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TFS fabric building

When considering the right types of fabric building for your industrial projects, it is always a complex procedure and with some confusions and questions. From the materials of the structures to the types of the buildings, aspects need to consider such as, space utilization, stability against certain weather elements, erection efficiency, costs, versatility etc.

Without doubt, you are probably familiar with the classic A frame type of fabric buildings, often seen in warehouse storage for commercial and industrial goods, greenhouse in agriculture, shelters and more. Another often found fabric building type is the arch type, can be seen in shelters for large machinery/ vehicles, hangars, mining & refinery operation and storage and more. We have to admit, the world of fabric buildings have many different types, which are all tailored for specific needs and providing various versatility. Whether you are planning a workshop, industrial storage facilities, industrial operations shelters, at Shelter Structures, we offer the perfect solution for your needs.

The Classic A frame Buildings - M/L Series

A frame fabric buildings, which have other name as peaked roof buildings, are commonly seen in industrial storage, agricultural storage, workshops. As the word A-frame, the structures are less complicated than the others, the roof shapes into the A. The best advantages are rapid installation and cost saving.

At Shelter Structures, we specialize in prefabricated modular buildings, which means all the columns and bars are prefabricated and can be connected with connection plates (made of carbon steel), stud bolts, built-in components. With the features of our prefabricated modular buildings, the structures do not need to be welded or other onsite fabrication work, all necessary erection work is for assembling. This leads to rapid erection and lower erection costs. In the same time, our A frame fabric buildings are with straight bars and columns, there are no curved ones, it leads to the fact of effective cost of international transportation.

fabric building

Shelter Structures M/L series represents the size of our A frame fabric buildings, our M series reaches the width up to 30m, while our L series reaches the width up to 60m. They are using different aluminum profiles, industrial applications vary a little as well. They all can be fully customized for the sizes and amenities. The standard roof pitch is 18 degree which has the extreme benefits for rain load. In the same time, this angle can be customized to be adapted for specific needs.

TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure)

TFS fabric building

TFS series is tensioned fabric structures that utilize a specialized tensile fabric membrane to create enclosed spaces, and these structures typically consist of a lightweight, durable fabric membrane that is stretched and tensioned over a structural framework to create a covered space. TFS is well known internationally, the special shape ensures the the ample internal space, especially vertical space, as well as with better snow load ability due to the shape of the roof. The most benefits of this structure is the versatility for industrial use and the aesthetic appeal.

The application of our TFS is not limited in industrial use of warehouse and storage, large machinery storage, it can be effectively used for aircraft hangars, operation need in remote areas. At Shelter Structures, we can fully design the TFS as clearspan structures, which means no internal columns are needed for a more wider and open internal space. The width range of our TFS can be from 15-60m, and the length can be unlimited according to specific needs. Averagely, the alu profiles are bigger than our M/L series, starting from 112x203mm. Under severe weather conditions, our profile can be reached as 120x400mm to ensure the durability of the structures.  

The Arch Series

arch fabric building

In many industrial scenarios, arch series are found in mining and refinery storage and heavy industrial operations. They are commonly seen and have been popular in North America where many of them are made of steel structures with truss. At Shelter Structures, the Arch Series is also frequently used, not as those container arch structures with steel, but with premium aluminum alloy for adapting to more comprehensive range of industrial scenarios. Undoubtedly, our Arch Series can be connected on containers as well for a perfect workshop or shelter.

The best benefit of our Arch Structures are for their durability, the curved design of arch structures allows them to distribute weight evenly along the curve, effectively transferring loads to the supports at each end. Moreover, they have wider range in the width, from 10m to 60m, can be fully clear span. As same as those steel structures, our Arch Structures can be incorporated with truss to reinforce the whole structures; and various side wall packages can be applied, such as steel walls, ABS walls and fabric walls.

The DP Series (Polygon)

The DP Series (Polygon)

Shelter Structures DP Series refers to the structures with polygonal roof. Their unique combination of aesthetic and versatility makes them a wide usage in industrial scenarios. This structure also creates a ample vertical space for storage and industrial operation which needs to load and store large equipment, even for aircraft. For example, they can be used in temporary warehousing, as manufacturing facilities, logistics and distribution center, industrial workshops and training centers.

Our DP Series has the width range from 15-60m, the roof pitch angle is from 33 degrees changing to 11 degrees, seen from the connection of the eave columns to the ridge. This fabric building series is commonly used as temporary and semi-permanent buildings, serving various industrial purposes.

By understood of the the knowledge of these four fabric building types of Shelter Structures, you’re equipped to make an informed choice for your project. Each style offers distinct advantages and purposes, so feel free to contact us for your specific case. Our team of professionals is available to discuss your project requirements, and have comprehensive evaluation on the necessary buildings’ size, space, local climate, and your budget. We can assist you in designing a structure that complies with local regulations and building codes. Shelter Structures remains at the forefront, committed to providing versatile and cost-effective tension membrane buildings, for your max benefits.


Get in touch with the Shelter Structures experts today to explore a range of fabric building solutions that can bring your vision to life.

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