectivenessProtection LevelSuitable For
Tie-Down StorageMost EconomicalLowInfrequent use; limited budget
Shared HangarsEconomicalMediumModerate use; budget-conscious
Engineer-Sealed HangarsHigher CostHighFrequent use; higher budget

Other Selection Factors Beyond Aircraft Storage Cost

When selecting an economical hangar, take into consideration these crucial elements:

  • Aircraft Size and Kind: Ensure the hangar size can accommodate the aircraft, taking into consideration wingspan and elevation.
  • Door System: Try to find reliable procedures to relieve accessibility and reduce potential concerns.
  • Space Optimization: Clear period designs supply even more flexibility and space application without interior obstructions.
  • Safety and Security Methods: Prioritize hangars that consist of fire safety and various other safety and security procedures, which are important for securing the aircraft and minimizing long-lasting expenses.

Planning for Budget and Seasonal Storage

For aircraft proprietors who fly seasonally, thinking about cost-saving measures like seasonal storage strategies can dramatically lower expenditures. Preparation the budget beforehand permits for selecting the proper hangar type that stabilizes cost with the frequency of use.
Recognizing the spectrum of economical hangar options allows aircraft owners to make educated decisions that line up with their usage patterns and budgetary constraints. This strategic technique guarantees that owners not only save money on expenses but also protect their aircraft successfully.

Summing up: The Financial Impact of Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangar storage stands for a significant monetary dedication, whether building from the ground up or acquiring an existing structure. Costs vary substantially based on building and construction dimensions and product selections. For instance, constructing a hangar utilizing concrete blocks may set you back $85 to $100 per square foot, whereas going with steel may cost between $15 and $25 per square foot. Any customized features added will better escalate these costs.

Ideal Aircraft Hangar Solutions


In summary, knowing the nuances of aircraft hangar costs is important because it prepares you for smarter financial decisions regarding aircraft storage. Considering factors like material costs, hangar dimensions, and additional fees ensures you choose a hangar that fits your needs without compromising on quality or security.

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